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Hair Care in the fall

Summer is over, and with it the sun, air andwater. And, apparently, you have to be tanned, rested, your body has to be filled with life energy, which often can not be said about the hair. After the summer heat the hair tend to become dull and lifeless, and all why? Yes, because we are not accustomed to use sunscreen for hair care. But it is too late to rectify the situation and make the hair healthy. So what should be the care of hair fall?

Hair Care in the fall

Basically hair care in the fall is not particularlyIt differs from that in other seasons. Your main task - is to restore the structure of the hair and to provide them with adequate and full hydration and nutrition. After all, the main negative impact of direct sunlight on the hair - it is the last and dehydration as a result of the hair becomes brittle, lifeless with split ends.

How to get rid of split ends?

You can certainly start a long and tediousprogram to restore hair, but it is best to bring the hair in proper form and get rid of split ends by a barber. This is the easiest and fastest option.

Now about the basic care of hair fall.

Frequent washing of hair can enhance theirdehydration, even if you use special moisturizing shampoo. So at the time of refuse daily washing of hair and do it no more than once in 2-3 days.

Prefer containing shampoonatural oils, herbs, panthenol - they will help to further nourish and moisturize the hair. Also while washing hair do not forget to lightly massage the scalp - it will improve the circulation in its surface layers and thus ensure a smooth flow of nutrients to the hair roots.

As for air conditioners and hair masks - the need to apply them one by one after each wash. Additional meals will not be a hindrance.

When choosing the means of hair care productsguided by the rule - the price and quality, do not save on the health of your hair, prefer well-established brands. In addition, you can adopt a number of folk remedies for hair care.

The main thing to remember that choosing a ready means of hair care products and ingredients for the popular recipes should be according to your hair type.

Leaving the house, do not forget that beautifulinstallation will not damage even the sun and damaged hair, just when selecting styling give preference to those that contain moisturizers and nutrients and will not bring harm to the hair. The advantage will be the content of the ultraviolet protection factors in the vehicle, because at least the autumn sunshine and a sultry, it could still worsen the already deplorable state of your hair.

Provide the best hair care in the autumn - that they please you and others a beautiful shine and vitality!