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Clay Hair: Terms of Use

Those who have ever used a cosmetic clayfor the treatment of hair and scalp, are unlikely to ever abandon it. Masks based on it give so pleasant results after these procedures are visible and surpassing all expectations, it is difficult to imagine a more complete care. Regularly and correctly applied cosmetic clay for hair - assistant beauties of all ages in improving curls. It is very important at an early stage to determine what exactly the color of clay is suitable to your type of hair: in fact each of them has a specific function.


  • Action 1 clay to the hair
  • 2 Rules of masks out of clay
  • Top 3 of the best recipes for hair masks with clay

Action clay to the hair

Prepared at home, masksClay Hair solve many problems: they nourish the root follicles and scalp curls give a fantastic shine and extra volume, able to regulate glands, strengthen strands, accelerate their growth, relieve itching and irritation quickly removes dandruff. Different colors of clay operate far from the same function, so we need to know which one to use for the treatment of your hair type.

  1. Blue clay for hair - One of the most popular colors, verysought-after cosmetic. The most effective blue clay will be for those who want to grow long, thick braids. Its chemical composition - a real cocktail that activates hair growth (silicon, titanium, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, iron). Through regular masks of such clay, you can stop the loss of strands, their fragility and visited. They will be a very effective remedy for dandruff.
  2. White clay for hair - A unique tool to increase the volumeweak, damaged, fine hair. It is enriched with all the necessary "building" material for the strands, thereby perfectly restores the structure of patients with curls. Pets mask with white cosmetic clay make hair elastic, healthy, strong and moisturized as possible.
  3. Black hair clay It considered the best cleanser: a kind of a vacuum cleaner to the scalp. After the mask with her there will be no dandruff or skin debris or excess fat or other products produced by the glands - only a clean, shiny curls.
  4. Green Hair Clay It is considered the most effective in the composition of masks. It will help in bold curls less frequently contaminated and eliminate unpleasant shiny luster that are so spoiled. All this is possible thanks to the fact that the green clay is able to control the production of subcutaneous fat glands. Getting rid of dandruff and its accompanying itching and irritation of the scalp, it ensures the same. The abundance of trace elements (magnesium, silver, zinc, calcium, etc.) Allows masks of green clay to improve subcutaneous blood circulation, thus speeding up the hair growth and strengthen the roots.
  5. Pink clay for hair It has regenerative properties and is commonly used to restore issechёnnyh, fragile and brittle strands.
  6. Red clay for hair recommended for sensitive scalp: it is reassuring acts on it, it improves blood flow.
  7. Gray hair clay - Excellent moisturizing and regeneratingmeans for dry, brittle, istonchёnnyh strands. Ideal choice for the care of the scalp after a beach holiday at sea. Masks of her return curls shine, energy, strength, revitalize, moisturize them, restore skin pH balance, strengthens the roots, treat split ends.
  8. yellow clay for hair very effectively removes toxins, perfectly disinfects the scalp, it cleanses, enriches oxygen, removes dandruff.

That gave a palette of Mother Naturethe beautiful half of humanity. Each color - minus a certain problem, and not even one. So be sure to take advantage of the best recipes for masks of different colors of cosmetic clay, picking them for the type of curls. Your hopes and aspirations will not hesitate to be fulfilled and realized - if only everything was done correctly, in accordance with the recommendations of experts.

Terms of use of masks out of clay

To mask of cosmetic clay is notdisappointed and qualitatively able to care for your hair, do your best to prepare them properly and wisely used for its intended purpose. Skipping the study of basic rules that can worsen the condition of hair, picking up for them is not the color of clay.

  1. Make sure that the color will not cause you allergies. Cooked mask put on the inner wrist, rinse after half an hour and observe the reaction. Its absence means that this clay color can be used in the composition of hair.
  2. Cosmetic clay diluted with water room temperature in such proportions that in the end we got a creamy, watery gruel, which is easy to fall on the scalp and distributed over the entire length of hair.
  3. Masks lightly (without fanaticism) rubbed in the wet roots themselves are processed thin strands and ends, it is desirable that the head has been pre-washed.
  4. An excellent tool for such masks will be warming cellophane. If we add to it more and towel, efficiency funds will increase several times.
  5. Be careful with the exposure time, clay masks on the head: it is inconceivable that they had dried too much - in this case, comb strands after them will be virtually impossible. therefore limit to 20-30 minutes - this is maximum.
  6. Rinse off with warm water means you need to without the aid of shampoo. Rinse best herbal infusion or lemon solution.
  7. Dry the strands naturally, eliminating the use of a hair dryer.
  8. The frequency of such pleasurable treatments is 1-2 times a week, depending on the complexity of the problem being addressed.

If everything is done correctly, without neglecting datarecommendations for hair clay would thereby saving tool that you have been looking for. You should definitely check it out as a surprising cosmetic. Recipes are so many, so the choice is not limited.

TOP of the best recipes for hair masks with clay

Any clay-colored hair almost perfectlycombined with a variety of food products, cosmetics and essential oils, herbs. Was looking for a means to solve the most of your problems with the scalp and hair.

  • The mask of blue clay against hair loss

2 table. l. blue powder mixed with 1 table. l. lemon (very fresh) juice, 1 table. l. melted a couple of honey, add the egg yolk and filtered water (to desired consistency).

  • The mask of white clay for hair

Grind in a blender pepper, mix 2 table. l. the resulting slurry with 1 table. l. white powder 2 and table. l. kefir.

  • The mask of black clay for hair restoration

Mix 1 table. l. black powder with 1 table. l. melted a couple of burdock oil, 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp. l. warm honey, 1 tsp. lodges. lemon (fresh) juice.

  • The mask of green clay for oily hair

2 table. l. green powder to dissolve 2 table. l. filtered water, add 1 table. l. apple cider vinegar.

  • The mask of pink clay dandruff

Mix 2 table. l. pink powder with any herb broth until thick, add the egg yolk, desk. l. apple cider vinegar.

  • The mask of yellow clay for hair growth

2 table. l. yellow powder mixed with 1 table. l. sea ​​buckthorn oil, egg yolk, 1 tsp. l. melted a couple of honey.

Cosmetic clay for hair is one of themost effective, virtually therapeutic agents. It is not only possible but also need to regularly use for full care of most patients, brittle and dull strands. Get it today is simple: in pharmacies and online stores, you can choose for themselves any colors that can be combined and changed depending on the condition of the hair.