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Hair Flour: pet shampoo recipes


Rye flour - familiar food product whichis obtained by grinding grains of rye, it is a necessary component for the production of rye bread. Few people know that she washes the hair from dirt better than any, even the branded shampoo. Especially is useful owners of greasy locks as flour for the hair of this type appears simultaneously in three roles - shampoo, conditioner and mask. A bit unusual for washing the head, but very effective: positive reviews about it much more than the negative. The secret of the useful properties of flour - in its chemical composition.


  • 1 Beneficial properties for the hair flour
  • 2 Features of flour
  • 3 Recipes for funds from flour Hair

Beneficial properties for the hair flour

The rye flour, according to studies, therefiber, B vitamins, niacin and tocopherol. It turns out that this is enough to make your hair beautiful and shiny. Rye flour in shampoos and hair mask works wonders:

  • thoroughly washes away dirt of any kind;
  • removes greasy shine with fat strands;
  • vitamins nourish the roots, strengthening them and eliminating the loss;
  • It revitalizes the scalp and the hair itself;
  • seemingly transforms locks: they look well-groomed, beautiful, shine;
  • long strands are not contaminated, greasy film formation process is now delayed for 2-3 days;
  • curls nice and easy to comb;
  • Now there are no problems with stacking: unruly strands finished forever;
  • touch the hair resemble a pleasant, smooth silk;
  • rye flour, according to many experts - is reliable protection of the scalp from a variety of diseases (dandruff - including).

Not every store has the meansabilities as rye flour against hair. Moreover, it has an action on the strands and not only the scalp as a shampoo, and masks many of which are so used. What exactly will you use - it's up to you, but the results are worth the patience that is required for the preparation and application of funds from the rye flour hair.

Features of flour

Rye flour - no ordinary productuse it as a cosmetic product, and negative reviews after its home use is not so little. However, most of them due to the fact that beauty simply ignored advice from experienced people who know how to use shampoos and masks made of flour. Will you follow their recommendations - and everything will turn out perfectly.

  1. Rye flour is different, so when buying Choose the one which stated "seeded", as it is the highest grade, It has a lot of starch, sugars and water-solublesubstances, but protein and fiber, virtually none. It is characterized by a white color with a bluish tinge. Class II rye flour - "peeled", it is also quite a lot of useful items for the hair, the color is whitish-gray with brownish tinge. Third grade, "wholemeal" flour is better not to take for cosmetic purposes, as a result, you can not see, but this torment wash sticky substance from their hair. Third-flour color - white, but with a pronounced gray, and sometimes yellow or greenish tinge.
  2. Never use for cosmetic purposes, wheat flour, which turns on the hair in the dough, it is difficult to wash off, and almost vychёsyvaetsya of strands.
  3. Do not breed rye flour for the preparation of shampoos and masks hot water: turn the porridge, which is also very difficult to wash off with water.
  4. Mix the flour with water better than the usual whisk until watery consistency, which easily falls on the hair.
  5. Get ready for some difficulties inthe use of rye for the hair. For example, it is very difficult to rinse from the strands. Just when removers do not need to whip on the head "crow's nest": means necessary to wash carefully under running warm (not in any way not hot!) Water, in the course of the growth of hair, turning them gently with his hands.
  6. If flour crumbs left in the curls even after washing, wait until the hair and comb out simply drying them.
  7. In some cases, hair does not immediately respond toa wonderful tool and can be an unpleasant surprise: after rye flour lose their luster and become dull, scalp itch may start slightly, feeling of comfort appears. Do not worry: this is not allergic to rye flour, so there is detoxification. If, before this procedure you have always enjoyedShops shampoos, scalp and hair piled up a lot of different toxins that now it's time to leave "their homes", so to speak. If you have patience and endure the process without giving up rye flour as a natural shampoo, you will be pleased with the results consistently. Detoxification takes place is not at all, so do not worry too much: maybe you have it and do not touch.
  8. Shampoo and masks can be made from rye flouruse as hair contamination: 1-2 times a week without changing their habits. Perhaps the amount of water procedures even shrink, so the hair will be much less likely to be contaminated.
  9. To the scalp and tresses are not accustomed to one andBesides composition, it is recommended a month of active use of rye flour to change it to some other natural product for hair (but not on store tools).

Cosmetics for hair withRye flour is not very common, causing many a skeptical smile, negative comments - is not uncommon. To achieve the desired result (shiny, beautiful, healthy, clean hair for a long time) need to adhere to these recommendations above and be patient - that's all you have to do. Well, of course, the choice of the recipe remains only for you.

Recipes for funds from flour Hair

The most popular means for hair from ryeflour is shampoo - both in liquid or dry form. However, the product obtained from at least an effective mask for the hair, which differ nutritional value for the weakened root. They are well cared for greasy locks, allowing them to do for a long time without a greasy shine. Which of the numerous tools made of rye flour, you choose - it's up to you.

  • Classic Shampoo (mask) of rye flour

Rye flour (3 tablespoons tablespoons) Pour warmboiled water (about the same amount), whisk until smooth without lumps. The amount of water can be varied as desired to achieve the desired consistency. Apply to the roots and the hair washed and leave little color as a nutrient mask for 10 minutes.

  • Shampoo + Conditioner

If in the previous recipe add rice flour,hair will get extra shine, volume and cease to electrify. Ratio: 2 tablespoons rye and 1 tablespoon of rice flour. Other all - prescription.

  • Treatment shampoo

If there are serious problems with the scalp(Seborrhea, alopecia), or fed up with split ends, do not dilute the flour with water, and broth of any medicinal herb useful for hair: nettle, chamomile, burdock root or sweet flag.

  • Dry shampoo

For oily hair has a salutary cardinalmeans, how to clean a greasy luster strands 10 minutes. Lightly sprinkle the roots of the hair themselves rye flour (only slightly!) And carefully comb head comb. Super-instant cure!

  • Shampoo for dry hair

If hair is very dry, even over-dried, add a classic recipe yolk shampoo.

  • Nutritious mask for oily hair

Rye flour (3 tablespoons tablespoons) Pour warmboiled water (about the same amount), whisk until smooth without lumps. Add chopped ginger, honey, lemon juice (1 tea spoon of each of these ingredients).

  • Moisturizing Mask for dry hair

Rye flour (3 tablespoons tablespoons) Pour warmboiled water (about the same amount), whisk until smooth without lumps. Add fat sour cream (1 tablespoon), honey (2 tablespoon), essential oil Bey (2-3 drops).

The theoretical acquaintance with the course of rye flour inas a cosmetic for hair is over: it's time to move on to the practice. Be sure to use one of these recipes to pamper your tresses natural detergent without sodium lauryl sulfates, and parabens. The result will please, as you will finally see what beautiful, shiny and elastic can be your own hair without the use of any chemicals.