Hair care

Masks with hair protein: regenerating effect and treatment of fragility

The protein - an important building material for alltissues in humans, and hair that - no exception. If this is not sufficient, a thick, luxurious, beautiful curls, you can forget. Not only that - it is fraught with intense hair loss, which can remain on your cushion intact strands. To avoid this, you need to regularly include protein foods in your diet, as well as the use of masks for hair protein - a very useful and effective.


  • 1 The benefits of protein for hair masks
  • About 2 cooking rules
  • 3 About the recipes of masks from egg white

The benefits of protein for hair masks

The main indication for the treatment of hair protein masks - malfunction subcutaneous glands that produce too much fat. As a result, the strands are covered by a greasy lusterquickly become contaminated and require almost daily washing. For greasy hair type mask is designed on the basis of egg white, which has a drying effect. But their use for the treatment of dry and normal hair even require inclusion of additional mask moisturizing ingredients that soften the action of the protein. Useful properties of all of these funds are due to the chemical composition of the egg white:

  • restores the damage heals brittle, delaying section limits the production of blubber natural protein;
  • from all sorts of corrosive effects on hairprotection is provided by fats, so these masks are recommended to everyone who is associated with the chemical industry, working with hazardous substances or putting their tresses constant temperature differences (kitchen - is not the most fertile place for hair health);
  • relieve fatigue, enliven dull strands of carbohydrates, which are known for their tonic properties;
  • shine curls provide glucose, which also restore beautiful, natural color, even color-treated hair;
  • accelerate growth and promote cell regeneration various enzymes, which are many in chicken protein;
  • dandruff and fungal infections of the scalp to help the vitamins of group B.

So quickly, easily and safely to reduce productionsubcutaneous fat glands can only protein. This useful feature it turns trouble if you use a mask on his hair the wrong basis. Their withering work too hard can pull the scalp and strands strip precious moisture. Therefore, in such funds in the mandatory need to add moisturizing ingredients that will use them as a full building material for hair that is damaged, excised and thinned. But you need to know how to cook a protein hair mask. Compliance with the recommendations - the main guarantee that the procedure will be successful.

About preparation of the rules

Protein - an unusual material with which we must be ablecontact. It has the property to curl and turn into white flakes exposed even slightly elevated temperature. Due to this fact and there are negative reviews about this hair mask. Protein poured in warm water or heated oil cosmetic - it immediately curled and unpleasant manure hung on strands. and even then not washed off. All this is due to the fact that many beautiful women do not know the rules of preparation of protein for hair masks. Only they provide a means maximum efficiency and will ensure the success of the procedure. From the below instructions better not to retreat a single step, and to refrain from all kinds of experiments.

  1. Take the time to find for cosmetic purposes a dozen domestic and not store eggs: they will be more biologically active substances, and therefore the mask will be applied to the hair effectively.
  2. Separate the white from the yolk very carefully, through a thin funnel.
  3. Pre protein recommended whiskingwhisk by hand. Then, when the resulting foam you enter all of the remaining ingredients, the mixture can be passed through a blender: as a homogeneous mass, which will not have any lumps and pieces.
  4. Forget about using the stove and fire: no preheat is not necessary. Cosmetic oils and honey, which in such cases is usually heated on a steam bath for two hours before the procedure is best left at room temperature so that they are liquid, but not warm.
  5. Hair must be clean, pre-washed and slightly damp.
  6. Treat mask need roots, scalp and strands, and then be sure to comb their sparse comb: it eliminates gluing strands.
  7. Since the heat is detrimental protein masks do not need to insulate the head. So try to prepare a mask so thatit was not too runny in consistency. So it will not drain you by the collar. Just kill the hair is coated with the means on the top and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  8. Rinse with water such masks only room temperature or even cool. Thus it is better to use a shampoo.
  9. Do such a mask once a week, a full course of 10-12 masks, a break between courses should be at least 1 month.

Terms studied - you now need to choose the appropriate recipe and enjoy the effect of protein masks.

About masks recipes from egg white

To care for oily hair, you can use the protein in its pure form. To restore dry and normal supply - Includes mask other food products, oil and esters.

  • Healing

Two foam whipped in a protein mix with 1 tablespoon glycerin, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and the same amount (1 tablespoon) of natural olive oil.

  • smoothing

Beat to a froth protein mix with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of liquid, fresh honey.

  • For dry hair

Two foam whipped in a protein mix with 2 tablespoons of very fat (over 25%) of sour cream. Sour cream can be replaced cream.

  • For growth

20 g of dry yeast dissolve in cold, but boiled water until mushy state. Then add in the whipped to a froth protein.

  • For shine

Beat to a froth protein mix with 2 tablespoons avokadnogo puree and 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt.

Home-made mask of egg white hair - itexcellent nourishing and restorative remedy. It will ensure the regeneration of damaged tissues, and allow you to become a happy owner of a thick, strong, brilliant strong locks, which are now recovered from the roots to the tips.