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Hair Mask with castor oil: the use of the known oil at home

About castor oil have heard it all: it is considered to be a panacea for many diseases and the unique beauty products for hair care, donated human nature. It can quickly make the curls shiny, soft, docile, long (by the action of the active ingredients they grow faster) and thick (loss process stops). It is no wonder that home hair mask with castor oil so popular. They are easy to prepare, do not require expensive and time consuming, are highly efficient, not yielding on this issue palm salon treatment facilities and shops.


  • 1 Action on hair castor oil
  • 2 Rules of castor oil
  • Recipes masks 3 with castor oil

Effect on hair castor oil

Anyone who has dealt with castor oil, known asThis bold and fairly viscous oil in its consistency. This is explained by the abundance of its chemical composition of fatty acids, which may have on the scalp most versatile effects. Complement them vitamins that activate the metabolism that occurs at the cellular level, improving the condition of the hair. To mask with castor oil to meet all your needs, you need to ensure regular access of nutrients to the scalp. Only the constant exposure can lead to the desired results and to ensure the effectiveness of castor oil as a cosmetic product.

1. Fatty acid

  • Palmitic performs the transport function, helping the rest of the substances contained in the mask penetrate the skin more deeply, more intensely absorbed in the blood.
  • stearic known for its moisturizing properties, theyWe need to care for brittle, dry hair istonchёnnymi that require reliable protection from various external factors influencing them aggressively: ultraviolet radiation, fumes, cold temperatures, sea salt-heat dryer or tongs.
  • Oleic We need to enhance metabolism, moisture, repair damaged cell protective functions.
  • ricinoleic doing curls soft, obedient, moreflexible, able to exert antibacterial effects (castor oil so commonly prescribed for the treatment of seborrhea), promotes hair growth and strengthen them, preventing loss.
  • Linoleic - An effective natural moisturizer.

2. Vitamins

  • tocopherol (E) - the most important one and vitamins to meetfor youth and beauty is not only hair but also skin. It activates cells in the synthesis of collagen, elastin, which are converted into a shining ringlets cascade of strong and elastic strands.
  • retinol (A) is required for the treatment posechёnnyh, damaged, brittle hair that require fast and efficient recovery from within the structure.

It turns out quite a strong, complexeffects on the scalp and hair structure itself. Strong and very powerful tandem of fatty acids and vitamins provides curls beauty and health, which they are so often lacking in today's unfavorable environmental conditions. And women themselves often have to amplify these stresses numerous colorations and chemical salon procedures that damage the hair. The more valuable it becomes castor oil with regenerative properties.

Terms of use of castor oil

You can read about a large castor oilthe most number of negative reviews. They write that it makes the hair is too greasy and fat after such mask remains on the strands without flushing. The second point that many do not like this oil - not very pleasant smell, which is absorbed into the locks and annoying. Explain data reviews may be just the fact that people do not know how to properly apply castor oil as part of masks for hair. Subject to the specific recommendations of these pitfalls can be easily bypassed.

  1. With fat, which supposedly remains on the hairafter castor oil, may be easily overcome if oil is not used in pure form, and in combination with other ingredients. And castor oil dosage should be minimal. If the mask to pour the contents of a vial, he will wash away, really difficult.
  2. The indications for its use aredamaged, dry, in extreme cases - normal hair. It is not recommended to use a mask with castor oil for oily hair. Ignoring this contraindication and then generates a lot of negative reviews. If you really really want to use castor oil, owners of greasy strands should be added to mask the ingredients podsushivayuschee powerful actions: lemon juice, protein, alcohol.
  3. Check each mask on an allergic reaction: pre-prepared mixture lubricate the skin near the ear.
  4. The effectiveness of castor oil is doubled, if before its introduction into the overall structure of the mask slightly warmed in a water bath.
  5. Apply the mask on the dirty and dry strands of hair is rubbed into the skin, the tips are handled.
  6. Mandatory greenhouse effect: the head with a mask wraps a plastic bag (plastic cap) and a towel.
  7. It depends on the duration and the additional ingredients may range from an hour to several hours.
  8. The result will largely depend on the correctremovers. To rid the hair of excess fat, which has a castor oil, apply shampoo directly to the mask, without wetting with his head. Wet hands lather mass and then rinse under a jet of abundant running water. To remove an unpleasant smell, the last chord will rinse the hair with water, with diluted apple cider vinegar or lemon juice concentrated.
  9. Frequency of use of castor oilIt depends on individual preferences. For very dry hair, such procedures can be done twice a week for normal - once a week for oily - once every 10 days.

Properly used, homemade mask with castor oil will bring pleasure and benefit. If it is more conveniently and choose a month, you can become the owner of chic hair.

Recipes masks with castor oil

Recipes masks for hair, which include castor oil, quite a lot, so the choice is only for you.

  • Firming

Mix castor (one incomplete tablespoon) and burdock (two tablespoons) of oil.

  • For hair growth

Mix two tablespoons of castor oil and a glass of warm yogurt.

  • For greasy hair

Mix two tablespoons of vodka and lemon juice, add one tablespoon of castor oil incomplete.

  • Nutritious

Mix one tablespoon of honey and lemon juice, add egg yolk and a tablespoon of castor oil incomplete.

Cosmetic homemade mask with castor oil - the right choice, as it allows to look beautiful and well-maintained complex in modern conditions of constant stress.