Hair care

Hair masks with a bow at home

Frequent stress, inadequatefood, constant violations of the regime of the day, different diseases significantly weaken the hair follicles - the roots. Under the influence of all these negative factors in the metabolic processes are disturbed, vital substances do not nourish the root - it slows down their development, and can stop the growth. If you lose connection with the scalp follicle begins the process of loss of strands of varying intensity. It is most often of a temporary nature, however, it can last for a long time and lead a person to a full or partial baldness. alopecia treatment is to eliminate its possible causes, but the parallel need to worry about external care weakened curls. For this trichologists recommend using a hair bow: a mask out of it - one of the best tools that strengthen the roots.


  • Action 1 bow to the hair roots
  • 2 Proper use - guarantee the absence of smell
  • 3 onion recipes for hair masks

The action of the bow to the hair roots

In spite of the sharp smell that it emits,Onion mask is considered to be one of the most efficient and effective hair loss. As practice shows, the results after its application can be assessed the next morning: the number of remaining on the pillow, and comb the hair is greatly reduced. You can use it on a regular basis to take care of curls because this means not only strengthens the roots, but also contributes to their active oxygenation by improving the blood supply to the scalp and nutrients as part of onions:

  • glycosides and essential oils give onions sharp taste and pungent smell, they are the sameactivate the subcutaneous blood circulation and lymph flow, thereby improving metabolism and providing the roots of all the necessary nutrients, they are removed from the blood;
  • sulfurContained in onions, is released atcutting of the "weeping" vegetable, irritating the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes; falling on the skin, sulfur is also beginning to irritate her, thus stimulating hair growth;
  • volatile volatile make onion healing and bactericidal, as it effectively kills germs: such assistance is needed in abundance for the dandruff of the scalp;
  • organic acid and biotin effectively restores damaged areas: fragility and visited;
  • potassium regulates sebum production;
  • niacin It strengthens the roots, prevents the appearance of gray hair, making hair color bright and saturated;
  • ascorbic acid accelerate blood flow, thereby increasingoxygen delivered by the blood to the hair follicles - improving cell respiration, activation of metabolic processes; Being an antioxidant, it makes cells hard to produce more collagen, which is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the strands;
  • various microelements composed of onions are the building material for the hair.

Onion is good because it affects the complexdamaged, stilled follicles, so home mask against hair loss from this unusual vegetable is ideal for regular maintenance of locks. However, not many people rush to enjoy its effects, because they are afraid of sharp odor, which absorb certain strands of such a mask. Yes, and how to avoid irritation of the eye, using an unusual tool for the treatment of the scalp? It turns out that all of these problems are easily solved.

Proper use - guarantee the absence of smell

Over the years the folk remediesThey are not only more effective, but also easy to use. Previously, women had to suffer from the sharp smell of onion in the hair bulb following masks miracle vegetable, today, with a high development and popularity of aromatherapy, this problem before beauties should not be. There are other nuances of the application to the hair bow, which will facilitate the holding of a session of beauty at home and make it even enjoyable.

  1. CONTRAINDICATIONS: In the chemical composition of onionthere are many acids, volatile, essential oils, glycosides, which in high concentrations cells burn. Because this product is considered aggressive enough cosmetic product and requires special attention women. You can not use a mask for the treatment of onionHair, if the skin is combed head, covered with ulcers or acne, there are her injuries or wounds. For dry hair is destructive means: he was burned under the influence, they will lose even more moisture, dry, broken, intersect and fall out.
  2. To identify individual intolerancethis vegetable before application to the scalp recommended to lubricate the skin or the composition prepared at the ear or the inner side of the wrist. The absence of the characteristic for allergy itching and redness - permission to use the bow hair on.
  3. To onion irritates the eyes, before it cut, put the onion in the freezer for half an hour: Cooling vegetables before direct use reduces the amount of sulfur released.
  4. Onion juice is extracted for making masksas follows: a large cut into quarters, fresh onion mince, prepared in advance of the multilayer gauze resulting mash is pressed to release the precious juice.
  5. In order not to burn themselves hair, apply onion mask only on the scalpSince they need roots.
  6. Before using a bow in it is not necessary to wash the hair as a cosmetic: Greasy protective film helps keep the rods from its irritating and burning action.
  7. Sprinkling hair before the procedure is also not necessary.
  8. To create a thermal effect wrap head with polyethylene (cellophane), a warm towel.
  9. 20 minutes soaking onion mask on his head enough that she has had time to act on the roots. If you started the unbearable burning sensation of the scalp, the procedure is recommended to stop.
  10. Rinse onion masks need to shampoo.
  11. To save the curls of onion odor aftersuch masks, the last rinse use the solutions of vinegar and lemon. Even better would be to add water in various essential oils (10 drops per liter).
  12. Frequency of use - 1 every 3-4 days, the full course of treatment - 10 procedures, depending on the intensity of hair loss and the rest of the treatment.

If we consider all these details correctly and regularly used for hair bow, masks based on it quickly stop hair loss, strengthen and make hair thick and shiny.

Onion recipes for hair masks

To mitigate the impact of aggressive bowthe scalp and the hair itself, as well as to eliminate odors and avoid irritation of mucous membranes, it is recommended to add a mask of it different foods and the same essence. Recipes masks a lot of onion.

  • The classic recipe for onion mask against hair loss

Onion juice itself or directly from an onion puree after mincing diluted in equal parts with water, rubbed into the roots.

  • Multiple mask

Mix onion juice, a good cognac (2 table. Lodges.), 1 raw egg yolk, honey, castor oil, lemon juice (for 1 table. Lodges.), Grapefruit essential oil (7 drops).

  • The broth of onion peel

Onion peel brew for half an hour, cool,skip through cheesecloth, rinse hair decoction to receive in a day. They will get a nice, natural color - maroon or golden-red (this will depend on the original color).

  • Honey-Onion mask

Onion juice (2 table. Lodges.) Is mixed with honey, cold-pressed olive oil, a good mayonnaise (1 table. Lies.).

  • Mask with onions and yogurt

Onion juice (2 table. Lodges.) Mixed with yogurt, honey, burdock oil, brandy, a large sea salt (1 table. Lies.).

Be sure to use a hair bow, if youthe mass loss of hair, assumes the character of a natural disaster. It will help get rid of the falling strand bath, pillows, combs, seats, clothes - everything is perfectly clean with regular use of onion masks for scalp.