Hair care

Essential hair mask: Rules of application

Essential oils - terrific volatilesallocated to the production process of the plant and have a very concentrated, strong enough odor. Modern aromatherapy offers to solve with their help not only the problem of poor health. Today widely used essential oils for hair. They effectively soothe sore, irritated scalp and tidy damaged, tired of the transferred stress curls.


  • 1 Secrets of essential oils
  • 2 Indications for use esters
  • 3 Mask for hair with essential oils: recipes

Secrets of essential oils

Thanks to the rich chemical composition, essentialoils are very potent activators of the metabolic processes at the cellular level. They have the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, in the middle of the root follicles within the hair. They work selectively, ie actively affect only those areas that require recovery. The substances contained in them, you will not find in ordinary eggs or milk, from which we used to do home hair mask. Here, everything is much more serious:

  • terpenes We need to restore the damaged strands and stimulation of rapid growth;
  • aromatics can soothe irritated fungus, seborrhea, dandruff scalp, remove peel, peeling and itching;
  • hydrocarbons strengthen the roots, preventing hair loss;
  • aldehydes make strands very smooth, smooth, shiny - they are working on their radiant and healthy appearance;
  • alcohols strengthening the hair follicles, the control produced by glands subcutaneous fat, oily hair;
  • organic acid They have anti-aging properties that make cell update, do curls elastic, strong, supple, strong;
  • amines struggling with hair loss;
  • oxides saturated color strands, give them a shine and radiance.

Every woman is forced to deal with on a daily basisvarious problems of scalp and hair. Often abuse expensive and powerful in their effect cosmetics leads to the fact that in their chemical composition is not assisted hair cease to respond. If you ask for help in the beauty parlor, often offer there too radical measures, which not everyone can dare. Here then we have to use aromatherapy services. The abundance in the essential oils of biologically active substances makes them very useful for problem hair, condition and health which need to be improved as soon as possible. At home, it can be done in different ways: there are masks, lotions, aromaraschёsyvaniya procedure, self-massage. But the most important thing - you need to know which essential oils to solve a problem would be the best option.

Indications for use of esters

Modern beauty industry offers 2500 essential oils, produced from a variety of plants. And each of them will have a definite effect on the different hair type. Therefore, it is desirable to know the indications for their use, so as not to make a mistake and do not collide with the uselessness of a tool. In vain to treat oily tresses essential oil palmarosa if its main function - moisturizing dry strands. So be extremely careful and cautious.

  • Essential oils to moisturize dry hair

To care for thin, dry, brittle, splitstrands need moisturizing essential oils: frankincense, ylang-ylang, myrrh, orange, mandarin, sandalwood, lavender, chamomile, rose, patchouli, palmarosa. They are well controlled in the cells of moisture level, preventing the hair from drying.

  • Essential oils for oily hair

Establish malfunction subcutaneous sebaceousglands help podsushivayuschee essential oils: ginger, lemon, citronella, tea tree, bergamot, lemon balm, geranium, cedar, peppermint, cypress, pine, juniper, eucalyptus, kayaputa, carnation, verbena, sage. They eliminate greasy luster, lying on the unpleasant greasy strands.

  • Essential oils as activators of hair growth

Many essential oils accelerate hair growth andhelping to grow a long, thick, luxurious braid. It ylang-ylang, cloves, bay, cinnamon, rosemary, cassia, clary sage, blue chamomile, sandalwood. They have a positive effect on blood circulation, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and activating blood flow. It is a safe alternative to such a home hair growth activators, like mustard or pepper tincture.

  • Essential oils for alopecia, hair loss

With intense hair loss will help to copeAIR, tea and Rosewood, Petitgrain, cedar, coriander, bay, ylang-ylang, willow, pine, rosemary, frankincense, cypress, mint. They save you from fear of baldness because of the abundant hair loss they reinforce reliable root bulb.

  • Essential oils to restore split ends

Some essential oils have regenerating andreducing effect on hair. They can be safely and actively used to treat all stratified. This daisy, orange, ylang-ylang, geranium, rosewood, sandalwood, vetiver, lavender.

  • Essential oils for the treatment of dandruff

Many have long Trichologypracticed dandruff treatment with essential oils. For this purpose, appointed aromatherapy chamomile, geranium, lavender, lemon balm, basil, rosemary, all citrus, eucalyptus, tea tree. If properly and regularly use these essential oils, the number of "white snow" on their shoulders and the chair will decrease significantly.

Use each of the essential oils exactly as prescribed - and your tresses will flourish health and beauty. Variants of their use in aromatherapy - a great variety.

Hair masks with essential oils: recipes

How to choose your essential oil? Focus on the solution of the problem, the type of hair and the scent that suits you.

  • Ylang ylang incense + tangerine + = moisturizing mask

Mix 6 tsp. spoons barely warm base of cosmetic oils (shea butter, olive, peach, jojoba, almond) with esters of ylang-ylang (5 drops), mandarin (4 drops), frankincense (3 drops), add egg yolk.

  • Lemon Bergamot + = + citronella mask for oily hair

Mix 3 table. spoon cosmetic white clay (kaolin), and oat flour, dilute their table 5. tablespoons of buttermilk, lemon add esters (6 drops), citronella (3 drops), bergamot (2 drops).

  • Rose nourishing mask =

Dilute ether rose (at least 10 drops) in a glass of water at room temperature, add 1 table. a spoonful of honey, 2 tsp. spoon the juice of a lemon.

  • Rosemary Lavender + = Mask for hair shine

Mix 2 table. lodges. cosmetic (base) of coconut oil, table 1. spoon of almond oil and grape seed oil, brandy, 1 tsp. spoon of honey, add 2 drops of lavender and rosemary esters.

Essential oils can be called a real emergencyhelp for troubled, oily, damaged, issushёnnyh, brittle, split curls. Their regular and careful application may be the main point of full home care for a different hair type for their transformation from the inside and outside.