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Masks for hair with vitamin PP: application rules

Vitamin PP, or B3, or "nikotinka" - isnicotinic acid, a drug, activating cellular oxidative reactions and metabolism. It is one of the most inexpensive and effective drugs for fast hair growth. By acting directly on the root bulbs, awakens to life stilled follicles, it accelerates the development of healthy. With regular use of niacin for hair can be a life-saving method otraschivaniya long, strong and beautiful braids without the involvement of salon procedures, chemicals and store assets of questionable actions.

According to laboratory studies and reviewsthose who have already managed to uncover the secrets of "nikotinki" After masks with her curls growing like a weed, adding every month at 3-4 cm. What is the secret of the magic?


  • 1 The action of nicotinic acid on hair
  • 2 Indications for use "nikotinki"
  • 3 Vitamin PP Hair: contraindications
  • 4 Instructions for use
  • Recipes 5 masks with nicotinic acid

The action of nicotinic acid on hair

Problems with the acquisition of nicotinic acidthere should not be, because it is sold freely available in pharmacies, as a drug. This may be an ampoule (packs cost less than 40 rubles) or tablet (no more than 30 rubles per blister). The hair mask is best to use a liquid form of the vitamin - ampoule. It is odorless, transparent, resembles plain water. However, this fluid is able to transform the appearance of the faintest curl, restore them and return to normal life. A nicotinic acid:

  • activates microcirculation under the skin of the head,dilates blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation, helps the hair follicles to absorb in full the important components for their livelihoods (oxygen and other nutrients), thereby activating their growth and development;
  • It strengthens the roots to regenerate the damaged bulb;
  • promotes cell renewal;
  • moisturizes dry strands, helping to keep the cells within the precious liquid;
  • It contributes to more production of melanin - the pigment that makes shiny curls, enhances the color, prevents the early appearance of gray hair;
  • eliminating the different forms of seborrhea, including dandruff.

Complex effects of nicotinic acid onhair gives quick results with regular use. Surface "face-lift" (shine, silkiness, richness of color, ease of combing) will be noticeable after the first procedure. 3-4 times can be detected that the lost hair and dandruff is getting smaller and smaller, locks are much more volume and thicker. A month later, we can estimate the growth of the spit in centimeters, which will be visible to the naked eye.

Indications for use "nikotinki"

Nicotinic acid - vitamin powerful enoughin its action drug that can not be used indiscriminately. He has indications for the purpose of improvement of hair at home. They need to be followed if you want to achieve results. curls Treatment with vitamin B3 will be effective if they are:

  • do not grow;
  • break;
  • fall;
  • lack of volume and density;
  • characterized by dryness;
  • look dull and colorless;
  • covered with dandruff;
  • bad fit in my hair.

The famous "nikotinka" quickly and safelyIt will solve all these problems at home. However, for the care of greasy locks and restore split ends Vitamin does not fit: the treatment of these defects is inconclusive and condition of the sebaceous hair may even worsen as niacin will stimulate additional production of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, try to use vitamin PP strictly for that purpose, taking into account, inter alia, and contraindications.

Vitamin PP Hair: contraindications

Niacin can manifest itself not onlyas a salutary remedy for hair recovery, but as aggressive enough allergenic substance which, if used improperly, can cause side effects. Eliminate "nikotinku" from his beauticians at:

  • bleeding;
  • hypertension;
  • individual intolerance and allergy to it;
  • tendency to edema;
  • menses;
  • serious internal diseases of the body;
  • greasy hair.

Careful handling of the "nikotinkoy" accuratecompliance with contraindications to help solve the problems of the scalp and appearance of hair. The result also depends on the individual characteristics: for someone this vitamin can be a real salvation and your favorite cosmetics, and for someone to remain useless substance.

Instructions for use

The rules below will help to achieve the desired results quickly and beskhlopotno. Turn your kitchen into a real beauty salon and enjoy the result.

  1. The vials are ready for immediate useonce: pour, mix and apply. Tablets are better pre-converted into a powder and bring to a mushy state, mixed with a small amount of water at room temperature.
  2. Ampoule liquid or slurry from the tablets beforethe very first application should be applied to the sensitive skin near the ear, wash off after 20 minutes, and to follow the reaction. The absence of allergic rashes and itching - permission for hair treatment with nicotinic acid.
  3. The head of the procedure is better to wash and dry naturally.
  4. Themselves locks vitamin will not be processed: it acts only on the roots, which is rubbed into the massage.
  5. Plastic shower cap (plastic bag in case of emergency) and warming towel accelerate action means.
  6. Vitamin in a pure form can be left on the head to two hours, in the composition of masks - no more than half an hour.
  7. Rinse the usual, slightly warm water or any herbal decoction. If the mask with hair not removed, you can use a mild shampoo. There is one caveat: during treatment with nicotinic acid eliminate curls from his use of detergents containing silicone headand he interferes with vitamins penetrate deep subcutaneous layers.
  8. Frequency of use - twice a week, duration - month break - two weeks.
  9. As side effects can appear itching, burning, headache, feeling of discomfort. In this case, treatment must be stopped immediately.
  10. The daily rate for an adult is two ampoules or four tablets a day for domestic use, and four and eight vials of pills - for outdoor.

Vitamin in its pure form is effective, butaggressively. A much safer to use in the home mask in which additional ingredients ameliorate the effects of nicotinic acid.

Recipes masks with nicotinic acid

Nicotinic acid can be added to shampooshoplifting masks, balms, conditioners. It can be used in pure form. You can learn to cook a very efficient and effective hair mask on its basis. Dosages are approximate to the average length of the strands, so that they should be corrected.

  • With aloe

Four vials of vitamin mix with two tablespoons of fresh aloe juice.

  • ginger

Four vials "nikotinki" whip with two tablespoons of fresh ginger juice.

  • Herbal

Mix one teaspoon dried herbsnettle, sage, chamomile. Pour a glass of boiling water, leave for half an hour, drain. Two tablespoons of the resulting broth mixed with two ampoules of vitamin PP.

  • Oil compress

In a water bath for 10 minutes in a smallfire to warm one of the oils: linseed, olive, castor, burdock. Do not bring to the state is too hot! First four ampoules of vitamin B3 rub into the roots, then top to the hair oil in the form of heat.

  • Multiple

Mix the two ampoules "nikotinki", two tablespoons of olive oil, raw egg yolk, a teaspoon of warm, pre-warmed honey.

Regular use of nicotinic acidas a cosmetic for hair give excellent results: a significant increase in centimeters, vitality, density and health to curls. Now you can be sure that your hairstyle is always in the spotlight, will be the subject of genuine admiration of others.