Hair care

Cosmetic oils for the hair: a review

A large army of cosmetic oils todayactively used the fair sex for the recovery of the hair and improve their appearance. These herbal products are not less effective than the store, sometimes very expensive tools, and no less natural, than the food from the refrigerator, from which you can also prepare a homemade mask. Produces cosmetic oils for the hair of medicinal plants by cold pressing, are quite fatty chemicals that do not dissolve in water. They differ substantially from the essential - less fat, but more concentrated, so that they can be used for hair treatment in pure form.


  • 1 Overview of the most useful oils for hair
  • 2 Instructions for Use
  • 3 Recipes masks with cosmetic oils

Overview of the most useful oils for hair

Each cosmetic oil is distinguished by its beneficial properties for hair:

  • burdock It acts on the scalp and hair follicles general strengthening;
  • castor It removes dandruff, treats dry, istonchёnnye strands;
  • coconut It used to repair split ends, damaged hair, and injured;
  • linseed nourishes the roots, stimulates growth;
  • argan adds density and volume;
  • sea ​​buckthorn heals damaged, weakened hair, dandruff saves, restores split ends;
  • almond suitable for regular care for hair of normal type;
  • jojoba moisturizes and restores;
  • amla gives tresses soft and silky;
  • peach need for additional volume and natural shine;
  • grape nourishes the hair of any type;
  • macadamia abundant and qualitatively moisturizes issushёnnye strands;
  • ylang-ylang - An excellent restorative remedy for patients curls;
  • butter wheat germ used for hair loss;
  • cocoa It moisturizes, stimulates growth, gives shine.

Choosing a cosmetic oil to care for theirhair, be guided not only their functional orientation. Your choice will depend on your financial capabilities. For example, in 50 ml of burdock or castor oil will give you no more than 50 rubles, or even less. But the same amount of argan oil, for example, will cost you 800 rubles. Also, remember that cosmetic oils are made from exotic tropical plants that can provoke allergic reactions. Therefore, it is recommended every cosmetic oil for hair test for individual intolerance. This is not the only rule for their use at home.

Instructions for use

Some do not use oil as a cosmeticproducts for hair care, as they leave a greasy shine on the curls after application and it is difficult to wash out. With these undesirable effects is easy to handle, if the mask based on them to do the mind.

  1. Cosmetic oils recommended mandatory heated to 40 ° C in a water bath.
  2. Typical products in the composition of masks mix blender, then combined with cosmetic oils, again mixed.
  3. To curls after masks with cosmetic oils may seem bold, pre-wash them with a standard shampoo and dry.
  4. Oil rubbed into the roots of the hair and distributed throughout the length of the strands.
  5. On top of the hair is coated with a mask cut tied a plastic bag (can be worn conventional shower cap) and a towel.
  6. Action time - from 20 minutes to 2 hours. When using pure oils mask may be left on the hair for the night (8-9 hours before acting).
  7. When rinsing first dry running whip to shampoo your hair, then to wash off with water mask.
  8. The last rinsing is better to do with the addition of herbal broth, lemon juice, vinegar - this will increase the effectiveness of cosmetic oils for the hair.
  9. The frequency of use in the prophylaxis - 1 time per week, for medicinal purposes - twice.
  10. The course of treatment should be at least 15 procedures.

A lot of time the procedure will not take, however,the result is guaranteed to please. Negative reviews of cosmetic oils only wrong with them can be explained by treatment for hair. By following these recommendations, you are sure to become a supporter of such a unique and useful tools for the hair.

Recipes masks with cosmetic oils

When you select a recipe, pay attention to the function of the mask - what problem it will solve most fully.

  • Burdock + peach for damaged hair

Mix yogurt (2 lodges. Tables.), Burdock (3 lodges. Tables.), Peach oil (2 lodges. Tables.), Add ether lavender (2 drops) and cedar (4 drops). Time of action - up to two hours.

  • Almond roots for food

Stir in almond oil (2 lodges. Tables.), Milk fat (1 lodges. Tables.), Milled flour to oatmeal (1 lodges. Tables.). Hold for 3 hours.

  • Grape seed to strengthen roots

Mix 3 lodges. tables. grape seed oil and rose extract. Leave overnight.

  • Grape seed + Jojoba + wheat germ by ultraviolet

Mix 2 lodges. tables. grape seed oil, jojoba, wheat germ. Use a mask in the summer, to maintain a half-hour.

  • Grape seed + jojoba oil for hair growth

Mix 2 lodges. tables. jojoba and grape seed oil, add 4 drops of rosemary and lavender esters, 3 drops of thyme and cedar. Time of action - up to three hours.

  • Castor oil for hair loss

Mix 4 lodges. tables. castor oil with 2 boxes. tables. vodka. To avoid burning the scalp to keep no more than 15-20 minutes.

  • Burdock for dry hair

Mix burdock (1 lodges. Tables.), Branded cognac (1 lodges. Tables.), Aloe juice (1 lodges. Tables.), 1 egg yolk. Half an hour - Lasts.

  • Peach + jojoba oil for oily hair

Mix the peach butter (1 lodges. Tables.), Jojoba (2 lodges. Tables.), Add crushed into flour oatmeal (2 lodges. Tables.). Soaking 10 to 60 minutes.

  • Macadamia for shine

Mix the macadamia (2 lodges. Tables.), Lemon juice (2 lodges. Tables.). Do not keep more than half an hour on the head.

  • Macadamia Coconut + to brighten

Mix honey, cinnamon (to 3 boxes. Tables.), Coconut oil, macadamia (1 lodges. Tsp.), Add lemon ether (5 drops). Keep half an hour.

Do not be discouraged if something does not workimmediately. Cosmetic oils - special substances which require delicate relationship. Gradually learn the art of applying them and admire the results.