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Ginger hair mask: the secrets of Eastern women's beauty

Ginger, which translates from Sanskrit as "hornedroot ", today received the incredible spread in nutrition, cooking, medicine and cosmetics. Indian beauty since ancient times rinse hair healing juice of this unique plant. Experience adopted modern beauticians, who offer add ginger in homemade hair mask: it turns out useful and effective.


  • 1 On the beneficial properties of ginger hair
  • 2 The use of ginger masks
  • 3 Masks with ginger: recipes

The beneficial properties of ginger hair

The dried ginger root contains largevariety of biologically very active substances. Penetrating into the scalp and into the hair structure, they become members of various chemical processes occurring at the cellular level. As a result, the state of curls from both inside and outside, varies considerably. Each agent performs its function, but instead of getting sufficiently coordinated, harmonious, integrated work to restore damaged hair.

  • Magnesium and iron involved in the circulation, improving patencyblood vessels, increasing blood flow. The hair roots are starting to get the right amount of oxygen and a host of other nutrients, which they lacked before. As a result - activated their growth, stops hair loss process.
  • Calcium - Building material for the strands, without which they become thinner, whipped and fall.
  • Potassium It has the ability to adjust the moisture level in the cells, retaining moisture, if it evaporates rapidly. As a result of dry, brittle hair are restored.
  • Ascorbic acid It protects tresses from external damage, increasing their resistance to weathering and thermal attacks from the outside.
  • Nicotine It participates in the oxidation reactions and is responsible for hair pigmentation. Without it locks early start to turn gray and do not grow.
  • thiamin repairs brittle, damaged hair and revives its color.
  • Riboflavin It helps those with oily roots with dry tips. It restores the balance of production of subcutaneous fat glands.
  • retinol makes the hair elastic and resilient, protects them from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, stimulates their growth.
  • The essential oil of ginger It has a calming and anti-inflammatory action, and after the ginger masks stops itching scalp and dandruff becomes much smaller.
  • gingerol - A unique substance that is contained inginger. That it gives it a tart taste. In cells, it is needed to improve blood circulation, which leads to the activation of hair growth. Gingerol has the ability to lighten the (slightly) the natural hair pigment.
  • Amino acids give curls shine, making them well-groomed, smooth and silky.

No need to deceive ourselves such an abundance of usefulproperties of ginger hair masks, as this spice can turn multiple side effects if used incorrectly. Experiments with dosages and auxiliaries are not permitted, otherwise the scalp may respond to an allergic reaction, the already damaged hair will fall out even more intensely than before.

The use of ginger masks

Only properly made hair mask with ginger can be ideal for virtually any type of curls.

  1. Dried ginger root on a fine grater to grind.
  2. Use the weight immediately: prolonged contact with air locks all the beneficial properties of ginger root.
  3. Apply grated ginger to the skin behind the ear, wash off after 15 minutes and analyze the result: no irritation - resolution on the use of masks.
  4. Stir the resulting mass with the other ingredients.
  5. Apply to a clean head, wet strands tips. The bulk of the hair is divided: the skin is only slightly affected. Eliminates thoroughly rubbing the mask to the roots.
  6. On top of wrap my head cut along the edge of the plastic wrap and a towel warmer.
  7. Rinse off after 20 minutes is recommended.
  8. Rinse with purified water or saline, can - herbal broth, lemon solution (200 mL of citrus juice - one quart of water).
  9. The frequency of treatments should not exceed once per week.
  10. The duration of treatment is individual. About - 10 masks. The break must be at least 2 weeks between courses.

Once cooked all the rules ginger mask you will be surprised unusual result: a beautiful shine and unusual for your hair density would lead to the admiration.

Masks with ginger: recipes

Ginger root is quite aggressivecomponent, so it is not recommended to use it in masks separately, in its purest form. Be sure to mitigate its effects other additional ingredients. The main functions of ginger mask will not be affected - it also effectively removes dandruff will, accelerate the growth of hair and give them a youthful appearance.

  • cognac

Two tablespoons of grated ginger mixed with one tablespoon of expensive cognac, add two tablespoons of warm burdock oil and 4 drops of essential oil of rosemary.

  • kefir

One tablespoon of grated ginger mixed with 100 ml of yogurt, add one teaspoonful of warm honey and fresh lemon juice.

  • Honey

One tablespoon of grated ginger root pour 50 ml of water, add three tablespoons of rye flour, one tablespoon of warm honey and 5 drops of oil amly.

  • Indian

Two tablespoons spoon juice, squeezed from the ginger, mix with three quail eggs (previously beaten), add two teaspoons of the cooled coffee grounds and two tablespoons of warm honey.

  • Multiple

One tablespoon minced ginger mixed with the same amount of warm honey, one teaspoon of lemon juice, 50 ml of yogurt and egg yolk.

Pets mask of ginger root hairproduced very effective. Their effect immediately, so that it noticeable to the naked eye. The unique nature gave women a magical remedy for any type of hair, which did not take advantage of the care just lazy.