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Miracle remedy for hair: the root of sweet flag

Calamus Root Hair: folk remedies against hair loss

Air - an unusual plant that prefers wetplace closer to the water: it can be found along the banks of the marshes, streams, lakes and rivers. The people gave him a lot of the most interesting titles: Tatar potion (with the Mongol yoke era Russian learned that the Tatars were treated with a decoction of the root calamus variety of disease), Potentilla (extracts from this herb contributed to the healing of the most severe injuries - and not only on the sword) the root of the earth.

From a distance you can see it broadleaf, powerful,high, beautiful plant, which has long enjoyed the love of the people. But it is not only the most shamans cured them of lost patients. Beauties, dreaming of thick and long braids, without the knowledge of their husbands brewed root and rinsed miracle potion Get your tresses.

Modern research has confirmed that the rootCalamus hair - a real salvation during their loss and dandruff. Brown outside, white inside pink, fragrant (a dizzying mixture of cinnamon and tangerine smells), sweet taste rhizome is to try to use as a cosmetic product for faded and lost a beautiful and well-groomed appearance strands.


  • 1 Beneficial properties for the hair sedge
  • 2 Tips for use
  • 3 Recipes folk remedies
    • 3.1 Classic broth
    • 3.2 The broth with vinegar
    • 3.3 The broth with burdock
    • 3.4 The collection of herbs
    • 3.5 The mask with oatmeal

Beneficial properties for the hair sedge

It is not necessary to make uselessfeats and to go to the root of the marsh sedge hair. It can be purchased today in any pharmacy at affordable price and without prescription drug as an ordinary fee.

This will be your main ingredientmaking household masks against hair loss from the root of sweet flag. Strengthening the hair follicles in their nests - not the only thing that is capable of this marsh grass.

Masks for hair shine: the best recipesThe spectrum of its effects on the scalp and the strands themselves quite wide due to numerous substances as part of the healing rhizome:

  • essential oil gives a fragrant, barely perceptible odor, natural, natural shine even after dyeing;
  • organic acids (here they are collected ina relatively small amount, but concentrated: valeric, acetic, palmitic) promote cellular renewal composition scalp hair - as a result become more elastic strands;
  • volatile - irritant thatIt activates blood flow: this leads to an acceleration of metabolic processes in cells and additional root nutrition; result - reliable strengthen follicles, increased growth of locks (at the successful outcome of regular procedures - up to 3-4 cm of growth per month);
  • glycosides are known in cosmetology for its powerful cleaning properties, and that's a part of a decoction of the root calamus these nutrients effectively and quickly remove all the dirt from the hair and even withdraw toxins;
  • resin enveloping their action ifevery hair wrapped in a soft but firm capsule, providing them with reliable protection against high and low temperatures, UV radiation, atmospheric pollution and other external aggressors;
  • ascorbic acid, and ubiquitous tireless vitamin C, affects circulation of the scalp, activates it, which is also useful for the rapid and smooth hair growth;
  • Starch controls the sebaceous glands, therefore, improves the condition of greasy hair type;
  • Iodine is known pronounced disinfectant,anti-inflammatory properties that allows you to actively use the sweet flag root to treat dandruff, seborrhea various forms, as there plenty of iodine;
  • Choline (vitamin-unique element) is needed to strengthen the hair, so they do not fall out.

Complex acting on cells, such impact vitamins and minerals gives sweet flag root of truly magical properties.

With regular and effective application of the broththis plant can not only stop the loss of the strands of any intensity, but also to clean greasy hair, strands accelerate growth, get rid of dandruff. However, you need to know exactly how to use this raw material to treat their hair at home.

Tips for use

calamus root can transform your tresses mostmiraculously only with proper use of it. Not knowing of small, but very important in this matter of nuances, you can not achieve the desired result, or become a victim of side effects, which is fraught with herbal medicine.

To do this, you must take into account several recommendations from experts and those who have not had time on their hair the miraculous power of the Tatar potion:

  1. The raw materials, it is desirable to buy exclusively in pharmacies, but not with the hands, not in the markets and in the stalls of dubious origin.
  2. Do not forget to check the expiry date of the drug collection, which must always be indicated on the packaging.
  3. The root of sweet flag is best to grind by hand,stupochkoy. Turn it into a powder, pour a tablespoon of it full glass of water (it should be as hot), let it stand, covered for 30-60 minutes. It happens infusion calamus root. If, however, a little heat it on low heat, will have a decoction. Both of these liquids can be used to dilute the various face masks or else for healing rinse hair after washing.
  4. Before using the medical-cosmeticfluid check it on allergenicity. Moisten a cotton wool in it and lightly rub your wrist. Typically, the allergen manifests itself already for an hour, may begin itching to spots, rashes occur. Allergic reaction to the root of sweet flag - the only contraindication for external use of the broth as a tonic for the hair loss.
  5. Infusion as a decoction, it is possible and even necessary to addin a variety of homemade masks for hair recovery instead of other fluids (water, kefir, yogurt, milk, whey, etc.). If you pour a glass of concentrated tincture in a liter of filtered (or mineral) water - it turns a great tool for rinsing the strands after washing.
  6. Masks made on the basis of sweet flag root, it is recommended to use a couple of times a week, while the rinse if desired - at least on a daily basis, but the best - in a day.
  7. Biologically active substances contained inThis medicinal plant, are able to penetrate deep enough into the hair and subcutaneous layers, regardless of whether they are clean or contaminated. The high concentration of organic acids combined with powerful cleaning effect glycosides are able to cope with the most difficult hair pollution. It is therefore no difference whether or not to wash my hair before the procedure.
  8. A full course of treatment of dandruff and hair lossfrom 10 to 15 treatments, depending on the condition of the hair. The main guarantee of the effectiveness of cosmetic products based on rhizome - in the regularity of procedures.

With proper and careful use of the rootCalamus against hair loss and for them to grow long, bulky, thick curls you provided. Especially since the recipes of masks and rinses with marsh grass that are very simple and have a 100% live up to your expectations and hopes.

Recipes folk remedies

You can periodically use the mask broth of sweet flag root, the rinse solution is based on it.

Change recipes, do not let your hair get used to the same composition - this will increase the effectiveness of the means used.

Classic broth

To prepare the tonic for hairhome remedy will need 2 tablespoons minced root Ahearn state. They poured boiling water in an amount of a full glass (at least 250 ml).

Bring to a boil cooked composition,Leave the lid on low heat for 30 minutes, then leave for infusion another half an hour and then strain. It recommended to dissolve in water before rinsing hair in mind the strong concentration broth (per liter glass).

The broth with vinegar

Crushed root of sweet flag (4 tablespoon) filled with apple cider vinegar (two glasses, about 500 ml), boiled for 15 minutes.

You can rub into the roots daily.

The broth with burdock

Mix crushed roots of burdock and calamus(Two tablespoons tablespoons each), pour hot water (two glasses, about 500 ml), boiled boil after 15 minutes on medium heat.

Insist in a thermos at least 8 hours, filtered, diluted boiled warm water to one liter, using rinse aid.

Gathering herbs

Mix one tablespoon burdock root and sweet flag, flowers, marigolds, hop cones.

Pour a liter of boiling water, leave for a few hours.

Mask with oatmeal

Mix The crushed sweet flag rhizome (2 tablespoonstablespoons) to grind into flour oatmeal (the same amount), pour boiling water (no more than half a liter) and leave for 30 minutes. Add one tablespoon of liquid honey and warm.

Correctly applying the above mentioned funds forbased sweet flag root, it is possible in the short term to speed up hair growth, stop the undesirable process of hair loss, strengthen and nourish the roots of everything you need. And as a bonus even get to the same additional amount of just unreal splendor and luxury long.