Hair care

Glycerin to hydrate the hair and dandruff

Glycerin - a viscous, transparent liquid,It has a pleasant sweet taste, is completely dissolved in the water. From the viewpoint of chemistry is an alcohol, it is a part of almost all oils and fats. The pharmacy is sold freely available for mere pennies (an average of 15 rubles per 50 ml). Today is actively used for the hair in industrial glycerin beauty industry (it can be found in any part of the shampoo), and at home. With the help of hard curls make obedient and lighten strands.


  • 1 Beneficial properties for the hair glycerol
  • 2 Instructions for Use
  • 3 Recipes masks

Beneficial properties for the hair glycerol

Use hair glycerol not confirmedOnly positive feedback from those who have used it, but also proven by scientific research. This medication is indicated for softening the skin in cosmetology, but it acts on the hair in the same way. After the mask with the addition of glycerol with curls come true miracles:

  • become obedient: they are much easier to put in my hair;
  • easy to comb;
  • not electrified;
  • It becomes soft, silky, very pleasant to the touch;
  • begin to grow faster;
  • slightly lightened;
  • receive hydration;
  • the tips of the hair is not so much whipped;
  • dandruff disappears.

Here as glycerol affects the hair: comprehensive and beneficial. Knowing about such miraculous beauty properties of this drug, a sin not to use it in his home cosmetology. It should be kept in mind that this drug, and it should be extremely careful.

Instructions for use

Glycerin as a drug isa very mild drug in its action, so contraindications for its use is almost non-existent, except for individual intolerance. That is why it is strongly recommended before preparing glycerine hair mask to check whether you have an allergy to this facility. Especially, if you encounter them for the first time. The rest of the preparation and use of masks with this miraculous substance no different from the rest of the home use schemes face masks.

  1. Homemade masks with glycerin for hair on a regular basis is recommended to use the blonde beauties. The fact is that at constant exposure to glycerol on the hair, they lightened. Brown-haired woman and it may not always be to the face.
  2. Glycerin, despite the softness of his actions - just the active drug, which is masked to be used in limited quantities. Take as much as indicated in the recipe, otherwise overdose can harm their own hair.
  3. Glycerin in masks for hair, as well as some other components (honey, yogurt, vegetable oils and cosmetic oils), pre-heated to a warm state in a water bath.
  4. It is better to involve in the overall composition in the latest turn.
  5. All components must be thoroughly mixed, to avoid lumps, which then will be difficult to vychёsyvat.
  6. Apply the hair mask with glycerol is better on a clean, slightly damp strands.
  7. First, the roots are processed: cooked mixture is rubbed massaged into the scalp with fingertips.
  8. Then comb rare glycerol mask directly distributed throughout the length of the strands - from the roots to the tips.
  9. If your hair is long, it is better to slaughter on the top, so they do not disheveled during the procedure.
  10. Glycerin acts actively at hightemperatures, so head after applying the mask it is necessary to wrap in a plastic bag (some people prefer to wear a shower cap), and then in the towel.
  11. Duration - about half an hour.
  12. Glycerin is washed off from the hair instantly, even without the help of shampoo. It will be fine if you fix the effect of the mask broth of some herb (chamomile, for example, which further enhance the lightening effect of glycerol).
  13. The frequency of use of glycerol selected masksindividually. If your hair is very tough and highly confused, it is impossible to comb, they differ just superzhёstkostyu, then for 3-4 weeks, will need to make them a couple of times a week. In other cases, once is enough.

In the preparation and application of glycerol maskshair, everything is clear and simple. They do not need to spend a lot of money and time. However, the result is almost invariably pleases those who put in the solution of their problems with the scalp and hair is glycerol. In its pure form it is not used as a cosmetic, so it should definitely something complementary. Even in this regard, glycerine - a unique substance because it is combined with food, and oils (vegetable, ethereal, beauty), and with herbs. Choice - exclusively for you.

Recipes masks

The recipes for hair masks usually indicateswhat kind of problem they solve, - be guided by it in choosing. Additional components to glycerol as discussed in more detail there not among them allergens and always if they are available to you. Do not forget that the mask will be effective only in case of regular use, and this requires that all the necessary ingredients were constantly at hand.

  • Lightening hair chamomile and glycerin

Before we reveal to you the secret of thiswonderful coloring agents just want to dispel the myths about him optimistic. No need to wait blond curls without yellowness, bleached several shades, immediately after the first mask. First, clarification will glycerine only slightly noticeable. Secondly, to ensure that results become visible even to others, it will have to try and use this formulation 2-3 weeks in a row (every week by 2 clarifying mask). Brunettes and the women and was not even worth trying: spoil the original hair color and disappointed.

Recipe2 tables. lodges. chamomile flowers (can be used both dry and fresh), pour a little boiling water (500 ml), leave the lid to infuse for about two hours. Cooled, already strained infusion mix thoroughly with warm glycerin (60 mL). Maintain structure on the head for 40 minutes.

  • Mask with glycerin and vinegar for shine

Beat egg, warm up in different cups glycerin(10 mL) and castor oil (30 ml). Mix the egg with castor oil, add the glycerin and then quite a bit of vinegar (half a teaspoon). The mask must be very thoroughly.

  • For hair growth

Beat egg cups warm across glycerol (10 ml), honey (20 ml), castor oil (30 ml). Mix egg with castor oil and honey lemon juice added (10 mL), glycerine.

  • For humidification

Banana puree (2 tables. Lodges.) Mixed with avocado (1 tables. Lies.). Put in a water bath three cups: honey (2 table lies..), Glycerol (1 lies tables..), Castor oil with olive oil (1 teaspoon n lies both.). After heating them to mix all the ingredients.

  • For split ends

Beat egg yolk in various preheat cups glycerol (10 ml), burdock (30 mL). Mix the egg with burdock oil, add glycerine, apple cider vinegar (1 tsp. Spoonful).

  • For greasy hair

Beat 2 egg yolks, mix them with rubbing alcohol (2 tablespoons), the same amount of warm, pre-heated glycerin.

  • Nutritious

In different containers in a water bath heated honey (2 table. Lodges.), Glycerin (1 tea boxes.). First, mix the honey and aloe juice (2 table. Lodges.), Then added to glycerin.

Now that you know what is good for the hair glycerin,how it can be used at home to care for unruly hair and hard as to clarify with the help of locks and remove the yellowing hair. Familiar from childhood drug, as it turns out, can be turned into a unique cosmetic product for their precious locks.