Hair care

Hair Care after childbirth

After birth, a woman's happiness is often overshadowed byhair problems. During pregnancy, they are usually prettier, bloom, silky and smooth. And suddenly it happens to them such a dramatic change after the baby is born they begin to fall intact strands become very brittle, the color fades immediately, the ends are cut. To avoid panic, you need to understand that this is quite a common phenomenon, dictated by changes in the female body. Correct all of this will help the appropriate hair care after birth.


  • 1 Why spoil the hair after birth?
  • 2 The basic rules of care
  • 3 Masks to strengthen the hair after childbirth

Why spoil your hair after birth?

If, after the birth of the baby on your pillow andbath remain intact hair strands, it is not necessary to look at some terrible internal diseases, which led to the loss of curls. The reasons for this phenomenon - in restoring the body after giving birth:

  • Active development of estrogen (female hormone) induring pregnancy significantly improves the appearance of strands: they are thick, shiny, silky, but after the birth of hormones dramatically reduced, which entails the continued loss of curls and the deterioration of their appearance;
  • after the birth of a baby female bodytakes a long time to restore the lost balance of minerals, vitamins and other bio-stimulants - suffer because of this we have to first of all tresses;
  • cause of hair loss can also be aadaptation of mothers to the new rhythm of life, the changing conditions - all this is often accompanied by stress, chronic fatigue, nervousness, irritability, inner complexes, the constant lack of sleep; as soon as the nervous system of young mom gives failure, hair immediately react to it is not the best;
  • the use of general anesthesia during childbirth, cesarean section if held, may also contribute to the deterioration of the general state of the strands;
  • for lactation requires a huge amount of nutrients, the source of which - the female body: giving them breast milk, it is not dodaёt their root follicles;
  • sometimes a young mother is simply not enough water: to rid the locks from dryness, you need to adjust your drinking regime and drink a day not less than 1.5 or even 2 liters of clean water.

Causes of poor condition of the hair after childbirthquite understandable, therefore, do not panic: everything was okay. Of course, put up with it is not necessary: ​​just need to know the basic rules of hair care products after delivery - and they will be transformed.

The basic rules of care

Nothing special hair care after the birth of the women do not require. Its main principles - find the right classes for this time and do not harm the baby, especially during lactation.

  1. We need to eat right (lean on raw carrots, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, sea kale, spinach, and avoid salty, smoked, pickled foods), drink sufficient water.
  2. Avoid stress.
  3. Choose a series of hair marked STRENGTHENING. Excellent help to restore your hair after childbirth tar shampoo, even though it is very difficult to get used to its odor.
  4. Wash your head at least twice a week, at the same time instead of using store balms herbal teas for rinsing.
  5. Before washing hair to make homemade hair masks.
  6. With the permission of the attending physician to spend on drink a course of special vitamins or drugs (the same calcium, for example).
  7. Regularly do self-massage of the head, engaged aromaraschёsyvaniem (preferably in a separate room from the child).
  8. Once a month, find time to visit the hairdresser to trim split ends, please use this method to hot.
  9. In the recovery period after birth curls give up hairdressing procedures in the form of coloring, perm, lamination, carving and so on.

Changes in hormonal background, which occurin the female body after childbirth, a negative impact on the condition of hair, and the impact of this change is very difficult. Using folk remedies in restoring damaged falling curls, think above all about whether they will not harm in any way the kid. Ingestion of any drug, even innocuous at first glance, vitamins, is allowed only with the permission of a doctor. It is much easier to do externally to strengthen hair mask.

Masks to strengthen the hair after childbirth

Any hair masks perform after deliveryfunction recovery and strengthening. Young moms need to carefully select the means of composition. Despite the fact that the masks are applied topically, can not allow powerful action on its biologically active substance did not penetrate too deeply into the skin. They should not be spices (cinnamon, red pepper, mustard, ginger), allowed a minimum of citrus. Pre-just in case-mix is ​​better to try to advance the wrist did not appear to allergic reactions: they are now a young mom to anything.

  • Yolk + honey

2 table. lodges. Natural honey is heated in a water bath to warm sufficiently liquid. Thereafter, it is added to the yolk. Time of action - no more than 20 minutes.

  • Bread + burdock root

50 g crumb of rye bread to soak in 100 ml of decoction of burdock root. Time of action - no more than 15 minutes.

  • Nettle

Fresh nettle leaves (100 g), steamed with boiling water(500 mL), cool, passed through a gauze. Rinse Get infusion hair, not wiping, allow the liquid to drain from the strands to dry naturally, preferably - in the sun. Perform this procedure every two days.

  • Burr oil

The preheated water bath burdock oil is applied to the hair, warm and walk with a compress as long as possible. You can do overnight.

  • Mayonnaise

Normal food Mayonnaise 20 minutes rubbed into the scalp.

  • vitamin mask

2 table. lodges. burdock oil to warm bath water, add to it retinol and tocopherol, before the application - 2 table. lodges. cognac.

By providing the hair after the birth of such care can beno longer afraid of alopecia and even more damage to the strands. The recovery period will take place much more quickly than if the state leave to chance curls.