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Hair during pregnancy: the rules of care

Pregnancy - the unique position thatreflected in the physical and moral condition of the woman. Future moms throughout all nine months do not get tired to be surprised at the changes that occur in their appearance. Very often drastically change your hair during pregnancy: they are brilliant, beautiful, thick, although this did not differ by such characteristics.

Women are pleased such a pleasant change andsafely forget about the proper care for your tresses, focusing entirely on the various problems of their interesting situation. And it is in vain, because without additional, regular care of your hair will begin to fall after giving birth, split and turn into a lifeless tow. To protect them from such metamorphosis, you need to know the basic rules of hair care during pregnancy and to comply strictly with them.


  • 1 hair condition during pregnancy
  • 2 rules of hair care during gestation baby
  • 3 Hairdressing procedures for future mothers

Condition hair during pregnancy

Pregnancy affects very thoroughlyhair condition. Taking place in a woman's body changes most positive impact on their health and beauty. During gestation the child a woman may notice with their curls such metamorphosis as:

  • hair becomes thick and voluminous;
  • cease to fall;
  • there is a beautiful natural shine;
  • now they are much easier to put in my hair;
  • they look silky and smooth;
  • grow faster than it was before.

The thing is that the hormonal background of womenchanges considerably after conception, and it makes all body systems work in emergency mode. Even weak, lifeless locks are restored under the influence of wizards hormones. Such changes in the appearance of future moms are the norm, but there are times when there is quite the opposite picture. If you do not grow and the hair falls out during pregnancy, this is evidence of worsening problems in women with health that existed even before the conception of the child. In this case, it is necessary to say about this case there is a gynecologist, who may appoint an additional examination and find out the reason for this is not peculiar to the phenomenon of pregnancy.

The rules of hair care during gestation baby

Since postpartum hormones again willchange and rearrange, respectively, and the appearance of women will also undergo changes in accordance with this. Here begins the main problems: a decrease in hormone production leads to a massive loss of hair, they fade, lose volume, become thin and brittle. To keep locks from such a tragedy and not get depressed about this after the birth of the baby, experts recommend to stick to the basic rules of hair care products even during pregnancy.

  1. Once a week, make a mask for hair fromnatural products: for normal - with honey, yogurt, eggs, dry - with the yolk and cosmetic oils (burdock, castor, olive very good help), for fat - a protein and lemon juice.
  2. Wash your hair with warm water - not hot and not cold.
  3. Rinse herbal infusions: nettle, birch, mint, mother-and-stepmother, heather, burdock, chamomile. If your hair is oily, it is possible to add water to rinse the lemon juice or vinegar.
  4. Do not weave braids, do not wear tight elastic bands and barrettes.
  5. Wearing hats in the street, protecting hair from ultraviolet radiation and low temperatures.
  6. Unsubscribe from thermal styling appliances: irons, hair dryers, curling.
  7. If dandruff is not treated this attack"Chemistry" Shop drugs, overcrowded harmful to the baby. From it you can get rid of with the help of the same household masks - for example, from onion peel and tansy.
  8. Eat right, eating more fruits, vegetables, berries and juices.
  9. Less nervous experience.
  10. Drink a multivitamin, prescribed by the doctor.
  11. Regularly (once a week) to massage the head. You can learn to do it myself, but you can ask someone from relatives to help.
  12. Carefully comb strands at least five times onday: it improves scalp circulation and strengthens the roots. At the same essential oils as part of this procedure, it is better not to use, as the aromaraschёsyvanie reaction can be unpredictable.

The main thing - do not delude beautiful and chicView his curls now, forgetting about these preventive measures. This comprehensive hair care will maintain their beauty and health after birth. Especially concerned with future mothers questions about whether we can during pregnancy to dye and cut hair. Let's see what the professionals say.

Hair treatments for future mothers

It is justified by the desire of women, hatchingchild, look beautiful, so they are given the pressing questions about hair coloring and haircuts during pregnancy. Important in this period - not to harm the baby. It is from this starting point and will depend on the answers to these questions.


Trichologists and doctors do not prohibit the hair dye inpregnancy, but need to do it very carefully. Wrong to think that through the scalp of harmful substances chemical dyes not reach the amniotic fluid, which is fed child. Everything is possible: because the diet affect the condition of locks - so there is a feedback. Dye your hair during pregnancy can:

  • if there are no abnormalities with health problems;
  • if II trimester;
  • if the paint is the most gentle and natural;
  • if you do it only 1 time for all 9 months.

Everything else, as for coloring strands in this period - a taboo.


Many people's signs say that cutting hairduring pregnancy - a failure to leave, ill health, problems in personal life. All this superstition, who live for centuries by the people. If you are worried about this, doubt, worry, it is better to fold this question for yourself and do not think about it at all. Just do not cut: have time to do it and after childbirth. Physiologically, from the point of view of science, these superstitions are no proven way that haircut does not pose a threat to any child in the womb or future mom.

Despite the fact that the hair during pregnancyoften transformed for the better, women should not forget about the full and quality care. Their beauty, due to restructuring of the hormonal levels is too short-term and after childbirth can vanish into thin air if you do not take care of it promptly. Knowing how to care for hair during pregnancy can prevent many damages after the birth of the baby and keep them healthy and beautiful.