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Masks for hair with olive oil, what you need to know to achieve results

Every woman is looking for the bestfunds for their hair. Often no one suspects that it is very close - quietly waiting for their stellar hours on the shelf of the refrigerator. This food product it is time to turn into an effective cosmetic products for curls care. It will make any woman irresistible, because the haircut - an important part of the female image. It's time to get olive oil to rid hair from constant stress. With it they can rest, recover, heal and look at all 100.


  • 1 Chemical Composition of olive oil
  • 2 Rules of olive oil
  • 3 Best Recipes Olive Hair masks

The chemical composition of olive oil

In the distant sun of Greece, where I came fromolive oil, it is called "liquid gold", as it is not always appreciated only for their nutritional value, but also as a cosmetic. Ancient Greek beauties have found a use for the care of their long, luxurious hair. They noticed that after treatment with curls olive oil they started to shine, shine, filled with vitality and beauty. Recent studies have confirmed these observations: the chemical composition of this product allows the hair health and youth. In it a large number of active substances, each of which is able to transform the locks most wonderful way:

  • from fatty acids olive oil hair can not be afraidUV, cold wind, pollution, temperature changes, corrosive salt sea water, as they form a strong shielding effect, protecting the strands from aggressive atmospheric influences;
  • another feature fatty acids consisting of olive oil - intensivemoisturizing dry strands: they strengthen cell membranes, which are beginning to effectively retain precious moisture - so the mask on the basis of this oil is recommended for the treatment of thinning, brittle, split the strands;
  • squalene - Fatty acids helps in the process of hydration and simultaneously contributes to the rejuvenation of cells, activating them in the production of collagen, elastin fibers;
  • vitamin EFamous for its rejuvenating properties tocopherol, is able to penetrate deep enough into the scalp and into the hair: he very effectively smoothes hair scales;
  • Hair benefits vitamin D huge and it is effective: it removes from the cells of toxins and other harmful substances that accumulate in large quantities in the strands;
  • iron It strengthens blood vessels, promotes blood formation,accelerates under the scalp microcirculation - all roots provides the necessary amount of oxygen and other nutrients necessary for healthy hair.

The combined effects on the roots, the scalp,the unique composition of the Greek "liquid gold" allows women to use olive oil as a hair growth promoter, remedy their heavy loss, cure for split ends, dry strands humidifier. All this is possible if you know how to turn the food product in the cosmetic.

Rules of olive oil

Frustrated cosmetic propertiesolive oil catches only those beauties who neglect the advice of experts and the recommendations of those who have already try to practice one of the many tools for hair, prepared on the basis of this product. Following these basic rules - a guarantee that the procedure will be able to home and will have the desired effect.

  1. The extra virgin olive oil is stored more nutrients, so for cosmetic use his name.
  2. Before the introduction of the product into the mask-heat it to 35-40 ° C: so it will be more effective. Although, if the mask will be attended by eggs or essential oils, better temperature does not rise above 35 ° C, the protein is not curled, and esters have not lost their healing properties.
  3. If you use olive oilrestore split ends, dipped in the prepared means only them. If you want to stop hair loss, to accelerate the growth - should be rubbed into the roots. To make the oil gloss evenly strands tresses treated throughout.
  4. Head to this procedure can not wash, moisturize the strands is also not necessary.
  5. The greenhouse effect will increase the action of olive oil: after the procedure, wear a shower cap and wrap head with a towel warmer.
  6. If a part of the mask is no alcoholproducts, mustard, citrus, spices, onions and other aggressive ingredients, their duration may be extended to 40-60 minutes. Olive oil in its pure form can be left on the hair overnight.
  7. When rinsing agents recommended shampoodry, right on the mask, put on his head, whip with her in the foam, and then rinse under running water. Last rinse can be done with a decoction of chamomile or lemon solution.
  8. Frequency of olive masks - 1-2 times a week.
  9. The course should be 10-12 procedures.

If you comply with these guidelines and strictlyfollow all the tips, you can avoid typical of the difficulties of such masks in the form of feeling greasy on the head after the procedure, problems with rinsing and others. Those who are doing something right, appreciate the effectiveness and benefits of olive oil for health and beauty hair.

The best recipes for hair masks olive

Because olive oil can make classicPacks without any additional ingredients. You can add this product to the store means. With it, you can even do a head massage and comb problem strands. However, the most popular are the homemade mask with olive oil.

  • Brightening

If you want to lighten your hair 1-2 tones, whisk olive oil with fresh lemon juice in a blender. The proportions should be equal.

  • Moisturizing

Three tablespoons of the olive oil to heat in a water bath with two tablespoons of fresh honey.

  • Healing

One tablespoon of warm olive oil mixed with two tablespoons of sour cream average fat content. Apply only on split ends.

  • For hair growth

Five tablespoons of olive oil Beat two egg yolks.

  • Firming

According to mix two tablespoons of olive oil and rubbing alcohol. Rub only into the roots. Time of action - no more than 20 minutes.

Already in ancient Greece learned to appreciate oliveOil weight in gold for its nutritional and cosmetic properties. It is time to learn from the experience of the ancient Greek beauties and learn how to use olive mask for hair, carefully and gently caring for the most problematic locks.