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Hair masks with macadamia oil: what lies behind the mysterious name?

Macadamia Nuts - Australian tree fruits,which exudes an unusually strong and delicious flavor. They are not only nutritious product and a great help in the kitchen to create masterpieces of cooking art. Equally popular is the oil, which are produced and used as an excellent cosmetic. With moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect, macadamia oil for hair is a real salvation in the most challenging situations. However, it differs quite a high price, but it is compensated by the divine smell that is transmitted curls after its use, and guaranteed effect. Do not spare money for quality recovery of damaged, patients strands using natural means safe for health.


  • 1 Chemical composition of macadamia oil
  • 2 Instructions for use macadamia oil for hair
  • 3 Recipes funds with macadamia oil

The chemical composition of macadamia oil

On the chemical composition of macadamia oil cantalk endlessly, because it distinguishes more than 100 biologically active substances. All of them are complex and powerful impact on the structure of the hair, scalp, root follicles. The main functions at the same time carry out:

  • fatty acid (Arachidonic, lauric, palmitic,stearic, myristic, behenic, arachidic, oleic, palmitoleic, eicosenoic, linoleic, linolenic) normalize moisture level in the cells, improving the condition of dry strands and create a protective barrier preventing hair bundle by external aggression as ultraviolet, low temperatures, marine salt, chemicals in dyeing or perms, etc. etc .;
  • protein is a building material for hair, without it is not possible tissue regeneration, so the mask with macadamia oil efficiently and quickly restore the split, brittle, istonchёnnye hair;
  • rich in vitamin composition of this product gives it healing properties: tocopherol renews cells, thereby informing the hair strength and elasticity; thiamin It helps fight dandruff and loss; riboflavin It makes the color saturation and natural cures seborrhea; pantoten smoothes the hair scales, then they become incredibly smooth and soft; niacin It prevents early graying locks and stop loss; folate It performs many functions - restores split ends, protects against external aggression, treats dandruff;
  • minerals, macadamia oil is converted into a tool that improves the subcutaneous metabolism, directly affects the health and appearance of hair: potassium moisturizes dry strands, zinc updates the cells selenium strengthens root follicles copper activates hair growth, calcium It gives silky strands, sodium It helps cells to fully absorb oxygen and all other nutrients.

Despite the exotic macadamia oil, itschemical composition includes the most common nutrients, which together affect the beauty and health of curls. No annoying and hazardous elements makes it very valuable cosmetic product for hair care, subject to certain rules of its use.

Instructions for use macadamia oil for hair

All cosmetic oils including macadamiacharacterized by a specific application. Those who believe that they are left on the hair greasy shine and poorly washed off, just do not know the little tricks that can help to overcome these difficulties.

  1. Indications: Dry, dull, weakened, dehydrated, damaged hair, frequent coloring, perming.
  2. Contraindications: Idiosyncrasy. To care for oily hair can be used only in a harmonious combination with egg white, low fat dairy products, citrus (grapefruit, lemon, orange).
  3. For the preparation of cosmetics is the perfect cold-pressed macadamia oil with a beautiful amber hue.
  4. High temperatures only enhance the useful properties of the oil, it is recommended that before applying it to warm to 30-40 ° C, if no masks composed of essential oils and eggs.
  5. Check the reaction of the skin to the oil: lubricate them a small area of ​​skin near the ear and observe the sensations. Absence of allergy - by means of the use permit for hair care.
  6. Apply it on the scalp can be directly own tresses.
  7. The head at the same time can be clean or dirty, dry or moist - it does not play a certain role.
  8. Help macadamia oil to become more efficient: Insulate the hair after application cellophane, polyethylene, towel, hat, scarf.
  9. Duration mask and compresses macadamia oil - from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  10. Macadamia oil should easily be washed off from the hair,but if you think that the fat remains, use a shampoo and rinse water, dilute lemon juice (a glass per liter) or vinegar (50 ml per liter).
  11. Aromaraschёsyvaniya do every day for two weeks. Masks, compresses, rinsing - no more than three times a week.

By following these simple rules of usemacadamia oil hair will be a pleasant home procedure, after which curls bloom density and additionally acquired volume. It remains only to choose a recipe.

Recipes funds with macadamia oil

Macadamia oil - the universal cosmeticmeans for hair care, since it can be used to prepare not only the masks. He can make a real beauty for your curls.

  • Adding to the store means

In the dining room spoon of shampoo (balms, conditioners, serums, masks for hair), add a teaspoon of macadamia oil.

  • Rinsing

In a liter of warm water add 50 ml of warmed macadamia oil. Use the last rinsing the head after washing.

  • Aromaraschёsyvanie

Drip on a wooden comb two or three drops of macadamia oil, comb your hair for 5-7 minutes.

  • Compress

Preheat macadamia oil applied to the scalp and locks along the entire length, to make insulation, leave overnight.

  • Masks

Citric. Mix two tablespoons macadamia oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice.

Honey. Mix one tablespoon butter, macadamia and coconut, three tablespoons of cinnamon powder and warm honey, five drops of essential oil Bey.

vitamin. Mix one tablespoon of oil, macadamia oil, castor oil, oily solutions of retinol and tocopherol.

By choosing the appropriate recipe, learn the rulesapplication of macadamia oil, a versatile cosmetic product can be used for the recovery of their hair, which are subjected to constant stress in modern life. Take care of yourself, love yourself, enjoy your own reflection in the mirror and compliments others - and your life will change for the better.