Hair care

Curly hair - no problem!

Owners of curly hair is not evenThey realize how unusual their tresses. The form of the hair follicle have a kidney, a sectional microscopic hair itself resembles an ellipse. And all this is dictated by the genetic characteristics of a woman. The porous structure of such strands reserves scales that cover each hair, uncovered, why they so strongly absorbed odors and for so long they are retained.

They are very difficult to put in my hair, they oftenIt looks very raspushёnnymi and by nature are most often dry and hard. To improve their condition, it is necessary to know how to carry out a full and regular care for curly hair, as well as the secrets of their installation.


  • 1 How to put curly hair
  • 2 How to care for curly hair
  • 3 Masks for curly hair

How to put curly hair

Self-styling curly hair - ittroublesome for a long, but very necessary and important. There can not do without special tools and styling products - well, that modern hairdressing offers a wide range of such. With them, the process of stacking the most curly and frizzy hair becomes much easier.

  1. Use the special hair dryer with a diffuserWhich is suitable in a domestic environment, is light inoperation. His magic "fingers" will help you to turn the most stubborn curls in a lovely and beautiful hairstyle. Using it, direct the jet of air from the roots to the tips, slightly lifting them.
  2. If you are using the usual hairdryer, Do not include hot air mode, which will ruin the already issushёnnye curls. The spray should be directed to the direction in which you want to put her unruly curls.
  3. can be installed and curly hair utjuzhkomHe straighten individual strands, and with it you can radically change its image.
  4. Actively use the strongest fixing styling curly hair. They are applied to wet strands are evenly distributed (via comb) throughout its length. After that curls processed hairdryer.
  5. To create wave effect in the curly hair, you need: spray to moisturize the strands, round brush to pull them down, the jet of air from a hair dryer to send a top-down, put on the tips of the retaining gel.

Styling curly hair without a hair drier and fixingmeans practically impossible, and yet their use should be minimized. hairdryer treatment drains the already rigid curls and too much paving fixing means can create the effect of greasiness and unnatural. If you are upset daily styling unruly hair, remember that 90% of owners direct strands would give everything in order to have such wonderful curls as you. To facilitate the process of laying and improve the condition of regular curls will help care for them.

How to care for curly hair

If you know and apply the basic rules of care for curly hair, problem with them will be much less.

  1. Curly hair will be easier to lay, ifcut their ladder. The optimal length - on the shoulders or below. Anything shorter will look ball. Anything longer will require a lot of time and effort on a beautiful styling.
  2. Monthly tips you need to trim because curly hair often they are very much whipped.
  3. With this type of staining better curlsavoided because they are so dry and brittle, and after such a procedure would be even worse. If you really want, it is best to choose a natural coloring, proposed today by many salons. Paint in any case, must be gentle and do not contain hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Twice a week, it is necessary to make homemade mask for curly hair.
  5. Air Conditioning (should not include in its composition of silicon) should be applied after washing abundant layer on the strand.
  6. Responsible approach to the choice of shampoo: it should be free of sulfates, which are very heavier curls.

Following these recommendations will soften even the mostHard hair, moisturizes dry, and curls will make irresistible. It is of great importance in the care of this type of locks are homemade mask for curly hair.

Masks for curly hair

The main purpose of domestic masks for curlyHair - the maximum moisturizing and softening unruly strands. They do not less than half an hour, the optimal exposure time - one hour. Use natural insulation in the form of cellophane, cut along the seam of the package and a large towel. Frequency of masks - a couple of times a week. The composition of these funds is better to change every month.

  • 1. Banana + olive oil + sour cream

Banana whipped in a blender puree to itadd a tablespoon of warm olive (natural, natural, cold pressed) oil, three tablespoons of fat itself, which only find, sour cream. Curls after such a mask will be supple and obedient. But more is not recommended to keep the hair half mask such as banana dry up and difficult to comb.

  • 2. Avocado + olive oil + almond oil

Avocado whipped in a blender to puree the state. In a water bath heated mixed in one cup of almond oil and virgin olive (50 mL). All this is mixed and applied on hair for half an hour. After avokadnoy curls masks get the necessary nutrition and will be easier to comb.

  • 3. Cocoa butter + jojoba oil + cognac

Melt in a water bath for two mixed onecup of cosmetic oils - jojoba oil and cocoa (two tablespoons). Then add to them the good cognac (one tablespoon). Chocolate mask not only nourish curly hair all the necessary elements, but also invigorate you with its scent, give a good mood and positive energy.

  • 4. Carrot + mint + lemon

Mix carrot juice (drink), lemon fruit juice (two tablespoons), peppermint infusion (glass). Note that such a mask is better to put on already washed, clean curls.

Competent care for curly hair, their ruleslaying, the regular use of home masks to help alleviate their rigid structure and significantly improve their appearance. Do not forget about the rules of such care, use of masks recipes and enjoy their gorgeous cascade of curls at any time of the year.