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Colorless henna for hair: the impact of colorless henna on your hair

Colorless henna for hair-1Even if nature has endowed you with beautiful andhealthy hair, though for them it is necessary on a regular basis to take care. What can we say about the irritated scalp, brittle and damaged hair, which his whole appearance indicated the need to care for them. But out of this situation is - and it is colorless henna for hair. Most women believe that using only colorless henna hair dye.

In fact, it is not so. The colorless henna is used in various fields of cosmetology: it strengthens the nails and hair, promotes their growth, caring for the scalp and face.

Colorless henna hair - what this means

Colorless henna for hair-2The colorless henna as well as conventional produce fromplants called Lawson. If the ink is made from henna leaves lawsonite and colorless henna - from the stem, dried and ground into a powder, which does not possess property of coloring.

Therefore, colorless henna hair isa natural product that is used for hair care, strengthening and restoration of the structure. It is therefore not surprising that it is very popular among women.

The use of colorless Henna for hair

Perhaps there are no such problems with hairwho could not solve the colorless henna. It is the only natural cosmetics, which can be used for different types of hair. Colorless henna helps revitalize hair follicles, resulting in hair begins to grow much faster. In addition henna it helps repair hair damaged permed, as well as mechanical and meteorological effects.

The preventive care colorless Henna strengthens the hair structure, prevents hair loss, gives hair shine and strength, and also promotes normal blood circulation in the skin of the head.

If you have damaged, weakened and deprivedglitter hair, colorless henna will be for you a true godsend. In addition to all of the above henna eliminates dandruff from the hair and the hair returns to life.

Application of colorless henna on the hair may evenreplace such an expensive procedure as laminating hair. At the same time after using henna every hair is coated with a protective film. In addition, the henna penetrates deeply into every hair, restores hair structure, and strengthen them. After use colorless henna your hair will become healthier, stronger and silky hair is no longer falling out and flogged.

And Scalp colorless henna sameuseful as hair. You should know that the colorless henna has curative and preventive properties, making hair silky, voluminous and elastic.

Colorless henna for hair-3

The use of colorless Henna for hair

On the basis of a colorless henna is prepared a lot of differentcosmetics. But the most useful for your hair mask will be prepared at home. To prepare the masks need to purchase a colorless henna powder, which is sold at any pharmacy, and then dilute it with water to a result you obtain a thick mass. A ready-made pasta to more quickly spread on the hair, you can add a little olive oil during its preparation.

In addition to the olive oil in a mask with a white henna can add different herbs of your favorite essential oils, liquid vitamins and water, you can substitute any vegetable broth.

If you have prepared a mixture, it is necessarygently rub into your hair and scalp, and then if you want, then distribute it on all your hair. Then the head can wear a hat or a poly bag carefully hide for about 30 minutes, then the mask can be washed away by any shampoo.

You can use colorless henna for hairas a natural air conditioner, and in some cases you can use it instead of shampoo to wash your hair. But after applying henna it must be washed off thoroughly with your hair, as henna particles can long remain on the hair.

Despite the fact that colorless henna bringsof great benefit to our hair, yet it is not necessary to apply it often. Masks prepared on the basis of henna is better to do no more than three times a month, as the frequent use colorless henna can strongly overdry scalp.

Preparation for hair shampoo with henna colorless

To prepare for their useful shampooHair take one spoon henna colorless dry powder in a separate container, mix it with a small amount of any herb broth, for 20 minutes from the top cover with a lid. After this time, the mixture should be transformed into a thick mush. Take a few fresh eggs and mix them with gruel of white henna. If the mixture was very thick, then add to it a couple of spoonfuls of herbal decoction.

Preparation of masks for hair growth with colorless henna

Powder dilute with boiling water, to result inyou have a thick paste. Add to the mix a few spoonfuls of yogurt and two drops of bay oil. The prepared mask, apply to all of your hair and soak in this form for one hour. This mask should be done to your hair once a week. This mask strengthens the hair, making them soft and silky.

Cooking oil for head massage and hair strengthening

Take fifty milligrams of olive oil andMix one spoon of dry powder colorless henna. Cover the mixture with a lid and soak in this form for three hours. At the time of the expiration of put the mixture in a water bath for no more than 30 minutes. The resulting mixture should be carefully strain through a sieve. Use no more than two times a week.

Preparations masks from colorless henna for hair

For its preparation you need to mix a little bityogurt, liquid vitamins A and E, and five drops of castor oil. All the ingredients are warm in the fire, but be sure the yogurt that is not curled. In the ready-mix, add one teaspoon of henna, cover the pan and let the mixture configure themselves for 12 minutes. Apply the mask on your hair, wrap a towel and soak for an hour. If possible, the hair must be well rinsed hair dryer on top of a compress for several minutes.

Colorless henna for hair-4

Preparation of the mask for strengthening hair henna

This is the easiest recipe for a maskstrengthen the hair, it consists of the usual colorless henna, which should be thoroughly mixed with a decoction of chamomile or warm water to a result you have a thick paste. Apply this mask on all your hair and leave it in this form for about one hour.

Preparation of masks from colorless henna for hair volume

To prepare such a useful mask needtake four tablespoons herb rosemary and mixed with 200 mg of water, boil the mixture for 15 minutes. Then strain the broth needed and mix with two tablespoons of colorless Henna for hair, as a result, you should get a thick paste. Gently apply on the scalp, as well as all his hair. Leave the mixture on your hair for about 45 minutes, at the time expired wash your hair with any shampoo.

Preparation nourishing hair mask from colorless henna

A few tablespoons of colorless Henna Hair fillvery strong tea brewing hot. If you have light hair, for making better use of the mask of chamomile broth, or any green tea. Mix one egg with fresh olive oil, and then both mixtures be mixed in one container. The resulting mask put on all your hair, wrap your head with a towel and soak for 20 minutes. At the end of the procedure, wash your head as you normally do.