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Home care for gray hair

Hair color is determined by the cells that producecoloring pigment - melanocytes. Like any organism, with they age over time, reduce their activity, and soon completely stop producing melanin (pigment). Those strands that do not make him more cells are gray. They are difficult to stain, easy to put them in my hair because of their rigidity, and most importantly - they are very unaesthetic look because they are considered one of the first signs of aging. White or gray - so is not far off retirement, although not always age causes of this phenomenon.

Today, more and more young people aroundthirty years are beginning to turn gray. Many thus wonder how to get rid of this phenomenon, and can not find answers. Gray hair can only paint and make them less rigid, providing them with competent, worthy of care, which also helps to prevent death of melanocytes. For a start it is recommended to find out that in your case the reason for gray hair.


  • 1 Factors provocateurs gray
  • 2 Ways to prevent the emergence of new gray hair
  • 3 Folk remedies against gray

Factors provocateurs gray

Today, still different studies are conductedmodern medicine and cosmetology about why hair turns gray early - what else, other than age, can cause the death of melanocytes? Already we have the first results of scientific research data - a list of the factors contributing to premature graying. If you can not find them and eliminate as soon as possible, the process will continue, it will be impossible to stop any treatments and cosmetic means. Causes of gray hair the following circumstances become more often.


  • weak, the nervous system is shattered;
  • serious cardiovascular disease;
  • malfunction of the endocrine glands;
  • avitaminosis;
  • anemia;
  • Problems with the digestive tract;
  • severe viral disease, moved to the later age (cytomegalovirus, for example);
  • diseases of the kidneys and liver.


  • poor nutrition: the lack of vegetables in the daily menu, herbs, fruits, properly organized mode of drinking (water shortage), an overabundance of greasy, spicy, salty food;
  • Few people know that the popular today, protein-free diet leads to an acute shortage of tyrosine in the body - a substance that promotes early bloom;
  • constant nerve pain, fatigue, depression, regular experience, depressed mood, stress provokes spasms of cerebral vessels, with which the nutrition of hair;
  • UV prolonged activityimpact also destroys melanocytes and the hair rapidly turning gray - it is necessary to take into account the lover of tanning and the ladies who love to walk in hot weather without a hat;
  • premature graying faces to those whose hair is regularly exposed to low temperatures, as the disturbed microcirculation subcutaneous scalp.

Individual characteristics:

  • hereditary factor;
  • tsvetotip appearance also affects the withering awaymelanocytes: blonde before turning gray than brunettes, although age is offset by the fact that the dark-haired ladies in gray hair hairstyle much more noticeable;
  • age: after 40 years in the body of any person is changing, that the access of oxygen to the skin, the melanocytes and because of it begin to break down and gradually wither away.

All this together could triggerthe appearance of gray hair at any age. If they are "decorated" is your hair, an urgent need to find out the cause of this phenomenon and prevent it in the bud, so as not to be completely gray. To do this will have to change many things in my life.

Ways to prevent the emergence of new gray hair

If you understand what your life factors provoke the emergence of new gray hair, try to eliminate them from your life.

  1. Go unscheduled medical examination, to find out what diseases can undermine your body from the inside. If they are diagnosed, treated.
  2. Strengthen the nervous system: propyl antidepressants course, eliminate from your life anything that annoys you, try not to be nervous about nothing.
  3. Twice do not forget to support your body multivitamins per year. Usually it is recommended to do in the offseason.
  4. Tidy your diet: more fruits, berries, water, juices, herbs, vegetables and less fat content, sharp, salty and marinated.
  5. Avoid protein-free diets.
  6. Know how to organize a proper rest, your body needs. People overworked and not able to rest - at 85% gray.
  7. Limit the visits to the solarium. In the sun, always wear a headdress.
  8. The winter frosts are also recommended to protect hair warm cap.

If the cause of gray hair began to age or tsvetotipyour appearance, you can try to stop this process various salon treatments or the use of folk remedies against gray hair. You should not rely on them 100%, but many, in fact, stopped the further emergence of new gray hair.

Folk remedies against gray

Today, you can find a huge variety of recipes,which promise 100% guarantee of getting rid of gray hair. It is unlikely that this trick is worth buying: gray hair, you can only paint, return them to the natural color of the former is no longer possible. Therefore, the main function of folk remedies against the gray - to prevent its further spread. Hesitating at home way to treat this scourge, it must be very well understood, so as not to be disappointed with the results. Almost all of these funds, in addition to the positive effect on the melanocytes make the hair soft and fluffy, cease to fall, begin to grow faster. To achieve the desired effect, be sure to check reviews of the selected tool, test it for the presence of allergens (need to put it on your wrist).

  • Essential oils

Thyme essential oil mix (50 ml), and sesame(80 mL). Beat for several minutes to seal the bottle, remove a month in the refrigerator. Soak the roots of the hair, rub mixture into the scalp every other day in the quarter of an hour, then wash off with a normal shampoo. prevention course is two weeks. There is another way to prevent gray hair from using essential oils. It involves the addition of shampoo with shampoo lavender or rosemary (three drops of oil on the spoon one tablespoon of shampoo).

  • Bee pollen

Bee pollen (one teaspoon) mixed withcosmetic jojoba oil (four tablespoons), stir thoroughly. Moisten hair, treat them with a mixture of cooked no more than 5-10 minutes, wash with regular shampoo. Full course - two weeks intervals - every other day.

  • Ginseng root

Grind ginseng root (one tablespoon)pour vodka or rubbing alcohol (500 mL). Cover and leave in a dark place at 10 days Eat inside in the morning before breakfast one teaspoonful. This means you can not drink high blood pressure.

  • salt scrub

Iodized salt (one tablespoon) to dissolve in a warm, freshly brewed black tea (one glass). Twice a week to do a head massage using this scrub. Rinse shampoo.

Gray hair - a catastrophe for the women whoalways want to stay young and beautiful, and it gives them treacherously true age. Permanent staining will not solve the problem, as more and more gray hair will appear if you do not stop this process. The surface is very questionable "cosmetic repair" will not be effective. Therefore, as soon as the first noticed a gray hair in his shock of hair, try to find out the causes of this scourge, get it fixed and complete treatment. Combined therapy helps you to fundamentally solve the problem.