Hair care

Hair Treatment at home

Beautiful cascade luxurious hair - dream about itany woman: a teenage girl, young girl, middle-aged lady. To dream become a reality, you need a competent home hair care, with regular, not occasional. Most women pay little attention to this issue: some because of lack of free time and the eternal employment, somebody - because of their own laziness. The result is disappointment at the sight of her fragile, damaged, dull and lifeless hair hanging. Caught on one day, someone is trying to revive them in various ways, but often make it worse. Indeed, any caring about their appearance a woman to care for curls, only occasionally resorting to the services of hairdressers. This art can comprehend each, reading the home, natural remedies for hair care, and simple application of their rules.


  • 1 Home remedies for hair care
  • 2 rules of hair care at home
  • 3 Homemade Hair Treatments

Home remedies for hair care

First you need to choose wisely the fundshomemade hair care products that will provide them with health and beauty. They must be of high quality, time-tested and natural. In addition, they must be suitable for your hair type. Sometimes finding the perfect tool takes months, as the problems can be very different, requiring individual approach in each case. You just need to be patient and seek.

  • Shampoo

Have you ever looked into the shampoo,that you wash your hair? It is difficult to utter and phenoxyethanol diazolidinilkarbamidy may direct the veneer that will satisfy you completely, but they will be ruthlessly and systematically destroy the hair structure from within. All this subsequently will lead to disastrous results. Try to replace them with prescriptions of grandmothers: cook your own shampoo from natural ingredients (eggs and bread) is a snap, and the benefits will be much greater.

  • Masks

Shop hair mask, even if their structureand includes beautifully depicted in jars fruits and herbs, too, are not without all of the same chemistry. The effect of them not holding long hair to them very quickly become accustomed (usual marketing ploy) and wither, if you do not use them for a long time. All this is very bad for the health of curls. Therefore, the mask is better to learn how to cook at home: they are productively and safely store.

  • oils

An important role in home care for hair playessential oils and cosmetics. They have protective properties that envelop every single hair and protect it from the slightest damage or external aggressions, soothe irritated skin, give an unusual flavor and a natural shine. Especially good burdock and castor oil - they reliably strengthen the roots of the hair, restore split ends, stimulate growth.

  • herbs

Home hair care is impossible withoutmedicinal herbs, infusions and decoctions of which it is impossible qualitative curls rinse after shampooing. Using for this purpose the running water from the tap, you are exposing your scalp and hair penetration most harmful impurities. As a result, the tips continue to split, white flakes of dandruff does not disappear, thinning strands. If you use for rinsing in advance and properly harvested herbal teas, the result will surprise others and yourself, as will surpass your highest expectations.

Using all of these tools tohome care for hair, you at any time of the year will be able to ensure their health and beauty. Their competent application - a kind of guarantee of realizing the dream of chic, bulk, thick curls. To do this, you need to know a few rules that increase the efficiency of the means used.

The rules of hair care at home

We can not do without the little tricks in womenhome care for the hair. Recommendations made, reviews the simple townsfolk, data research - all this allows you to adhere to certain rules, which will help improve the condition of hair on their own.

  1. Masks and shampoos made from homeproducts, will have a much greater effect than the store. Therefore, if possible, use eggs, dairy products, honey is not industrial production (they are processed, which kills a lot of useful features in them), and home: maybe it will be a farm, a provider of the village, the owner of his own apiary.
  2. Natural products are often the instigators of skin allergic reactions. It is strongly recommended that each means for hair care, home cooked, test the wrist on the skin behind the ear, on the inner bend of the elbow. This avoids unwanted side effects.
  3. Do not abuse the homemade masks: use them no more than twice a week.
  4. Protect your hair from water and hot water. Even if you do not use herbs for their rinsing, for this procedure please be filtered or mineral water (non-carbonated). It should be at room temperature or slightly warm.
  5. Precisely follow the instructions that are in the recipes of masks and shampoos. Any dosage experiments with changing ingredients and fraught with side effects.
  6. Do not forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle: eat right, get enough sleep, do not be nervous, do not smoke, be treated in time, play sports - all these have a direct effect on the condition of the hair. Without these foundations of any home remedies to care for locks can be completely useless.

If you want to have beautiful, luxurious hair withoutabuse of modern synthetic means, follow these recommendations. Only in this way in the current conditions it is possible to maintain their health, which affects the appearance of curls. If the problem is too serious (severe hair loss, dandruff abundance, richness strands and so on. D.), And in this case, you can well do home treatments.

Homemade Hair Treatments

Homemade hair treatments - not a fairy tale or a myth. Without the help of a professional, self, completely safe, you can get rid of scalp diseases. Many homemade masks and compresses have a truly therapeutic effect and are used purposefully, to eliminate such manifestations as

  • Dandruff, seborrhea various forms;
  • split ends;
  • damaged roots;
  • intensive hair loss;
  • they stopped growing;
  • avitaminosis.

With Home care of hair can beachieve excellent results to your brilliant cascade of curls could admire all the friends and relatives and passers-by with admiration looked at them. It is not necessary to throw this fabulous sums to the wind, visiting expensive beauty salons, not buying a less expensive brand new items. Home remedies can relieve many problems without requiring a fabulous hairstyle costs and providing a well-groomed appearance. Follow the recommendations given above, look for your vehicle, try and enjoy the beauty and health of their own locks.