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Recovery at home hair

In modern conditions to keep the hairintact, beautiful and healthy is very difficult. Planck requirements that apply today to the image of women, rises each time higher and higher. In any way it is impossible not to use expensive, but effective services hairdressing salons. Moreover, they offer today any kind of coloring and shading, highlighting and keratin restoration, carving and lamination, Cryomassage and styling, darsonvalization and perm. And more and more of the latest developments in the beauty industry. The modern woman has to change shape to meet the new trends of fashion, using the latest developments from the most famous brands in the field of hair care - Estel, Wella, Londa, Schwarzkopf, L'Oeral and many others. However, most often as a result instead of volume and thick curls, like the beauties in advertising, her hair turned into an ordinary tow - dull, lifeless, ugly. 90% of modern women, according trichologists and beauticians, require full and immediate restoration of hair at home, to return them to a normal life and beauty.


  • 1 Indications for home recovery
  • 2 Rules Grooming Restoration

Indications for home recovery

hair restoration procedures at homeconditions need not all. If a woman on the nature of thick, healthy, strong locks, which she does not torment the regular painting and other ruthless procedures without exposing them to all kinds of stress, it is unlikely to be required to recover their tresses. However, those who have fragile, istonchёnnye, split, brittle strands, it is necessary. Home treatment is necessary first of all damaged hair, signs of which are:

  • split ends;
  • varying intensity loss (up to alopecia);
  • the loss of its former density, volume;
  • slow, and in some cases completely stop hair growth;
  • the absence of vivid colors even after staining, no gloss, tarnish different strands and expressionless;
  • excision brittle hair and over their entire length.

All these signs indicate that it's time toto reflect on their early recovery. How to do it? The scales that cover each hair on top, all the initially smooth, tight to each other. But as the exposure to irritants (synthetic store funds, adverse weather conditions) the shell is damaged, the scales are peeled off.

Studies have shown that in such cases, the root still can be saved from further damage by stopping the negative impact on the hair of the most annoying factor. Therefore it is necessary to know the main causes of hair damage, to be able to eliminate themThereby ensuring the timely recovery of home hair structure, which allows you to keep it safe and healthy.

Terms of home recovery

So, to help more patients strandsrecover faster and return to a flourishing state, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules. The goal - to protect them from damage in the future and heal the real diseases that have nowhere to go. Homemade restore hair structure is a set of activities that can easily be carried out independently.

  1. Find out the cause of illness and bad statecurls: this may be the wrong food, frequent staining or other salon treatment, excessive use of store resources, regular stress, bad habits, love fenam and other thermal tools, etc. to determine the cause, we must do everything possible to eliminate it as.. however difficult it was not.
  2. Include in your daily menu of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and meat.
  3. If possible, give up the tongs, hairdryers, hair curlers, curling.
  4. Once a month you can visit the hairdresser, but only to ensure that by method of hot trim ends.
  5. Replace the usual line of means on care curls, more responsible came to this choice. Remember: not always the price - quality. Try to focus on shampoos, conditioners, and other tools's Skin with herbs.
  6. Healthy hair needs wooden hairbrush with natural bristles. The plastic and metal tool can be immediately discarded.
  7. Do not forget about aromatherapy: essential oils are very important in restoring hair at home.
  8. Twice a week (if allowed to do heavy damage to three times) Use restoring hair masks. Groceries can produce, but the homecooking will be much more effective. The natural ingredients in their composition can improve painful condition damaged hair as soon as possible, with absolutely painless and quite inexpensive. Recipes lot. The course of the reducing treatment at home is about a month (10 to 15 treatments). If and when this problem will not go away, have all the same to see a doctor.

These useful tips will quicklyrestore the damaged inner hair structure. Try to give new life to their own tresses and at least for a while do not expose them to heavy testing and stress. To fully restore tired and painful hair at home, you need to stock up remarkable patience, and most importantly (for some of the most difficult) - search for these procedures in his busy schedule time. We need to feel a great desire to return your hair to its former good health and beauty, and has inherent purposefulness of women, perseverance in achieving this goal will help to achieve fast and very good results. Hair Health as doctors say, it is no less important than any other internal organ. If they do not do, is not treated, the roots will die off, leading to disastrous results unchangeable - progressive baldness. It is unlikely that a wig is an accomplishment many beauties. So for home hair restoration is an urgent need to take until late.