Hair care

Electrified hair what to do?

Every once in your life electrified hair: the upper ranks of the stands on end, stick to everything, do not want smooth, and looks like a untidy, unkempt, untidy mop. Someone suffering from it only in winter when static electricity occurs by friction of the hair cap, and someone has to live with it all year round, since the reasons for this phenomenon is not just about hats. One thing is clear and that, and another on that we have to somehow get rid of, not to look disheveled sheep, especially in public places. How to tidy himself up, if electrified hair: what to do in such a situation and how to save the situation?


  • 1 "ER" for electrified hair
  • 2 Causes of hair electrification
  • 3 Hair Care against electrification
  • 4 Hair masks against electrification

"ER" for electrified hair

There are several ways to remove staticelectricity from the hair, if it must be done immediately, this very second. Even the most obedient and unproblematic locks can climb on end at the wrong time, stick to all approaching them and beat others current. What if the hair is electrified and the urgent need to bring my hair in order?

  1. Deal curls antistatic, smooth them.
  2. Apply hairspray on the comb, comb.
  3. Sprinkle strands beer or mineral water, smooth them.
  4. Spread hand cream for the face and pat their hair.
  5. Put her hands "boat", bring to your mouth, breathe into them frequently, often. Smooth locks moisturized hands.

This so-called "first aid" forelectrified hair, if the problem occurs randomly and unexpectedly. If this happens with your locks permanently, it is worth considering why the electrified hair more often than others. This is for their own reasons, specifying that you can eliminate them from your life and thus ensure their strands of complete rest.

Causes of hair electrification

Those with electrified hair with enviableregularity, you know that not only the head piece can cause this unpleasant phenomenon. These people, they stand on end at home, at a party, at work, on the street - even if they do not wear caps and hats. Accordingly, it is necessary to analyze in detail the care that you provide your curls and individually decide why hair electrified in your case. The reasons could be several:

  • lack of vitamins;
  • cold wind;
  • hot water, which is washed and rinsed the head;
  • dry air (not only indoors, but also part of the treatment at drying their hair strands substandard hairdryer);
  • precipitation: rain, snow;
  • incorrectly selected by the type of hair cosmetics (shampoos, conditioners, balms, etc.);
  • hats (strands under a scarf or a cap on the cloth and rub against each other, producing static electricity);
  • weakness, dry, brittle hair.

Determine why you electrified hair,try to exclude these factors from your life, change your attitude to your own hair, begin to take care of them more carefully - and see how they are transformed before your eyes. The fact that once you had to, blushing, smooth on his own head fluffy dandelion, you can forget very soon. But first - the lot of your precious strands a little more attention than ever before.

Haircare against electrification

Find out why hair electrified, you willeasy to fix their mistakes and return curls normal. To continue this happens again, follow a few very simple rules of hair care, prone to electrification, and you will be able to forget what it is.

  1. For 15-20 minutes before putting on a hat, apply a few drops on a comb lavender or rose essential oils and comb strands. This unique natural remedies that prevent hair electrification.
  2. Review cosmetical toolsWhich you use for hair care. Most often electrified dry, brittle, split, thin strands. If at the same time you shampoo for oily or normal hair, it becomes clear why you every time it is necessary to smooth electrified locks.
  3. Avoid contact of hair with hot water: it is one of the most common causes of electrification. To wash, use moderately warm water rinse - room temperature.
  4. At a minimum, use a hairdryer: they have to dry yourself after bathing, naturally. If, however, without it can not do, it must be equipped with function of air ionization. Without it, do not even buy hair: throw away money for nothing, and worsen the condition of hair.
  5. Other plastic comb, which, according to the laws of physics, will only enhance the static electricity. Wooden comb (oak, birch, cedar) or ebony (Designed specifically against the hair electrification) in this case - an ideal option.
  6. Walking in summer and winter without a hat,referring to the fact that because of this you have electrified hair - an unforgivable mistake. The scalp should not supercool, locks should be mandatory to protect from ultraviolet radiation, snowflakes and rain. the headdress try to buy himself out of natural materials and keep it in a perfect cleanliness.
  7. When styling hair use wax or a special foamWhich have anti-static component in its composition.
  8. Twice a year, in the off-season, it is recommended guzzle multivitamins courseThat positively affect the condition of hair.
  9. Make sure that the air in the room in which you are located, was humidified.
  10. Drink plenty of water: at least 1.5-2 liters per day.

In addition to these tips and rules, there are also some useful home hair masks that eliminate electrification, and make locks smooth, smooth and perfectly obedient.

Masks for hair against electrification

Masks against the electrification of hair do twicein Week. When the problem go away, can be reduced to one procedure, and then change the mask. You can always return to these funds as soon as the notice that the strands become electrified again. Be sure to Insulate a plastic bag masks, wash off - beer, lemon or vinegar solution, mineral water without gas.

  • Mango yolk + yogurt +

Mango puree (2 canteens lodges.) Mix with fat yogurt (50 ml), add 1 raw egg yolk. Half an hour - Lasts.

  • Yolk + olive oil + honey

In a water bath to mix and heat the 2 tablespoons lodges. olive oil and fresh natural honey, then add 1 raw egg yolk.

  • Yolk + grape oil + honey + Vitamin A

Preheat a water bath 2 tablespoons lodges. grape seed oil and fresh honey, add to them 2 raw egg yolks, 1 vial of liquid retinol (vitamin A). Keep half an hour. Grape seed oil painlessly replaced burdock or castor.

  • Yolk + brandy + castor oil

Castor oil (1 tablespoon lodges.) Is heated in a water bath, add 1 raw egg yolk and 2 tablespoons lodges. cognac. Apply half an hour.

If methodically execute these rules are notneglect even the little things in hair care, prone to electrification, it is possible for a short time to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon. It will be possible not to worry, that by removing the headgear in a public place, you prikuёte the glances of all present its stand on end which preferred strands. If someone will look in your direction, then only with admiration, because such care will provide you a nice haircut at any time of the year.