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Masks with argan oil: they are restoring and protective properties

Even lovers of cosmetic oils, not allaware of the existence of the means of salvation for the most fragile, frail, istonchёnnyh hair. Produce it from the argan - amazing tree that grows in Morocco. There it is called iron, because it is very durable and strong.

Its fruits are similar to the more well-known over the olives. It is because of them and produced a miraculous oil, which is called "the gold of Morocco". Its wide application in medicine and cosmetology, the tool can be used for hair beauty. Soft, light, fragrant, a mask with argan oil for hair - with nothing comparable reducing agent for weakened, damaged, brittle, thin strands. It is only necessary to learn how to use it properly, and then you can achieve excellent results - soft and silky cascade healthy hair.


  • 1 Hair Restoration argan oil
  • 2 Terms of use of masks
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Hair Restoration argan oil

The extract Argan oil contains a lot ofactive substances that are essential not only for the exterior beauty, but for healthy hair. In the absence of the regular use of household allergies masks based on it will provide the necessary care curls:

  • tocopherol (vitamin A) is launching damagedtissue regeneration processes, so the mask from an extract of argan oil are an excellent tool for reducing brittle, split ends, hair istonchёnnyh;
  • Polyphenols have smoothing properties that make Argan strands of silky, smooth, smooth;
  • anti-inflammatory properties, whichfamous organic acids (lilac, vanillic, ferulic), allow Argan oil to be a full-fledged drug that is indicated for dandruff;
  • 70% of the substances constituting argan oil -This fatty acid (oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic), performs a protective function, and increase resistance locks external stimuli;
  • sterols - anti-aging substances that are known for their ability to prevent the early appearance of gray hair.

Masks of Argan oil is recommendedbeauticians for hair recovery, if they need their moisture, nutrition, rehabilitation and strengthening. When heat and cold, it can act as a protective agent from intense searing ultraviolet damage and low temperatures. Even the gray hair to prevent and cure seborrhea capable of miraculous mask of argan oil.

Terms of use of masks

Argan oil is rarely used in the homeCosmetology for two reasons: the high price and fear of fat, which is experienced by many women in front of an oily substance. However, the means justifies its high cost and does not leave strands slightest hint of shine. It has a light texture that distinguishes it from all other cosmetic oils. Even with the difficulties of rinsing will not, if you know some tricks for using the product.

  1. External application of argan oil from the largethe amount of biologically active substances in its composition can cause allergies. Therefore, any mask with him to test for individual tolerance of the tool. It is sufficient to lubricate the inside of the wrist watch, and the prepared mixture for 2-3 hours for a reaction. The appearance of unpleasant sensations - a signal that Argan is not right for you.
  2. Indications for use of masks arganOil - Dry, brittle, split, istonchёnnye, loose strands. If you use them for the care of greasy hair, their composition must necessarily include podsushivayuschee ingredients - egg whites, alcohol, lemon juice and others.
  3. Before use Argan oil is slightly warmed up for a couple.
  4. Argan mask can be applied and on clean and dirty strands.
  5. They can be rubbed into the roots, to grease their own locks and wet the tips of hair in them.
  6. Their effectiveness can be enhanced by creating a greenhouse effect: after applying the shower to put a plastic cap on top and make the turban of a towel.
  7. Duration argan oil - from half an hour up to 1.5-2 hours. This depends on the activity of other components in the mask.
  8. Often, after rinsing of the oil stillIt remains on the hair and create the effect of fat. To avoid this, you must lather Shampoo directly on the hair, mix it with a mask. And after that, you can wash off with warm water. The final chord of the hair can be rinsed with citric some water (a glass of lemon juice per liter of plain water) or decoction of medicinal herbs.
  9. The course of treatment - from 10 to 15 treatments with a frequency of 2 applications per week.

Properly used, the mask of argan oil for hair can give pleasure and bring tangible, and most importantly - a significant benefit. It is only necessary to find the right recipe.

Recipes masks argan

Argan extract - is quite expensivefun, but it justifies the money spent with proper application in the home. Specified in recipes and approximate dosage is adjusted depending on the length of the strands, which is applied argan oil.

  • Mask-compress

In a warm Argan oil is applied to the scalp, is distributed along the length of the strands and left for a few hours under the insulated compress.

  • Mask-balm

Moisten hands in warm oil and flatten their locks. As a fast balm, this tool does not require rinsing.

  • Firming

Mix argan oil with burdock (or castor) two tablespoons.

  • Moisturizing

Mix the argan (one teaspoonful. L.), A natural olive (two tsp. L.) Butter, egg yolk, esters sage (5-7 drops), lavender (10 drops).

Regular use of home hair masksArgan oil - an excellent prevention and effective treatment for most patients with damaged hair, which require restoration. Their healing properties allow to do without salon procedures.