Hair care

Mustard mask for hair: the use of natural ingredients

Mustard, this yadrena seasoning vegetableorigin know everything, but not many people know that it can still be used as an effective cosmetic product. Lately, especially popular homemade mask mustard hair. They aggressively affect the roots of the scalp cells and awaken to life, renewing them in the metabolism, restoring and regenerating damaged. Such masks the absence of contraindications for the power to make every beauty.


  • 1 How do mustard mask on your hair?
  • 2 How to Apply the mask with mustard on your hair?
  • 3 How prepared mustard mask for hair?

How do mustard mask on your hair?

Hair masks based on mustard powder are very effective, thanks to the substances contained in the plant from which the product is produced, - mustard. The chemical composition of this tool - a storehouse of vitamins, natural oils and organic acids, which are very beneficial effect on the hair:

  • Vitamin A - is a wonderful natural healer forthe most damaged, split, brittle, istonchёnnyh hair, as it has regenerative and restorative properties, and also promotes the production of cells in the collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for the elasticity of curls;
  • numerous vitamins of family B are calledmoisturize and at the same time to help control the production of the sebaceous glands of subcutaneous fat, the hair was not as sleek and are not subjected to too rapid contamination;
  • the E vitamin, the vitamin of beauty and eternal youth, is known for its antioxidant properties, treats seborrhea, prevents hair loss and actively protects against external aggression;
  • Vitamin D is useful damaged tissues, as well recovers;
  • essential oils soothe irritated scalp, treat seborrhea;
  • fatty acids are good for dry hair, as they moisturize and effectively restore brittle, very thin, exhausted strands;
  • Capsaicin - this is a substance that plays a fiddle in masks for hair with mustard: it has a strong irritant and accelerating circulation, activates hair growth.

All components of mustard are composed offace masks complex, and this is achieved by their high efficiency. Under the influence of such wonderful cosmetics blood runs faster, and the cells are fully saturated with a sufficient amount of oxygen, which improves the condition of the hair and at the same time strengthens their health.

How to Apply the mask with mustard on your hair?

Improper use of masks has a mustardgreat risk to burn the scalp or the hair themselves, thereby worsening their condition. This is explained by a strong irritation that capsaicin exerts on cells. Therefore, care, utmost care and accurate compliance with all the recommendations - that will help achieve the desired result of the mustard as a part of masks for beauty and health of hair. After all, nothing complicated in these rules there.

  1. Use them for the care of greasy, not dry hair.
  2. To prepare the masks can not be used mustard tablespoon mustard liquid in tubes, as there are a lot of extra food supplements. Use only powder, with only the most recent.
  3. Diluting it must be either a conventional (preferably mineral or filtered) water, or any herbal decoction (chamomile, nettle, burdock, oak, hop cones, etc..).
  4. Knead need to dilute the powder until all lumps are dissolved, and does not become mushy consistency.
  5. From cosmetic mustard oils are better than others cooperating with burdock.
  6. Mask is better to put in the form of heat, and for this purpose it is recommended to warm up a bit of steam at the bathhouse.
  7. Mustard can be a powerful allergen. To protect your skin from the adverse reactions, all made from this condiment means to start, check the inside of the wrist. Only the absence of a burning sensation and discomfort can be a solution for applying the mask on hair roots (it is not applied along the strands).
  8. Immediately before the procedure, moisten the tips of warm burdock or olive oil to protect them from the aggressive action of capsaicin.
  9. Apply the product on the dirty, dry head.
  10. On top of cellophane wrap is better to head to enhance the effect - and even a towel: heat accelerates all processes.
  11. Rinse can be water or herbal decoction using shampoo.
  12. Maximum exposure masks of mustard onhead - 20 minutes. If there is an unbearable burning sensation, the procedure is stopped. Perhaps you have damaged skin, and all these micro cracks heal better than previously.
  13. The course of treatment is hair mustard every 7-10 days for 1-2 months.

Experiment with mustard mask for hairit is not necessary, since the results are disappointing, and not to please: extensive loss of entire strand burns, damage to the hair structure. Only the most patient and persistent offers all the charm of mustard as an excellent cosmetic remedy for the growth and strengthening of hair.

How prepared mustard mask for hair?

Since mustard masks comprehensively solve different problems with the scalp and hair, be sure to try to cook one of the recipes. The results will not disappoint you for sure.

  • classical

Mustard powder is thoroughly mixed in equal proportions with boiling water until creamy.

  • Nutritious

Mix the mustard powder (2 table l..) And sugar (2 teaspoons l..), Brewed with boiling water (2 table l..), After cooling add a beaten raw egg and oil (2 table l..) - Burdock, castor or olive.

  • teahouse

Mustard powder (2 table. L.) Pour hot black or green tea (the same amount), mix thoroughly.

  • Creamy

Mustard powder (2 table. L.) Is thoroughly mixed with the fatty cream (2 table. L.), Extra virgin olive oil (2 table. L.) And melted in a water bath with butter (2 table. L.).

  • Yeast

Dry yeast (Table 1. L.) Mixed with sugar (1 table. L.), Filled with warm (you can even hot) milk (2 table. L.). It is necessary to wait until the yeast forms a cap, and then pour a mixture of mustard powder and liquid, warm, but very fresh honey (1 table. L.).

With regular use of your maskhair will be significantly transformed from procedure to procedure: cease to fall, will grow well, will fill strength, beauty and health. It will be hard to guess that the secret of your gorgeous cascade of curls - in a nondescript but very useful mustard.