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Essential cinnamon oil for hair growth

Cinnamon - a popular spice that is obtained frombark of an evergreen tropical tree. From it also produce fragrant essential oil, which is widespread in home cosmetology. Experts recommend active use of essential oil of cinnamon hair as part of various masks and compresses. It is natural, very pleasant-to-use tool that, in addition to the divine fragrance, give curls shine, shine, smoothness, and most importantly - will accelerate their growth as much as possible. Such efficiency cinnamon oil is due to its rich vitamin content, which nourishes the hair from the inside, transforming their appearance.


  • 1 The effectiveness of cinnamon oil for hair
  • 2 Recommendations for use
  • 3 Oil for Hair cinnamon: the best recipes

The effectiveness of cinnamon oil for hair

The chemical composition of different oils of cinnamonvitamins, tannins and cinnamic alcohol, who was responsible for the rapid growth of hair. By stimulating the scalp and thereby causing metabolic processes proceed faster, alcohol provides hair follicles nutrition. It awakens stilled in cell development to a new life - and the hair begins to grow. Most of the vitamins contained in cinnamon oil, actively nourishes the cells, contributing to an overall improvement in hair condition:

  • beta-carotene (A type of vitamin A) stops falling strands scraps;
  • retinol (A) restores damaged strands;
  • choline (Vitamin-like substance) "solders" split ends, as in a hot haircut;
  • thiamin (B1) treats all diseases of the scalp and is recommended for use by all trichologist;
  • pyridoxine (B6) treats any form of seborrhea, one consequence of which is dandruff;
  • riboflavin (B2) activates hair growth;
  • phylloquinone (K) controls the normal development of the hair follicle, which affects the growth of the strands;
  • folic acid (B9) reliably protects tresses from differentstress (with frequent use of the dryer, while walking in the hot sun without a hat, when the salt begins to eat away at the scalp from a long swim in the sea, etc...);
  • ascorbic acid (C) gives a silky curls;
  • tocopherol (E) makes them resilient, shiny, elastic, very beautiful;
  • niacin (PP) is responsible for the rich, bright color, prevents gray hair.

Vitamins in the composition of the essential oil of cinnamonIt has a complex effect on the hair. It converts any type of curls in a brilliant, well-kept, beautiful cascade of curls healthy. With such a unique tool with regular use, you can not think about the diseases of the scalp, which it successfully treats. Even for a minor clarification of strands can be used successfully if you know how to do it correctly and carefully. Recommendations for its implementation will help to solve many of the problems with the scalp and disobedient, weakened hair.

Recommendations for use

For some beginners in aromatherapy firstuse of cinnamon oil for healing and beauty of hair may be a surprise and, unfortunately, is not always pleasant. This will happen because of ignorance of basic rules on the use of this unique tool. Take note of them - and then the result will not disappoint you.

  1. One of the unpleasant side effects of inept handling of essential oil of cinnamon As for dark-haired ladies. If they are overdone mask on hair or too heavily greased her hair, the result may be uneven lighting individual strands all over the head. But this means suitable for blondes is ideal, because it is when used regularly, save them from the hated yellow.
  2. The second undesirable and not the most pleasant consequence of overuse ether cinnamon is its skin irritant properties of the head. It contains a substance that can cause strong allergic reactions or skin irritation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended beforethe use of funds on the basis of cinnamon oil to grease them one of the sensitive areas of the body - the ear, on the inner bend of the elbow, wrist. If uncomfortable sensations will not be - hair mask with cinnamon oil will not give you trouble in this regard.
  3. Contraindications for home use is high blood pressure.
  4. Beauticians recommend essential oil of cinnamon to brighten strands and activate hair growth, trichologists prescribed as a drug against hair curls.
  5. It is essential, not cosmetic oil, so it must be used in small quantities in drops and measure rather than spoons.
  6. To address serious, large-scale skin problemsscalp and hair (dandruff abundant, intense loss, slow or even stop the growth, and so on. d.) it is best to apply compresses at night twice a week.
  7. If the problem is only outlined, but is not so global, the best option may be homemade facials, which are also recommended to do twice in the week.
  8. The use of essential oil of cinnamon prophylactically involves adding it in the ready-store means (shampoo, for example).
  9. For clarification cinnamon butter curls to look for a recipe, in which structure will be honey and distilled water (only under such conditions there is intense lighting).

These are simple and yet very importantrecommendations from professional help to use cinnamon oil effectively, efficiently and without adverse effects. Much will depend on what is the recipe you're staying.

Cinnamon oil for hair: the best recipes

The essential oil of cinnamon hair trulyuniversal: it is used at night compresses and home masks for self-massage of the head and fragrant aromaraschёsyvany and vitamin enrich shampoo. The growth of the hair and lighting - are the two functions that it performs above the rest.

  • Self-massage

Heat to 30-35 ° C in a water bath of 100-120 mlolive oil (preferably cold-pressed to take, t. To. it has more nutrients), add the cinnamon 10 drops of ether. Massaging your head with your fingers in a circular, gentle movements for at least 5 minutes. Rinse-off products with regular shampoo.

  • Classic wrap

Heat to about 35 ° C 100-120 ml of burdockcosmetic oil on a steam bath, add thereto 10 droplets cinnamon ether. Rub is necessary only in the roots, then warmed cellophane (polyethylene), cloth, preferably over night, at least - one hour. Easy to wash off with shampoo.

  • Aromaraschёsyvanie

On a wooden comb to drip a few drops of cinnamon ether, for 5-7 minutes, carefully, slowly, with relish to comb strands. Make every day for 2-weeks.

  • Adding shampoo

The 450-500 ml of shampoo (you can air-conditioner or balm-rinse) add 10-15 drops of cinnamon ether. Use as a normal means for each shampooing.

  • Brightening mask

Cinnamon Ether (not more than 10 drops) is mixed withnatural honey (50 ml) which had been diluted with distilled water necessary (100ml) in a conventional air conditioner (200 ml), fresh lemon juice (15ml). Hold for 1-2 hours.

  • Mask for hair growth

In a water bath heated to different containers30 ° C 20 ml of coconut oil and 50 ml of natural honey. Mix them, add to them 20 ml of macadamia nuts, cinnamon 10 drops of ether. Time of action - not more than half an hour.

Knowing what extraordinary, wonderfulthe properties of the ether cinnamon hair (faster growth, stop loss, strengthens and nourishes the roots, making them beautiful and glowing), it is unlikely someone will be able to give up such surprises. Take care of your hair, pamper them effective recipes and enjoy the magical effect of cinnamon essential oil.