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Gelatine hair mask effect lamination

As part of the cosmetic maskHair gelatin, though should not be in doubt. Especially those beautiful women who want to become more beautiful, using only natural, natural remedies. After gelatin - a mixture of proteins of animal origin substances, hydrolyzed collagen protein. A collagen - is the basis of connective tissue and is the most abundant protein in mammals. Like, everything is very natural.

Gelatine hair mask (effectlamination) is proposed as a means of helping to create a stylish hairstyle. It is becoming more and more popular. It is expected that this procedure can replace the hair salon lamination, making it available at home.

The result of the use of masks is describeddifferently. And even that's not the fact that one like it, and the other - no. Just do not all feel after the procedure, the same advantages. The effect noted in their descriptions of different people was different.

But, if we sum up experience, you get the following:

  • hair becomes silky, supple and pleasant to the touch;
  • hair obedient, easy to comb, easy to style;
  • It becomes larger volume;
  • hair shine effectively;
  • It eliminates the brittleness and dryness of the hair, especially the ends.

But in fairness it should be noted: quite a few reviews on excessive rigidity of the hair after application of gelatin. Some complain that the hair has become very entangled after a mask. And quite a lot of reviews that have nothing to respond: unnoticed no special effect.

If there is reason to talk about the absence of effectivethat such a procedure is more confident women are recommended, whose hair is naturally thin and sparse. Holders of just such a head of hair can immediately evaluate the changes: it is part of the gelatine mask "wraps" every hair, "heals" the damage to the hair structure. In addition, on very thin gelatin layer visually increases hair volume. Yes, in fact, why only visual, and tactile as well.

Quite a lot of questions are being raised about the difficultieswashing mask. But the reason for this probably lies in the wrong technology. In order to avoid this kind of trouble gelatin mixed with a mask to mask cosmetic quality, purchased in a store, and only applied to the hair - not on the scalp. Head necessarily insulated (as well as with any other mask) using a polyethylene cap. But, if we believe in the result, we will try and even tolerate some inconvenience. That is the main thing you need to be confident in the result. But from the results of problems can occur: thin weakened hair can be damaged by such a procedure. But the owners of just such hair gelatine mask is recommended in the first place. By the way, and professionals suggest that you need to be very careful with this kind of masks. Regular, systematic use of gelatine masks can cause excessive hair weighting. And for weak and thin hair is unbearable load, which can lead to hair loss.

Therefore, the general recommendations can besuch:, a general, regular improvement of the scalp and hair, of course, with the help of a professional daily care. And of course, we must not forget about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle - it "feeds" the hair from the inside.

A gelatinous mask? This is a good result the hair in order, if you need to look simply stunning. And to achieve this effect should be fast. Then we use homemade lamination, which fills and coats the hair, making them less "electrifying", more shiny and smooth., As well as gain additional volume. Hair color becomes deeper and brighter. The effect of this procedure will be evident within three weeks.

The basic recipe for a mask: to gelatin (one tablespoon), add a small amount of water (about three tablespoons) warm up on a water bath and add a balm for hair (three tablespoons). Stir quality, cover the hair, spreading over the length of the strands. In no case do not rub the skin. The mask is applied to wet hair washed. Hair wrapped in cellophane and put on a hat (you can wrap yourself with a towel). We hold 30 minutes. Wash off with cool water.

This basic mask can complement andto improve example, to the basic recipe, you can add an egg yolk, honey (one tablespoon), essential oil, beneficial for the hair: almond, sage, lavender, rosemary, jasmine. If the mask is applied to oily hair, it is recommended the addition of apple cider vinegar (one teaspoon) or lemon juice (from half a lemon).

Instead of water, other liquids may be used: milk, herbal decoction. Herbs should be used depending on the color of hair: chamomile, nettle, linden, burdock.

To mask was applied uniformly, the mixtureWe need to make homogeneous. Gelatin is first soaked in cold water, leave for 10 minutes and then warmed at a temperature less than 60 degrees. Gelatin mask may be used three times a week.

Once again, we note that applying the mask, it is necessary to try not to fall on the skin. Gelatin forms a film that appeals skin dryness, flaking and itching.

Who hair and dry, and help Mask for hair from dryness and brittleness at home.