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dandruff Treatment

Recently there were drugs capable ofeffectively treat dandruff. Basically, it shampoos and lotions that contain active ingredients: substances against seborrhea (reduce sebum, facilitates the separation of the flakes) and antifungal components.

dandruff Treatment

The main ones are:

* Zinc Pyrithione (zinc pyrithione), Ketoconozole, Selenium Sulphide (seena sulfide), which have an antimicrobial effect against Malassezia.
* Coal Tar (Tar) and again Selenium Sulphide inhibit the activity of cells that produce sebum, thereby slowing down the appearance of his excess.
Tar *, moreover, also detaches dead cells that form dandruff, for the same are Salicylic Acid (salicylic acid), and Sulfur (sulfur).

Some of the ingredients are water-soluble and active inwhile shampooing, away from the head, after rinsing with water. Other, insoluble in water, remain active for some time after washing hair shampoo. For example, Zinc Pynthione and Ketoconozole are the ingredients, which particles are dissolved in the secretion of sebaceous glands and act on the fungus, its ability to strength. dandruff treatment

Incidentally, the famous Head & Shoulders asthe main active ingredient it contains Zinc Pynthione, and Nizoral shampoo - is the only means of treating dandruff comprising the most effective antifungal Ketoconozole. As part of the treatment is most effective lotions and Zinc Pynthione and Selenium Sulphide. Unfortunately, physicians have long concluded that the seborrhea can not be cured completely. Her symptoms and can only be reduced in the subsequent control. Therefore, all for the treatment of dandruff require regular and constant use, in order to promptly destroy patir fungus. Once a break from their use - and dandruff will reappear.

In the combined treatment as additionalanti-dandruff agents, you can use a variety of tinctures, lotions, mouthwashes containing aloe vera and tea tree oil. For oily dandruff good effect gives the rubbing of the scalp with fresh onions, which removes dead cells of the epidermis, as it is rich in sulfur.

Diet - an important element in the treatment of dandruff. Eat more foods rich in B vitamins, especially vitamin B6, as well as having their drugs. Limit consumption of sugar and animal fat.

Sometimes food allergens provoke appearancedandruff. In addition to the idiosyncrasy of the product, refrain from eating chocolate, nuts, certain seafood (such as shellfish). And of course, as a preventive measure is to use individual combs, brushes, hats, which can be transmitted through the ill-fated fungus. Unfortunately, dandruff treatment procedure is quite time-consuming, and wait for the effects before 1-2 months, it is not necessary.