Hair care

Hair mask of eggs and honey

In the variety of domestic masks for hair sometimesmeet the unique combination of products that complement each other perfectly and have a very beneficial effect on the scalp and damaged tresses. When the beauty industry was not yet in sight, our ancestors used to care for their hair natural products that give them Mother Nature. They from time immemorial been known that honey with egg hair - the perfect combination and very harmonious tandem. Today, when you want to relax curls from chemical attacks store means you can resort to these traditional recipes. Homemade hair masks from eggs and honey are ideal for this.


  • 1 Impact force honey and eggs to the hair
  • 2 The use of egg-honey hair mask
  • 3 Hair Mask egg + honey: the best recipes

Impact strength of honey and eggs to the hair

Under the influence of honey and egg hair reallytransformed almost beyond recognition. Yesterday they hung lifeless lashes, and today blossomed lush cascade of shining hair health. How is this possible?

  1. Medicinal properties of the chemical composition of honey It is known to all: fructose restores damaged hair, making them smooth, glucose, potassium, riboflavin, and moistened, niacin is responsible for the intense color, pantothenic and ascorbic acid strengthens the roots, pyridoxine copes with dandruff and seborrhea, folic acid activates the growth of hair, iron improves circulation.
  2. The nutritional properties of eggs as tested by time and confirmed by the scientificaccording to its chemical composition: sodium strengthens, moisturizes potassium, calcium and amino acids are the basic building material for hair, restores phosphorus, lecithin treats split ends, retinol gives luster and shine, vitamins of B group accelerates growth, prevents hair loss calciferol.

That's the miraculous egg and honey harmoniouslyThey complement each other as part of a variety of medical and nutritional mask for damaged, tired from the constant stress of hair. Their preparation is no big deal: every beauty easily cope with this procedure.

The use of egg-honey hair mask

Homemade masks based on eggs and honey will have a beneficial effect on the hair, if they are able to properly prepare and apply on hair. Compliance with the basic rules will help to enhance their efficiency.

  1. This procedure will require fresh honeylast collection, purchased directly from beekeepers. The only way you can be sure that the product does not add preservatives and other harmful synthetic chemicals.
  2. Accordingly, the egg is better to find a home with any of the farm: on the shelves is often the goods of unknown composition, which may not have the desired effect.
  3. Honey loses medical properties, contact withhigh temperatures. Therefore, it can not be diluted with hot water or any other liquids. Although honey itself before mixing with the other ingredients in the composition mask is heated in a water bath-house degrees to 35-45 ° C, but not more. If you make more nectar hot, when mixed with egg and fold the latter can spoil the whole mask: will have to start all over again.
  4. All other components of the mask is not recommended to heat in a water bath this temperature range in order to avoid folding egg whites.
  5. Miraculous mixture sure to rub inscalp, hair roots, as the basic process their food comes there. Only after this treatment, the mixture is applied on the strands themselves (it is better to do it with the help of frequent scallop). Do not forget to moisten the consistency of honey and egg tips to heal them from the bundle.
  6. Insulate mask shopping samodelochnoy polyethylene or cellophane cap and terry, thick, warm towel.
  7. Duration egg-honey mask hair will largely depend on the other components within them. But it should be the average of 30-40 minutes.
  8. Rinse the mask with egg and honey should be warm, but nothot water again, because of the danger of protein folding. Shampoo is desirable, since honey is not always easily washed out of the strands. Excellent work after such a mask rinse hair with lemon juice diluted in water.
  9. If, after this procedure, dry the hair naturally, without the use of a hair dryer, they will look much prettier.
  10. Frequency of use of masks from eggs and honey depends on the state of processed curls. There is no harm in doing them every other day. As a precaution will also be enough, and 1 times a week.

This is such a wonderful effect is hairegg and honey in close tandem and harmony of its medicinal and nutritional properties. To enhance their effectiveness, it is possible to add various other ingredients and every time to enjoy consistently stunning results.

Hair Mask egg + honey: the best recipes

You can use the classic, proventime mask exclusively from honey and eggs. It is universal, as is suitable for the care of any type of hair. You can extend its composition and obtain a narrow directional means decisive some definite problem. Selection - only for you.

  • Classical Mask egg-honey

Honey (2 table. L.), Mix with beaten whole egg.

  • With butter

Honey (2 table. L.), Mix with beaten eggs, add burdock oil (2 table. L.).

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon powder (1 table. L.) Mixed with olive oil (2 table. L.), Add honey (table 1. L.), The beaten egg.

  • With cognac

Honey (1 tsp. Spoonful), mix the egg, add the brandy (1 tables. L.).

  • With lemon

Honey (2 table. L.) Mix with the juice of a lemon without peel (1 table. L.), Add olive oil (1 table. L.), Egg.

  • With yogurt

Honey (1 table. L.) Beat a raw egg, add fresh fat yogurt (3 table. L.).

  • Since yeast

Dry yeast (table 2. L.) Diluted in milk (the same amount), add honey (table 1. L.), Leave for 30 min., Then add a raw egg.

  • With milk

Honey (table 2. L.) Mixed with milk (100 ml) and a raw egg.

Now you know how the honey and egg onhair and how to cook from them at home a perfect mask for the care of any type of curls. Use and enjoy the results and be the most charming and beautiful.