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Coffee mask for hair: simple and effective

Coffee is known to all as an excellent tonic andinvigorating drink, which returns the power and gives energy for the whole day. But not everyone knows the secret of coffee beans, which can carry out exactly the same refreshing effect not only on the body but also on tired from the constant stress of the hair. Burning cold and scorching sun, irons and hair dryers, chemistry and synthetics store funds, unfavorable ecological situation of cities and stuffy indoor air - all this draws out of our curls strength and health, and with leaves and the beauty of them. Return them to help mask with coffee hair, which perfectly suit brunettes and brown-haired to restore vitality curls.


  • 1 Wonderful coffee strength hair
  • 2 coffee home use of masks
  • Top 3 best recipes

Wonderful coffee strength hair

The chemical composition of coffee studied the length and breadth,so it is no wonder that the magic act that this drink has on the hair. In the course are any natural coffee beans or grounds, which remains after drinking a cup of liquid. All substances in their composition work on it, to protect the hair from further stress and restore the lost vitality:

  • caffeine It is known for its powerful tonic properties;
  • antioxidants activate cells in the production of collagen, resulting in the strands are flexible, resilient, strong, cease to exfoliate and break;
  • polyphenols have a firming effect on the root follicles;
  • carotenoids affect the natural pigment of the hair, saturating its natural shine and beautiful color;
  • chlorogenic acid It raises a real barrier that protects the fine strands of ultra-violet radiation in summer and low temperatures in winter.

Due to the high content of carotenoids andessential oils, coffee mask for hair coloring have effect, giving the bronze strands, reddish shade. Brown-haired woman and not afraid of such a fact, but the blonde must be carried out before the application of means testing, whether they own brown locks on the altar coffee masks do not donate.

Some hair is very responsive to suchprocedures, and some blond curls do not get any additional color. So everything is very individual. But with proper use of coffee as a cosmetic hair care products can be reliably strengthen roots and to significantly improve the appearance of their locks.

Home use coffee mask

experts' recommendations on the use of masks will help the coffee extract from them the maximum benefit for the beauty and health of hair.

  1. Do not use instant coffee for the preparation ofHair masks. Suit only grains that you can grind your own hands. So it will be at least some chance to get a natural product without chemical additives.
  2. Blondes, having prepared coffee mask prescription should test it on a single strand of hair to see, will be a coloring effect or not.
  3. All are encouraged to check the facility onallergic: Apply to the skin behind the ear, wash off after 15 minutes and observe the reaction of: the lack of red spots, rash, pruritus and burning sensation indicates a lack of individual intolerance of coffee on your skin.
  4. Masks made based on coffee,massage thoroughly rubbed into the scalp, as the main power goes it from the roots. After this massage the mixture can be distributed along the strands using infrequent comb. If the mask contains moisturizing ingredients, tips, too processed.
  5. The effect is stronger if before the procedure did not wash my hair, but only slightly dampen the strand.
  6. To warm compress over the mask in a plastic shower caps (or the cut plastic bag) and warm towels accelerate the reaction.
  7. Duration of each mask defined individually - from 10 to 40 minutes.
  8. Rinse off with warm water better, shampoo is required. Balms and conditioners after such a procedure are excluded. Last rinse can be done with a decoction of herbs or a solution of vinegar / lemon.
  9. Regularity can vary: some energy and courage enough for 10 days, and someone uses such masks every other day.
  10. What matters is that the overall rate of no more than 20 masks, after which the hair needs to rest.

The freshness and tone, which give coffee maskhair, can not be underestimated. The result is visible in the mirror and pleases the most biased and capricious beauties. With a choice of recipes difficulties should arise, because there is no shortage of them.

TOP of the best recipes

To choose the right recipe for the coffee maskwhich will transform your hair, you need to know three things. First: what problem you want to solve with the help of this tool. Second, on what ingredients your skin may react with allergies. Third, what products you are always close at hand. Identify these points, you will easily make your choice on any particular mask.

  • To strengthen the hair loss

One teaspoon of natural ground coffeePour one tablespoon of boiling water, leave to cool. After that, add two beaten raw egg yolk, one teaspoon of castor oil (do not need to warm up, but otherwise the yolks rolled), two tablespoons of brandy.

  • To power weakened hair

One tablespoon of natural ground coffeeboil two tablespoons of boiling water, cool. Then add 100 ml of milk at room temperature, one tablespoon of honey, one beaten egg and advance 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oil.

  • For the active growth of hair

One teaspoon of natural ground coffeePour one tablespoon of boiling water. Add one tablespoon of onion juice, honey and burdock oil. Burdock oil and honey can be slightly pre-heated.

Home-cooked mask of coffeehair will give you a charge of vivacity and extraordinary freshness, for a few days. You will only enjoy the results and do not forget to use the selected tool on a regular basis to maintain the achieved effect.