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Masks for hair camphor oil: the forces of nature to guard female beauty

Camphor oil, like castor oil, known to alltheir useful medicinal properties and a characteristic pungent odor. Its aroma is obliged to supply, from which it is generated - camphor tree from the laurel family. It heals wounds and bedsores, cleanses the body, stop the inflammation of the muscles, treats arthritis and colds. Equally useful is the camphor oil for hair: Estheticians know exactly what it is better to use a roll of strands, when the roots are weakened and can not operate at full capacity. Using it as a part of masks, it is possible in a short time to improve the condition of patients with curls and return it to its former strength.


  • 1 Hair Treatment camphor oil
  • 2 The use of camphor for the hair care
  • 3 Recipes camphor of hair beauty

Hair Treatment camphor oil

Such healing camphor hair turnsOnly thanks to their chemical composition, in which a high concentration of nutrients. Each of them getting into the skin cells of the head, the inside structure of each hair in the root bulb, performs certain functions. In general, a complex action leads to stunning effect.

  • Camphor - Extract, extracted from the leaves of camphorwood: the substance has unsurpassed soothing properties: If you suffer from dandruff, seborrhea, you constantly scratched his head - with regular use of masks of the camphor oil is finished with these misfortunes.
  • Vegetable oil softens the powerful action of camphor on the scalp, strengthens its moisturizing properties.
  • cineole - A rare plant material, starts the process of rejuvenation of cells: it is an active stimulator of hair growth, making strands of very strong, strong, thick.
  • safrole - Organic material with strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, copes with the various forms of seborrhea.
  • pinene It refers to a number of the terpene which possessspecific odor - is strong enough in their action substance which penetrates into the hair regenerates microdamages closes flakes, whereby the strands are smooth, like silk.
  • phellandrene - Another of the terpene family: it activates the production of elastin, collagen fibers, which strengthens the hair, making them more docile elasticity.
  • camphene known for its revitalizing and regenerating properties, so the camphor oil is used to treat patients with brittle, issechёnnyh strands.
  • bisabolol (Alcohol) and limonene (One of the terpenes) make hair color saturated, bright, brilliant.

With regular use of masks, compresses,wraps and shampoos prepared on camphor, unusual hair get shine, become much stronger, gradually cease to fall, begin to grow faster, and even dandruff will not be so abundantly showered your shoulders. Discover the magical transformation of curls at home without the help of expensive store tools and barber services. The most common, cheap, sold in every pharmacy camphor oil for hair - rescue and excellent care, which you could only dream of. The only thing to bear in mind - its use rules to achieve better results and avoid the bitter disappointments.

The use of camphor for the hair care

Domestic use of camphor oil for hair is nothas acquired a large scale. Sometimes there are even negative comments about him as a Means for the care of curls. For the most part, this is due to a simple inability to use it as a cosmetic product. Often ignored thick consistency of the oil, which is non-compliance with certain recommendations of leaves greasy film hair. Some people do not like the smell of camphor. Some difficulties arise with stripper masks and compresses it. To turn the process to improve the health of your hair into a torture, you need to follow a few simple rules. They help to remove this product from the maximum benefit for your curls.

  1. Contraindicated camphor oil of any use, including for the hair, epilepsy and other convulsive disorders, and hypertension are hypersensitive and odor.
  2. It is best to use camphor oilCare for oily hair, dandruff treatment, recovery, split ends, strengthening the falling strands, have stood in the growth of curls. If you make him a mask for dry hair, will need extra moisturizing ingredients (eg, dairy products high fat or egg yolk).
  3. Masks with camphor oil must be thick to the mixture gets into your eyes - it may cause irritation.
  4. The selected mask after preparation, apply to a single strand of 30 minutes and a couple of hours to vote the result.
  5. Wash your hair before the procedure, but not until the end of the curls dry it: leave them slightly damp.
  6. Camphor oil is rubbed into the scalp, applied to the hair and the ends themselves.
  7. After processing, the strands are tightened loosely knot on top, covered with a plastic bag on top of and lodge with a towel.
  8. Exposure Time Color masks - from an hour to 60 minutes.
  9. If, during the procedure, feel dizzy or sick, you should immediately wash the mask, drink a glass of cool milk and lie down. Most likely, your body can not tolerate the smell of camphor.
  10. In order to avoid difficulties with the stripper maskshampoo should be applied directly to oily strands. Beat all this mass of wet hands and only then rinse under running water. Last rinse can make a decoction of chamomile, nettle, calendula, burdock root. Instead, you can also use lemon or vinegar solution.
  11. Do not get carried away with masks of camphor oil: once every 7-10 days will be enough.

Subject to these recommendations can be achievedgood results in the treatment of hair camphor oil. Variants of application set recipe - do not count. When camphor can be used to wash your hair, do it the night of the wraps and compresses strands express masks. The main function of these means - strengthen the roots and stop the hair loss process. In addition, the locks will get a natural shine and begin to grow rapidly. To verify this on their own experience, choose one of the recipes and try camphor oil in practice.

Recipes camphor of hair beauty

Home hair mask of camphor oil -One of the most popular tools for any type of curls care. However, this does not mean that your first experience of the application of this healing oil to be a mask. Many start with the classic compression and some prefer to try camphor as a shampoo. Learn the recipes, select, prepare and enjoy consistent results.

  • Shampoo with camphor oil for oily hair

Teaspoon of camphor oil mixed with two tablespoons of water and a raw egg yolk.

  • Shampoo with camphor oil for dry hair

Teaspoon of camphor oil mixed with two tablespoons of almond oil or burdock, one raw egg yolk, add a few drops (3-4) tea tree essential oil.

  • Lemon camphoric mask for hair growth

Teaspoon of camphor oil mixed with two tablespoons of lemon juice squeezed.

  • Firming Mask for hair loss

Teaspoon of camphor oil mixed with two tablespoons of castor oil, one tablespoon of burdock oil, add a raw egg yolk and a few drops (5-6) of the essential oil of rosemary.

  • Classic compress of camphor oil

Two teaspoons of camphor oil mixed with four tablespoons of burdock oil.

Camphor oil has deserved to beto note the women who take care of their hair and want them to not only look good, but also to be healthy from the inside. Do not forget that the veneer is usually short-lived, as the true beauty of curls can only provide them in good health. Use camphor oil for your hair - and enjoy the effect.