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Chocolate hair mask: a sweet can be useful

No tastier cure for depression and fatigue,than a bar of chocolate. But if the product merits are you using? It's time to discover that chocolate hair can become your capable hands the unique cosmetics that sluggish strands give vitality, dull - saturated color, hard - soft. If you've ever tried to do at home chocolate hair mask, it's time to fix these gaps. At their regular use, most of the problems with the scalp simply evaporate. Curls are soft and begin to grow more rapidly cease to fall, dandruff is formed much smaller. After these masks nice coffee smell remains on the hair, which gives a good mood. The unusual cosmetic require special treatment: need certain skills at home using a chocolate mask.


  • 1 Living "chemistry" in the composition of chocolate
  • 2 Homemade chocolate mask: preparation scheme
  • 3 chocolate recipes for hair masks

Useful "chemistry" in the composition of chocolate

Chocolate invigorating effect on the nervous systemuseful properties of this product are not particularly limited. As there are a lot of active, nutrients involved in the restoration of damaged and revitalizing dull and lackluster locks. Complex affecting the scalp, root follicles themselves curls, they produce a stunning effect:

  • cocoa - The source of a large number of vitamins, essential hair: niacin acid (Vitamin PP, or B3) provides shine, prevents early graying; thiamin (Vitamin B1) does not give a tap-hole collapse, restores locks, and in the places visited the fragility; riboflavin (Vitamin B2) improves nutrition of the roots of useful substances, including - oxygen;
  • theobromine gives the bitter taste: thanks to him, a mask made of chocolate making strands strong, resilient, very strong, resilient;
  • caffeine - Psychostimulant, tones the hair, gives it vigor and energy;
  • tryptophan - An amino acid that has a rejuvenating effect, increases the production of elastin in cells and collagen, effectively protects from excess UV and harmful low temperatures;
  • tannins make locks silky and smooth, soothe itching and irritation of the scalp with dandruff;
  • phenylethylamine - "The substance of Love", after which remains a feeling of pleasure: it contributes to increased blood flow, which activates hair growth;
  • anandamide suppresses negative emotions, has a relaxing effect, protects the strands from stress;
  • glucose moisturizes dry tresses;
  • vanilla gives the hair softness, it causes them to quickly meet any hairstyle;
  • lecithin protects the strands from external harmful effects, it activates the metabolism.

Taking a note to yourself on the chemical composition of the beloved chocolate, you can safely proceed to the home experiments and make such wonderful properties of this product on their own experience.

Homemade chocolate mask: preparation scheme

Very often complain that after a chocolate maskhair stick, covered with a touch of sweet, which does not want to be washed off. However, this is only the case if you do not know the young women's tricks: they will help to avoid the difficulties and unpleasant moments in the treatment of hair chocolate.

  1. It is advisable to use for the preparation of masks is not food, and cosmetics, specially designed chocolate. It is sold in the respective stores andpharmacies. If you still have to be made from the usual chocolate, dark varieties take only where cocoa content higher than 50%. The recipes can substitute chocolate cosmetic cocoa butter, which has on hair exactly the same effect.
  2. To avoid allergic reaction, andcoloring effect (the hair becomes darker after such masks) Check cooked mixture on the skin of the ear, on the wrist, on a single strand. The absence of itching, burning, redness, rashes on the skin, and the lack of shade and a beautiful bronze color curl, which was delivered by chocolate - a resolution on the further use of the mask to the destination.
  3. Chocolate should be brought to a liquid, very warm (40-45 ° C) conditions, using water (steam) bath.
  4. The mask will be difficult to wash off the hair, if it is bad to mix it: clumps stuck in the strands, and will not zastynut vychёsyvatsya. To avoid matted strands, carefully stir the chocolate mass. To do this, use a mixer, a blender.
  5. The mask should be thick enough so that it did not flow down from the head, making everything around sweet and sticky - a pleasant sensation in this case will be spoiled.
  6. Chocolate masks are washed off with difficulty if they were applied to clean hair, as their composition adheres to the tresses. You do not need to wash your hair before the procedure.
  7. It is recommended to moisten the hair before applying them on a chocolate mask.
  8. The mixture is rubbed into the roots and the skin is distributed evenly over the strands.
  9. Use for insulating products (plastic cap, cellophane, towel), which will strengthen the effect of chocolate.
  10. Time of action - no more than 30 minutes.
  11. Rinse hair with a sweet remedy to a few times. First - the flowing water with shampoo. Then - without detergent. Last rinse - a decoction of medicinal herbs that have a positive effect on hair (nettle, chamomile, burdock root).
  12. Frequency of use of masks of chocolate - not more than two times a week. After 12 treatments provide hair sweet rest after transformation.

Compliance with these recommendations will achieve good results. The effectiveness of any mask will depend on more and you select the appropriate prescription.

Chocolate recipes for hair masks

If you take a classic recipe that usesOnly chocolate mask just will be very difficult to wash hair. Therefore choose those in which the product is diluted with other ingredients. This will facilitate the process and make it more enjoyable. Dosages are given about the average length of hair - thus adjust them to their individual characteristics.

  • Chocolate + olive oil + moisturizing mask yolk =

Melt 100g of chocolate decoration, beaten with olive oil (1 table. Spoonful), after cooling add a couple of raw egg yolks and whisk again.

  • Chocolate + yogurt + egg yolk = firming mask

Melt 50g of chocolate decoration, beaten with 100 ml of household average fat content of yogurt, add 1 raw egg yolk.

  • Chocolate + + honey = banana restoring mask

Melt 100g of chocolate decoration, mixwith 50 g of liquid honey, add the mashed banana (100g). If the mixture will be too thick, bring it to the right consistency of milk at room temperature.

  • Chocolate + honey + yogurt nourishing mask =

Melt 100g of chocolate decoration, beaten with 50 g of liquid honey, add 100 ml of 4% of natural yoghurt.

Convince yourself that chocolate hair mask,cooked at home, curls awaken to life and at the same time, affecting the nervous system, give bouncy feeling, a good mood, a burst of energy. Coffee smell awaken in each woman the desire to be charming and is a great incentive to repeat such procedures.