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Gelatin hair mask: the secrets of home laminating

Gelatin - protein jelly-like substance that isIt is obtained by the production of collagen in bones, cartilage, skin, live animals. Most often it is used in cooking to prepare aspic, jelly, cakes, candied fruits, yogurts, candies, chewing gum. Cosmetic properties of this product were known not so long ago, but have already received widespread. Use gelatin masks procedure hair was even named - laminating home. With it, you can not be afraid of the scorching and burning ultraviolet snare frost, extreme temperatures, chemical rains, sauna and solarium, pool chlorine and sea salt corrosive. From all of these stresses will save the hair mask from the gelatin.


  • 1 The skin under the protection of gelatin
  • 2 Secrets of proper cooking
  • 3 gelatin Recipes masks

The skin under the protection of gelatin

The miraculous transformation of curls under the guise of gelatin is easily explained this unusual chemical composition of the product:

  • natural protein actively restore any damaged tissue, including delaminated ends of the hair;
  • collagen creates a tight, though not visible to the nakedeye protective film around each hair, thus reflecting the attacks from the outside, increasing the resistance to aggressive influences; and it is this film gives curls a beautiful, almost unnatural luster;
  • niacin strengthens strands;
  • calcium It is a building material for hair, so they will be stronger with him;
  • magnesium gives curls volume;
  • phosphorus in gelatin makes masks strands supple and elastic.

The minimum number of substances composed of gelatinIt maximizes their concentration, which allows them to rapidly activate the cellular processes in the scalp. Result - shiny, smooth hair, protected from the roots to the tips. However, to achieve results, you must be able to cook properly and apply the gelatine mask, since the procedure is significantly different from the other kind.

Secrets of proper cooking

The procedure is home laminatinga daisy chain manipulation mask ingredients. Perhaps the most difficult thing will be to bring the gelatin to a consistency to avoid lumps, which then adhere on the hair and obstruct the process of combing. All other steps are simple and the power of every beauty. Previously not forget to check the skin tolerance of gelatin. Apply it in diluted form on a small area behind the ear, and rinse after 15 minutes. There should be no itching or redness.

  1. Gelatin (1 table. Lodges.) Placed in a glass container. He poured boiled, but not hot, but warm filtered water (3 table. Lies.). The mixture is thoroughly kneaded, covered lid, left for swelling for 20-30 minutes. Instead of water, you can take a decoction of herbs, juice, milk.
  2. While the mixture swells, wash your hair with shampoo and balm, as follows rinse.
  3. If within half an hour the gelatin has dissolved, can be slightly warmed it for a couple. Some advise to put the mixture in the microwave on the second 15. This will help to get rid of lumps.
  4. The mask is applied to the raw, dried with a towel after washing the strand without touching the scalp and roots. Hair comb and fix the clasp on top.
  5. The head after applying the mask wraps of polyethylene or cellophane film (shower cap) and a warm towel.
  6. Rinse with water can be an hour, a solution of lemon or herbal infusion.
  7. Some quite 1 procedure in 10 days. Someone who likes to make gelatin mask more often. It all depends on the individual.

These stages are universal home laminatingrequire compliance and using any and not just the classic mask gelatin. To enhance security, strengthen, reducing the gelatin functions, various other components can be added to the mask. Recipes much choice there, so it's time to take on the selection of products for the preparation of magic bullet.

Recipes masks gelatin

Depending on the ingredients added to the maskgelatin hair acquire additional properties. For example, yolk gives them a moisturizing effect, accelerates the growth of the mustard, honey and whole egg feed. Therefore, deciding to vary the recipe classical gelatin mask correlate those products that you plan to use and the problems you want to solve.

  • For shine

Gelatin (1 table. Lodges.) Dissolved in water (3 table. Lodges.), Add any hair balm herb (1 table. Lies.). This is one of the most popular and effective gelatine masks.

  • To enhance color

Gelatin (1 table. Lodges.) Dissolved in concentrated fresh lemon juice (3 table lodges), if you want to add shine blond hair..; or fresh carrot juice (3 table lies..) if the original color curls - red or black.

  • Firming

Gelatin (1 table. Lodges.) Dissolved in purified water (table 3. The lodges.), Add warmed in a water bath burdock oil (1 tsp. Of boxes.).

  • Nutritious

Gelatin (1 table. Lodges.) Dissolved in the infusion of camomile (3 table. Lodges.) For blondes or nettle broth (3 table. Lodges.) For brunettes, add heated water bath natural honey (1 table. Lies.).

  • Healing

Gelatin (1 table. Lodges.) Dissolved in filtered water (3 table. Lodges.), Add the powder colorless henna (2 tsp. Of boxes.) And mustard (incomplete tsp. Of boxes.). Before applying to drive a raw egg yolk.

  • Softening

Gelatin (1 table. Lodges.) Dissolved in a warm home milk (3 table. Lies.). If the hair is dry milk should be the maximum fat content (6.5%). If fatty - skimmed (0.5%). For normal hair need to take the average fat content of milk (about 3.5%).

Beautiful, thick, shiny hair - not a fairy tale, anda reality that can be achieved even without every beauty salon procedures. Home lamination using a gelatin - that's the secret of chic and compelling curls that are pleasing to the eye and attract the attention of others.