Hair care

Choose a shampoo for your hair type

You have decided to wash my hair, but a means toit choose? Remember, shampoo should match your hair type. Not every product is suitable for any type of hair, and not every problem can be resolved.

Choose a shampoo for your hair type

1. Shampoo for normal hair.
These preparations should primarily havecleaning properties. However, we should not forget that the shampoo for normal hair should be soft and gentle (suitable for everyday use). Nothing beyond that healthy hair is not required.

2. Shampoo for fine hair.
These shampoos are often called bulk. They contain, in addition to mild detergents, substances that strengthen the hair a little. This can be keratin, silk protein, herbal extracts. These substances give hair extra stiffness, and thanks to him the hair is not so soon stick to each other. In the end, hairstyle seems airier and more luxuriant.

3. Shampoo for oily hair.
They also contain detergents, sparing inprimarily scalp. Nutritional substances, which is loaded the hair and make it harder these shampoos, conversely, do not. The additives may be only antibacterial elements and herbal extracts, which give hair tease roughness. They are designed to normalize the skin zhirovydelenie and prevent hair soon after washing stick together again.

4. Shampoo for dry and split ends.
These drugs are given the nutrientssubstances such as lanolin or lecithin as well as synthetic gluing include substances which & laquo; repaired & raquo; hair, making it flexible and smooth. They fix small tears in the scaly layer and greatly improve the complaisance wet hair combing. When thin or greasy at the roots, but split on such shampoos should not be conditioned to choose the hair ends. Nutritional supplements can be very heavy hair, and they quickly bonded. Here it is better to use special shampoos for oily hair and possibly more frequent treatment for ends.

5. Dual shampoos, shampoos or conditioners.
So called shampoos which containadditional nutrients and rinsing. This is an excellent tool when you are in a hurry and can not devote enough time for hair care. From washing the hair with shampoo so beautifully shiny and easy to comb. But long-term use of these agents can also cause problems. Additives such as silicones, may eventually settle on the surface of the hair, and making it otyazhelev sluggish. If this happens, you need some time to use shampoo for normal hair, until you feel that all the silicon precipitates already peel off.

6. Polishing shampoos.
These shampoos with enhanced cleaning capacityeffectively eliminate hair from settled them care products. This is justified when you have set for yourself a perm or repainting. For silicone deposits on the hair may adversely affect the chemical processes that must go with these procedures.