Hair care

Hair under the sun - the right care

Hair under the sun - the right care

In summer, the hair becomes thinner, lighter and drier. Often we see the tips dissected and loss of color, and the usual cosmetic products are no longer cope with the situation. Hair Care in the hot season requires a special approach.

Hair under the sun. Hair summer - a beautiful, but also dangerous to go. Of course, at this time the hair have no need for vitamins and minerals, because they rich in old table. However, summer is exacerbated by the influence of external factors: high temperatures, sea salt, UV radiation. They are harmful for the hair.

Under the influence of high temperatures hair lose moisture rapidly, become noticeably drier.
Ultraviolet radiation destroys the top layerHair - the cuticle. Damaged cuticle is not a protective function to the full, the hair become stiff, lose elasticity, fit badly, appear split ends. Under the influence of UV hair coloring pigments are destroyed, so hair becomes lighter hair "fade" and sometimes "burn out."
Sea salt remains on the hair, crystallizes in microscopic folds of cuticle. As a result, the surface of the hair loses smoothness rods, and hence the gloss.
Features summer. General and most minimal advice on hair care in summer are as follows.

1. First of all, try to reduce washing hair with shampoo frequency to avoid unnecessary impacts on the cuticle.

2. Furthermore, it should be carefully selected shampoo preferring only mild means.

3. In summer, more than ever important to use hair conditioner. Air restores irregularities in the structure of the cuticle, so the hair get a natural protection against external influences and moisture loss.

4. Shampoo "2 in 1" (shampoo with conditioning properties) - not the best option for use in the summer, because they are inferior in the efficiency of specialized balsams-conditioners.

5. After washing and the use of the air conditioner, rinse hair with cool water. It will help to restore the integrity of the cuticle and maintain the natural shine of the hair.

If you are going on vacation. For hair contact with the sun - a lot of stress, and you must prepare for it in advance. First of all, consider whether you want to dye your hair before the holiday. If so, this should be done in advance, at least 2-3 weeks before leaving for hot countries. But the stylists are not always unanimous: the fact that even the dyed hair lose their original color under the sun. Well, if he just loses intensity, but it is more likely that the hair will lose their staining intensity and gain an unexpected, unwanted shade. If you dye your hair before the holiday, then wait a little with a radical change of image. It is better to stay on the soft option: change the color of not more than 1.5-2 tone.

Summer - not the time for a perm. After the "chemistry" hair needs a long period of rest and recovery, which is impossible under the scorching sun.

On the eve of the trip, you can visit the beautysalon. Today, the range of services includes treatments such as reflexology and meso. Details of these procedures vary depending on the master cosmetologist, but ultimately meso and reflexology activate blood circulation of the scalp, strengthen hair root nutrition, promote the wetting of the hair rods. At home, you can use regular massage brush for combing, or to massage the scalp. All these procedures will help the hair grow strong and boldly to meet the southern sun.

At sea, the blue sea ... Before going out in the sunyou need to put on hair sunscreen with UV filters. Such products are called «leave-in» or «clothing hair." They come in a range of many brands. Apply protectant should be clean with damp hair after washing with shampoo. Blot excess moisture with a towel and carefully massage in the product to the hair shaft, focusing on the tips, as well as the upper part of the hair. The product does not need to rinse, just dry the hair under a stream of air. By choosing protective products for hair, pay attention to the composition. At minimum, the formulation will contain cream base and chemical UV filters (silicones, for example, - dimethicone). The preferred means of purchase, enriched with nutrients. This is - oil thistles, jojoba, olive, almond extracts Lop
ear or henna. This product not only protects the hair from UV radiation, but also support the elasticity and shine.

Located on the beach, scalpmust be protected from direct sunlight by using headscarves or Panama. Fashion and supportive to those and other: the main thing to choose ventilated material (cotton, felt). Ideal straw panama hats, sombreros: they protect from UV light, but well pass the air, preventing heat stroke.

After bathing in the sea you need to wash your hair with running fresh water to remove the remains of sea salt. It is therefore important to choose the beach with showers.

Intensively nourishes and regenerates. After exposure to the sun is necessary to nourish hair, the only way to preserve the elasticity of the hair rods and their tone. The journey is not always possible to make homemade masks, although you can use the most simple recipe. Apply to clean, dry hair pins 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (olive, corn, sesame, grapeseed). These oils can be purchased at many stores in southern countries. Carefully spread over the surface of the hair oil, then massage in the tips. Ideally, such a mask should be wrapped with polyethylene and stand 30-40 minutes. Then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner use. You can use ready-made cosmetics

That hair was softer after washingrinse their infusion of mint leaves (dark hair) or chamomile flowers (blonde hair). However, these plants are already our latitudes, and are associated with a cottage holiday. We hope that their collection will add pleasant sensations to your holiday.