Hair care

Masks for hair at home for quick hair growth and density

Masks for hair there is quite a lot. If you want your hair became thicker and his hair began to grow faster and shine, it is necessary from time to time for them to do a variety of masks. They aim not only to accelerate their growth and create volume, but also to food, treatment of injuries and hydration tips.

Here are some simple hair mask at homeconditions for rapid hair growth and thickness can make any woman with natural or dyed hair. But before they correctly describe some useful theory.

How do they operate and what they do

Patients hair difficult to smooth,attractive and dense. So they grew up and became well pleasing to the touch, you need to do comprehensive care for them. For example, alternate masks to enhance hair growth with regular nutritious masks, as well as beauty treatments to improve their overall condition. To achieve a good result, you can use special oils, various mixtures or preparations of masks from a shop or a beauty salon. Then the result will be more constant, and you can longer enjoy the beauty of their hair, especially if you want to get a quick result.

Why not grow hair

There can be several. First, they may be associated with the wrong or caring for them simply lack vitamins and minerals, especially with age, when gradually decreasing the amount of nutrients in the gut. More precisely, the obtained slags body fecal stones formation, useful substances that interfere penetrate the gut and into the bloodstream. This affects the entire body, including hair on the state of their growth. But plays an important role and stress. It is known that, after nerve shocks, the person may begin to lose hair. To avoid this, experts advise to cut the tips and gradually they begin to put in order. Then the hair will grow beautiful and healthy, pleasant to the touch. And to improve their internal state will help you mask for the full care of them. Here are some of them.

Nourishing hair mask with honey, sweet almond oil and cream

, You need to take the nutrient To make itliquid honey, the same amount of cream and a few drops of almond oil. All this is thoroughly mixed and applied with a brush or an old toothbrush to damp hair. Leave for 40 minutes or more, then gently wash away the soft, better children, shampoo. After such a beautiful mask, the hair will become much thicker and softer, easier to be combed, and, after some time, they will have a beautiful luster.

Sweet almond oil It nourishes the hair roots and gives them a beautiful shine onentire length. It can even be a small amount of drip in the comb, and is distributed throughout the hair to be more soft, supple, shiny and thick. Substances that contain oil, contribute to the beauty of your curls, saturate them with vitamins and essential for nutrition, essential oils, and treated slowly posechёnnye tips. Therefore, if you want to get a quick result, and get rid of brittleness, dullness of hair, add in any mask, a little almond oil.

Honey It considered one of the most healthy and nutritiousbee products for hair beauty. It helps against breakage, as well as treat dry hair, deprived of adequate nutrition. The perfect remedy for brittle and damaged hair.

Cream nourish the hair making them more beautiful and pleasant. They are most often used as a basis for creamy different masks.

Mask with castor oil and burdock, accelerating hair growth

It is known that castor oil awakens the dormantbulbs and contributes to their faster growth and strengthen the hair. Burdock oil has a complex of nutrients, but in combination they make the hair noticeably more robust, manageable, less prone to a variety of injuries and adverse environmental factors. Mix the oil in equal proportions, carefully put on a comb and spread over the entire length. Then you need to put on the head of a special hat and walk about half an hour with oils. Then the hair will be beautiful, pleasant to the touch and thick. This mask is done several times a week, and within a few weeks the hair will become much more attractive and healthy. It is also known that burdock heals and regenerates posechёnnye tips, especially in thin hair. Rinse oil can be an ordinary shampoo, which contains extracts of herbs.

Mask with an extract of red pepper or butter and mango pulp for a bright shine

Mix 1 large spoon of pepper oil and pulpMango (this exotic fruit can be replaced if necessary apricot) and gently spread over the entire length of the hair, starting from the roots. Then, after 20 minutes, rinse, but try to pepper oil does not fall into the eye. It has beneficial properties that stimulate the blood circulation and hair growth. It is often used in hair sprays, complexes against baldness, especially if you want to awaken dormant follicles. And so the hair becomes more beautiful and thick, begin to grow faster and become thicker. Mango pulp is a softening agent that saturates the hair with fruit acids and minerals. Then they will become thick and shiny, as well as the stop break, and will grow faster. By the way, if there is a mango, you can use canned or fresh peaches and apricots - they are also rich in fruit acids and many other useful substances. Therefore, any mask with such a component can be used as a natural stimulant of growth and strengthen the hair.

Hair shine mask with yogurt and sweet butter

On 2 table spoons of sour homemade yogurtyou need to take 3 drops of almond and peach oil. After application of the mask holding about 40 minutes, then rinsed with plain water. After her hair will become thicker and more beautiful, and yogurt will remove not only the fat but also make them more smooth, lush and shiny. Incidentally, this kefir mask and treats damaged hair ends. Therefore, it is used to restore, especially hair, damaged, or too hot water laying.

Mask with spring floral honey, mustard and white henna

One of the finest nutritional means, then,that restores the hair over their entire length. You can also use colorless henna, which makes your hair much stronger and considerably strengthens them. To do this, mix the henna with a spoon of honey and mustard powder to form a dense mass and put on hair. Normally keep it for half an hour, but with a strong burning sensation can be a little less. Wash first with warm water only, and then shampoo. After that the hair will become thicker, shinier, and their growth is significantly accelerated. Only henna is used if you do not dye your hair, since it does not lay down any dye.

Mask with castor, olive oil and egg yolk

Also contributes to ensure speedy and Hair Growthpomp. You need to breed in containers yolk with a teaspoon of olive oil and castor oil in equal numbers. Keep wet strands for 30 minutes, then rinse under running warm water with detergent. Castor mask experts advise to put on your hair a few times a week for a whole month. After that, your long hair will be healthy and beautiful, and the tips will no longer break. Remember, however, that castor oil can cause allergies, so it is necessary to do a test on the elbow bend. If there is no redness, you can use a mask. Sometimes it was added a few drops of lemon juice or liquid vitamin E capsules.

Hair health depends not only on the use of masks, but also on the presence of vitamins, which is also applied. About, what vitamins help hair loss We read on our website.