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Hair masks with lemon: you need to know to achieve results

Greasy hair - a problem that is relevant tomost women. Numerous line tools that promote the elimination of greasy shine in just one use of the mask or shampoo, are often far from being as efficient and effective as advertised. And again - I wash my hair every day; locks, hanging icicles in the evening; the severity of fatty luster and wasted money in the search for the perfect tool.

Just know beauty can thus cunninglysmile, because the secret of successful care for oily hair have long been presented to mankind by nature: just do not know all about it. Inexpensive, accessible to all, effective, easy to prepare, lemon mask for hair - this is a real salvation for those who still can not get rid of greasy luster strands. The only caveat, which is worth remembering in deciding on this method of treatment - all citrus aggressiveness due to the abundance of fruit acids in them.


  • 1 Beneficial properties for the hair beauty lemon
  • 2 Rules cooking lemon masks
  • 3 Recipes masks for hair lemon

Useful properties of lemon for hair beauty

Perhaps there is no such cosmetic firms, which wouldToday did not produce a line of funds, based on the action of lemon. Refreshing, toning, anti-aging, it transforms the fruit when applied correctly, not only greasy hair. From it is shiny and thick and normal locks, which do not have enough food. The whole point of organic acids, which actively affect all metabolic and restorative processes occurring in the subcutaneous level. However, not only are the acid active substances consisting of lemon, which possess such sweeping action to the scalp and locks themselves:

  • organic acid (Malic acid, galacturonic, citric) control the sebaceous glands to regulate the percentage allocated subcutaneous fat, dried;
  • pectin We need to restore the damaged tissues;
  • flavonoids and carotene known for their anti-aging properties as it stimulates the process of renewal of skin cells, remove the dead are no longer necessary, regenerate those who froze in development;
  • volatile report lemon hair mask soothing properties that are beneficial to irritated skin;
  • thiamin It has a therapeutic effect, as well solve the problem of dandruff and seborrhea;
  • riboflavin - A kind of a vehicle in which the cells are delivered necessary quantity of oxygen, so all the tools which include lemon, facilitate cellular respiration;
  • vitamin C activates the production of elastin, making tresses strong, resilient, strong;
  • sesquiterpenes They form a kind of shield around each hair, which reliably reflects the various atmospheric and thermal attacks from the outside;
  • hesperidin gives the hair softness and natural, brilliant color.

This is a small part of the active substances thatIt is part of a lemon. Penetrating deep into the structure of the hair, scalp and follicle root, with regular action they are huge works at the cellular level. This is not just a beauty treatment: it is a complete treatment of the defect, which is forced to suffer from most of the fair sex. Not only get rid of greasy strands of his unpleasant greasy shine. Good nutrition receive normal type locks, dandruff disappears, even the tips are no longer split. And all this magic is ready to demonstrate citric hair mask - refreshing, dried and incredibly nutritious.

Terms of cooking lemon masks

Terms of cooking lemon masksIt can not be neglected, because the lemon, like all citrus, contains a high concentration of vitamin C and organic acids. They have extremely annoying and searing effect on the cells. Not knowing how to deal with lemon as a cosmetic product, you can get a thermal burn the scalp and bring it to an almost complete loss of hair (called alopecia). To avoid such results, it is necessary to understand the little secrets of cooking lemon masks.

  1. Use for making masks fresh pressed juice at home, and chopped in a blender lemon zest.
  2. Can not be used for making masks highly concentrated lemon juice. It is recommended to dilute it with water in equal proportions.
  3. Contraindications for use: fresh trauma, wound, stitches, any microdamages, allergies and idiosyncrasy of citrus.
  4. Cooked means is first necessary to check on a neutral area of ​​skin (such as behind the ear) to avoid possible allergic reactions.
  5. Lemon has a pronounced brightening properties.
  6. Lemon mask can be applied to the skin, rub into the roots, distributed over the entire length of the strands. But the tips to handle such a vehicle is not recommended.
  7. The head of the procedure to be dirty, his hair - a little wet.
  8. Warming helps to strengthen the effectiveness of the mask with lemon, so do not forget to wear a plastic bag and wrap yourself with a towel.
  9. Due to the irritating properties of lemon duration of such masks is limited to 20 minutes.
  10. They are washed under running water using a shampoo.
  11. Once a week for such a procedure will be enough. The course of treatment is from 5 to 10 procedures, depending on the health condition of the hair.

It is recommended to use a mask regularly fromlemon to improve the appearance and health of the hair, get rid of some complexes. One of the most important factors of success of the procedures - the right choice means.

Recipes masks for hair lemon

Among the many hair masks lemon recipes will have to find that unique, which will deliver the desired effect, and the hair from greasy shine, prevents live.

  • For shine

Fresh honey in the form of slightly warmed mixed in equal amounts with diluted lemon juice (one tablespoon). The mask has the effect of lamination: gives the hair an extraordinary shine.

  • Nutritious

A glass of diluted lemon juice in a blender to whip two raw chicken eggs.

  • Firming

A glass of diluted lemon juice mixed with the same amount of domestic, non-fat yogurt.

  • Brightening

Hair can be made lighter by several tones. To do this for a minute to keep the strands in the dilution lemon juice, and then half an hour to keep them out of direct sunlight.

Dried, brightening, firming masklemon hair - one of the most popular and sought-after means home cooking: easy to use and effective in operation. its regular application improves the condition of weak, damaged hair, suffering from beriberi and prone to fat. This is a great find for those who prefer to solve this kind of problem by natural means.