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Gray Hair: treatment

Gray hair-1What do you think, when you are at the firstGrey Hair? Maybe only one found a gray hair and will not cause you a great panic, but if there are more and more on your head? And this fact is clearly cause more panic if you do not yet want to retire, this is very unpleasant fact upset you in earnest. Many people believe that gray hair - this is the first sign of approaching old age!

But it is not so. What can be said that gray hair can be found in young people? Let's look at the main causes of gray hair in humans and that this can be done.

Gray hair: causes

Following the research scientistscan identify four main reasons for which may appear gray in humans. The first and most common reason - this is a person's age. In this case, it is impossible to do something, to keep their colored hair raven in old age and do not use at the same time the paint is almost impossible.

The second cause of gray hair - isheredity. Sedin, as well as the very structure of our hair, as well as chronic diseases can be transmitted from generation to generation. Do you have a family there is some early grizzled relative? In this case, you can not be surprised that you leave in your chic shock of hair gray hair, even if you are still young and not experienced person.

Another cause of gray hair canIt is a serious illness. If it is only one consequence of this disease, then you can consider this nonsense. Graying hair can provoke schetovidki disease and stomach as well as problems with work adrenals. If you did not know, even the most banal intestinal worms may be the cause of gray hair - their pigmentation can be broken under the direct influence of foreign proteins.

Gray hair-2In addition, you probably know that the grayhairs can appear as a result of suffering severe stress. No wonder people say that many illnesses arise from the nerves! So do not worry about nothing, much easier to treat this life and do not let the gray hair opportunity to appear on your hair.

In each of our balance there is a thin duct, andIt is for this duct circulates a special liquid that carries food to hair. During severe stress human body begins to produce a large dose of adrenaline, which penetrate into the hair. And as a result of this penetration of the hair protein loses touch with melanin. That's why hair starts to turn gray from stress.

In all these cases, the mechanism of the appearance of gray hairis the same: each hair follicle stops producing pigments, which are responsible for hair color. This enzyme is tyrosinase effect on the compound melanin with the hair protein - and until that happens, our hair to retain its natural color. When this pigment starts normally produced, there is a gray hair formation. According to many scientists, that the advance of the time laid down in the genes of many people, and it is impossible to defer.

Belonging to different races can also because of gray hair. Previously, all the other gray hair appears the inhabitants of Asia, and on average it begins after thirty years. European Residents notice the first gray hairs after 35 years. And representatives of blacks felt the approach of old age after 45 years.

Is it possible to delay the onset of gray hair?

Do you think that modern science has managed to stepso far that the emergence of gray can defer? Many scientists from around the world say that they have not been able to achieve this. If you try to lead a healthy lifestyle, the first gray hairs appear on your head, not earlier than it was planned by nature.

We lovers of tobacco and alcohol firstgray hair can appear much earlier. They can also be used to receive the white hair of those people who prefer to lead a sedentary lifestyle, eating properly and regularly, as well as those people who are a lot of nervous and constantly enough sleep.

Gray hair-3

You can try to preserve its naturalHair color if in your daily diet will present a certain amount of zinc, iron and manganese. Try to eat more hazelnuts and walnuts, seafood, black bread, sweet pepper, pumpkin seeds and oatmeal.

Very useful folic acid may also maintain the normal pigmentation of our hair. Therefore, you should definitely eat lentils, spinach, fish and asparagus.

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What to do in the event that you alreadythere was a touch of gray? First of all, do not worry about this, because if you remember the nerves may further cause the occurrence of this type of hair! Quality hair dye for a while will help you forget about this trouble! So gray hair appear and remains to choose the right treatment option problems!