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Hair Mask with peach butter

King cosmetics, fruit of youth, goodmood and longevity - that such epithets bestow tender, juicy peach. How do you want that hair was as soft to the touch, as his velvety skin. For the modern beauty industry, nothing is impossible: this tropical fruit now produce amazing cosmetic oil, which can be used in home care for locks. Aromatic, effective, gentle, peach oil for hair with regular use becomes an indispensable tool for their improvement and beautiful lights. It is able to implement the dream of a luxurious cascade of long, luxurious, thick curls, if discover its wonderful secrets and learn how to properly use their own rather than as part of store assets.


  • 1 Action peach oil on the hair
  • 2 Domestic use of peach oil
  • 3 Recipes masks for hair with peach butter

Action peach oil on the hair

Ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra wrote aa treatise devoted to beauty, peach and there was given to last place. The effectiveness of oil from this fruit is time-tested and dictated its rich chemical composition. Integrated action peach oil on the hair - it all works a large number of biologically active substances that speed up the scalp many processes at the cellular level. Due to this and it achieved the desired effect - beautiful and healthy tresses. This happens as follows:

  • vitamins, Which there are many in-oil (retinol, tocopherol,askorbinka, niacin, some of group B), - it is the perfect solution to the problem of vitamin deficiency: it provokes a lack of vitamins many diseases associated with the skin of the head, - slow growth, hair loss, thinning hair dry;
  • phospholipids activate metabolism at the cellular levelprocesses and regular nourishment of the roots of these wonderful substances strand length in just a month could increase by three centimeters - so the peach oil for hair growth is considered to be an ideal way;
  • mineral elements (Iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium) - is arange of services for restoration of disturbed blood circulation and lymph circulation of the scalp, as well as the normalization of water balance within each hair: such unique properties of trace elements in the composition of peach oil make it an excellent moisturizer;
  • fatty acid protects tresses from aggressive environmental factors (UV, low temperature, sea water).

Simple, but effective chemical compositioncosmetic peach oil makes it a perfect home remedy for hair care and even their treatment. It will help to grow the scythe, if the roots do not grow for a long time and seemed frozen in its development. Oil peach - a real salvation for dry hair, as well moisturizes. And yet it is an excellent restorative remedy for issechёnnyh and brittle strands, as retinol and tocopherol start in the cells regeneration. But it is possible to extract only with proper application of peach oil.

Domestic use of peach oil

Cosmetic oil as care productsHair like not all of the greasy shine, which often remains after them in the curls, and difficulties in flushing. Do not delude ourselves that the gentle and soft peach - an exception to their rule. To the disappointment will not fall, you need to take into account a number of recommendations on its use in the home.

  1. The first question that logically ask howpeach oil is and where to buy it. The price will depend on the size and manufacturer. The vials are different -.. 25, 50, 75, 100 ml, etc. The pharmacy is a tool from the Russian manufacturer can be purchased at 20 rubles per 25 ml. It is easy to calculate that cost big money should not be afraid. Place of purchase - drugstore or specialty beauty store.
  2. Be careful not to be confused with essential cosmetic oils.
  3. Contraindications: the type of fat under the influence of peach oil hair can become even more greasy.
  4. If you want to enhance the action of peach oil to the hair, pre-heat it in a water bath.
  5. It can be applied as a compress in pure form, but it is possible - as a part of masks, by adding auxiliaries.
  6. First prepared means fingertips rubbed into the scalp. Then use the distributed comb through the hair. After that abundantly wetted ends.
  7. Oiled strands are attached to the back. Head wraps something warm for maximum effect. You can wear a plastic shower cap or a regular plastic bag. From above it is recommended to wrap a towel
  8. In pure form, peach oil may be left on the head of from 30 minutes to two hours. If it is only a part of the mask, in this case - not more than 40 minutes.
  9. Rinsing will not cause trouble when shampooApply directly to oily hair, lather, and then later rinse water (or broth from medicinal herbs - nettle, chamomile, burdock root, St. John's wort).
  10. Packs and masks with butter peach hair can be done 2 times a week, before washing hair. use of course - a month. Re - even in a month.

Cheap means for health and beauty of luxurious hair - this is probably the dream of many. Cosmetic peach oil, in this case - Great for home care for Split Ends, dry, damaged locks. If properly and wisely use it, the result will not take long. Be sure to try one of the miraculous masks.

Recipes masks for hair with peach butter

By choosing on the basis of peach oil masks needapproached responsibly. In their composition must be the only proven ingredients that will not cause you a skin allergy and who are always on hand. Note that the dosage in the recipes are approximate, for strands of medium length.

  • Mask-compress

The preheated oil from the seeds of peach applied to the skin, locks, tips, leave a compress to warm for two hours.

  • yolk

Two table. lodges. peach oil mixed with one egg yolk, a table. lodges. mayonnaise.

  • cognac

Two table. lodges. peach oil mixed with two tsp. lodges. brandy, one egg.

  • Curd

One table. lodges. peach kernel oil mixed with two desks. lodges. fat cottage cheese, tea. lodges. liquid honey.

  • ethereal

For this mask does not need to be heated peach butter, or else ethers lose their curative properties. One table. lodges. peach oil mixed with three drops of ether blue chamomile or ylang-ylang.

  • Oatmeal

One table. lodges. oils of peach mixed with two desks. lodges. crushed oatmeal.

  • With burdock

Preheat oil is not necessary. One table. lodges. peach oil mixed with the same amount of burdock, add five drops of rosemary ether.

  • vitamin

One table. lodges. peach oil mixed with the same amount of olive oil, add retinol acetate in liquid form (one vial).

Gentle, effective, soft peach oilhair will help you to provide complete care for the most problematic locks, without leaving home and without spending huge amounts of money. Enjoy the amazing action of peach, let your locks shining with beauty and health.