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Egg hair mask: you need to know for the best effect

The benefits and efficiency of egg shampoo knowmany: after shampooing this means long strands can not wash, because no dirt does not stick to them, and do curls glisten and shine. The unique chemical composition of chicken eggs allows its use not only as a food in the kitchen. It can be an excellent cosmetic product for hair care. Having prepared from it shampoo or mask at home, you can forget about the fact that once you have poured locks and did not grow Spit. And in the course can be sent as a whole egg and separate the yolk and white taken. Home hair mask from the egg loved by many beauties, that would not change it to any means of shoplifting. What is her secret?


  • 1 The effectiveness of egg hair masks
  • 2 Home use masks
  • 3 egg recipes for hair masks

Efficiency egg masks for hair

To egg hair mask had desiredeffect, it must be properly used. If only the protein used it - a consummate master of fatty streaks care. But the yolk - known natural moisturizer, and therefore masks based on it is better to use for dry hair. If the base component is a whole egg, egg mask serves nutritious and restorative function for maintaining the beauty of any type of hair, as her many diverse elements useful for hair:

  • vitamins: Stimulating metabolism retinol (A),reducing strands calciferol (D), rejuvenating tocopherol (E), anti-inflammatory, pyridoxine (B6), Riboflavin firming (B2), activating hair growth pantoten (B5);
  • mineralsIron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and sodium;
  • amino acids;
  • lecithin.

By intervening in the course of cellular processes,occurring in the scalp, all these elements are simply transform your hair from the inside and outside. The results after regular use of masks from eggs do not force yourself to wait and appear after the first procedure:

  • hair longer and sypyatsya strands do not fall out, hanging on a comb whole tufts;
  • acquire locks finally coveted volume due to rapid growth and thickening of the strands;
  • hair ensured natural luster and shine, as well as additional energy, the life force, a young elasticity and nutrition;
  • tips no longer are cut;
  • with fatty greasy strands disappears shine, dry maximum moistened;
  • egg mask allow the hair to stay clean for a long time and not to resort to frequent washing of the head.

Pets mask from the egg to the hair - beautifulalternative to expensive store-bought tools and salon treatment, after which complications can arise. Here, any "chemistry" is excluded as an egg - a natural product of animal origin, without which human life is unthinkable. But to get these funds you require the effect, be sure to follow a few simple rules, which greatly facilitate you with this procedure.

Domestic use of masks

Even the masks of hair eggs can causedifficulties and not always positive feedback. However, most often it is due to ignorance of the elementary rules of home use this unique tool. Be sure to consider these small but important tweaks for women, in time to implement them.

  1. Quail eggs healthier chicken, but they are too small in volume, they need a lot. Yes, and recipes are almost always taken as a basis for the chicken product.
  2. For cosmetic purposes, try to get a homemade eggs, not shop.
  3. For a couple of hours to prepare the mask, remove the eggs, which will be used from the refrigerator: they should not be cold.
  4. Use a blender for whipping maskThus you protect yourself from the appearance of lumps, which after drying hardly be vychёsyvatsya of hair.
  5. Eggs tend to curl at temperature of 60 ° C, so that honey and cosmetic oils can be heated in a water bath just until 30 ° C maximum - up to 35 ° C.
  6. The first test of egg hair maskApply it on the skin near the tragus of the ear, rinse after 10 minutes and observe the reaction of the skin. If there is no burning, itching, redness unhealthy, tool can be safely used for its intended purpose.
  7. Mask it is recommended to put on dirty hair, which can not moisturize.
  8. Cooked means rubbed into the roots are distributed to the strands.
  9. Put on a shower cap, wrap your head warm scarf, handkerchief, towel.
  10. Egg Hair Mask act quickly and do not have a very good property to dry out, so the 20-25 minutes of their actions would be sufficient.
  11. Washing mask extremely warm, but not hot water infusion from some medicinal herbs (also very useful for hair), citric acid or acetic waters.
  12. Frequency of use - no more than twice a week, a full course - twenty masks.

Proper use of egg hair mask -guarantee of their effectiveness. Under the influence of their curls flourish, become healthy and strong, are not so often salted and polluted. The final result will depend more and on what exactly a recipe you have chosen.

Recipes egg hair masks

Eggs for your hair beauty beauty used since ancient times. Therefore, recipes where egg acts as a base component, a lot.

  • Nutritious

1 tbsp. lodges. honey thoroughly whipped with 1 raw egg.

  • For hair growth

1 tbsp. lodges. castor oil mixed with 1 raw egg. Castor oil can be replaced with olive or burdock.

  • For greasy hair

200 ml (cup) of natural yogurt whip with 1 raw egg.

  • For hair growth

1 tbsp. lodges. cognac mixed with 1 raw egg, 1 tsp. lodges. honey.

  • For hair shine

1 tsp. lodges. cocoa powder diluted with water to the desired state, add 1 egg, 1 tbsp. lodges. olive oil.

  • For hair shine

pour the gelatin powder with water in a ratio of 1 to 4, leave for half an hour, whip properly, add 1 egg, 1 tbsp. lodges. Balsam-rinse aid.

  • To mitigate

200 ml of milk with whisk 1 raw egg.

  • For greasy hair

1 tbsp. lodges. whisk lemon juice with 1 raw egg.

Homemade egg hair mask - universalcosmetic as suitable for the care and restoration of any type locks. Their advantages are their high efficiency, quick results and ease of use. After cure your strands with masks on the basis of this unique product, be sure to try to cook at home more and shampoo out of it, which has no less healing properties.