Hair care

Masks with colorless henna: inexpensive, but effective way to strengthen the hair

Colorless henna - an inexpensive tool thatToday you can buy in any store cosmetics. About the medicinal properties of the dye and its "red-haired girlfriend" is known to many, but what to do with this powder, known not for everyone. Meanwhile, the mask of a colorless henna hair strengthens the roots and treat various diseases of the epidermis of the head. If you apply the mask with colorless henna regularly curls shine, become obedient strands will be easy to comb and will no longer fall.


  • 1 The impact of colorless henna on your hair
  • 2 Tips for use
  • 3 Recipes masks with colorless henna

Impact colorless henna on your hair

It is a natural product, a colorless henna forHair - a real cure for seborrhea and alopecia (hair loss intensive strands, which can lead to baldness). The chemical composition of the powder is actively working on the processes occurring at the cellular level in the scalp:

  • krizofanol treats purulent inflammation of the scalp, famous as an anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent; colorless henna dyes his hair a yellowish color because of him;
  • Aloe-emodin - One of the best growth promoters;
  • luster locks acquired through emodin;
  • carotene known for its regenerative properties, so a mask with colorless henna is used for the treatment of damaged, brittle, split the strands;
  • tseaksantin and rutin have restorative properties, so a mask with colorless henna applied against hair loss;
  • betaine - A natural moisturizer, which can be found in the composition of various means to care for dry hair;
  • fisalen It makes colorless henna treatment against dandruff.

Subjected to such complex effect fromside of the active compounds, the hair after a colorless henna grow faster, are restored and no longer remain separated loose strands on their shoulders, pillows and combs. To achieve such results, take time to prepare masks and development of technologies for their application.

Tips for use

It requires careful handling any drug. So you need to learn and remember a few tips on how to use colorless henna for the recovery of weak, damaged hair.

  1. Observe the indications for usemiraculous powder: dull, lifeless, weakened, brittle, dry hair, split ends, stunted growth, loss in all stages of this process, dandruff.
  2. Information on contraindications to avoidfatal mistakes and unpleasant consequences. Blonde girls have to use this stuff very carefully pre-testing on a thin, separate strands: colorless henna for blondes - it is always an unpredictable outcome because the locks can be green or yellowish color.
  3. After medical masks with colorless henna is not recommended during the week to dye your hair, as tint get uneven.
  4. According to the experts, the Iranian colorless henna is the most effective and useful in the treatment of hair, so, if possible, it is better to use this grade.
  5. Breeding powder recommended purified(Filtered) or mineral (without gas) water. You can also use fresh infusions of medicinal herbs are useful for hair: chamomile, sage, nettle, burdock.
  6. Cooked means should be applied to clean, just washed my head. Hair can be slightly moistened.
  7. First, the mask rubbed into the skin and roots, then - is applied to the strands that are better comb comb to weight distributed evenly over the entire length.
  8. If your hair is long, you need to slay them on the top. After that, the head is put on a shower cap and top wraps a large towel.
  9. Blondes such a long time to keep the mask is not necessary: maximum - half an hour (if a separate strand test did not give a green tint). Brown-haired brunettes and you can walk fearlessly with a mask and a half-hour.
  10. If the composition of the prepared tools not includedcosmetics and oils, it is easily washed away with plain water at room temperature. For this purpose, can be used decoctions and infusions of herbs mentioned above.
  11. In order not to overdry the hair and scalp, colorless henna for treatment can be used 1 time in 10-14 days. But it should be done regularly.

To do the right thing, you can preread reviews of masked with colorless henna or videos, which provides detailed instructions for its use. A negative experience is also necessary to consider not to be disappointed. Use this substance can be in a pure, natural form, only dilute with water until creamy. But often this slurry is added, other active ingredients that can enhance the useful properties of henna colorless hair.

Recipes masks with colorless henna

Masks for hair, prepared on the basis of a colorless henna, very much. Better to start with a classic, and then try the rest, picking them to your hair type.

  • Classical (any kind of)

100 grams (dosage depends on the length curls) colorless henna diluted with 300 ml of hot water. It is applied in the form of heat.

  • Oil (against hair loss)

50 grams of henna mixed with the same amountnatural olive oil, 1 tablespoon of castor oil and 1 teaspoon of any essential oil (good for hair loss esters pine, mint, rosemary, lavender, ylang-ylang, coriander, sweet flag, tea tree). Boiling water is poured the entire mixture is entirely up to the desired consistency.

  • Dimeksidnaya (to revive the colors)

100 grams of henna is diluted with 300 ml of hot water, add a teaspoon Dimexidum rooms - almond oil.

  • Avokadnaya (for dry hair)

Dilute 100 grams of henna in 300 ml of hot water, add 2 tablespoons of mashed avocado, a tablespoon of castor oil.

  • Mask with cosmetic clay (for oily hair)

100 grams of henna is diluted with 300 ml of hot water, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and blue clay, a tablespoon of castor (can burdock) oil.

Colorless henna - a unique cosmeticmeans for regular and full home hair care. Therefore, it should occupy a worthy place in the arsenal of beautiful women who care about the health and appearance of their precious locks.