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Burdock hair mask: a simple means to strengthen the shag

Burdock - a great herb forthe basis of which prepare a variety of means to care for hair. Equally useful decoction of burdock root and burdock oil cosmetic. The latter will be discussed in this article. Firming, moisturizing, toning, regenerating effect it has on the scalp and strands themselves. Trichologists 90% of the recommended treatment for hair Burdock oil as the tool to effectively cope with the alopecia (hair loss), seborrhea (dandruff), split ends, malfunction of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, dry and brittle strands, their loss. Regular use of burdock oil for hair at home will help revitalize curls and get rid of many evils. What was his secret?


  • 1 Useful properties of burdock oil for hair
  • 2 Domestic use of burdock oil
  • 3 Recipes funds with burdock

Useful properties of burdock oil for hair

The secret action of burdock oil on the appearance andHair health is its chemical composition. All components are active participants in a variety of processes occurring in the cells and determining the beauty and health of curls.


  • retinol (Vitamin A) makes the hair grow faster and recover from damage (posechennymi and fragility);
  • tocopherol (Vitamin E) makes the strands supple, elastic, shiny, since under its action in cells increases the production of collagen fibers;
  • niacin (Vitamin PP) - the life and strength of any hair: it prevents them from falling, making the color saturation and natural (even after staining), but also helps to avoid early gray hair;
  • ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) decreases the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the strand, improves blood flow to the hair follicles, which is why their growth increases significantly.


  • zinc It helps to quickly grow long and strong braids;
  • iron will result in the order of circulation, a positive effect on the vascular wall and permeability;
  • manganese It helps soothe irritated after the dandruff scalp, because it has a disinfectant and sedative effect.


  • linoleic acid - The basis of many drugs to combat seborrhea;
  • ricinoleic acid - A powerful activator of hair growth;
  • oleic acid gives Burdock oil moisturizing properties;
  • palmitic acid It strengthens the roots, preventing the loss of strands and preventing alopecia;
  • stearic acid effectively, as soon as possible restore damaged locks - split, thin, brittle.

It is this chemical composition and thus makeseffective apparent at first glance, simple and unsightly burdock oil for hair. At home, on the basis thereof can be cooked many a variety of tools that will strengthen the roots to treat dandruff and protect tresses in the dyeing and even wash them.

Domestic use of burdock oil

Trichologists recommend the use of burdock oilfor dry and damaged hair. However, the protein composition in addition masks, citrus fruits, non-fat dairy products and can be used to improve the fatty strands. Seborrhea, hair loss, alopecia - that indications for the treatment of this unique plant. Moreover, the data problems are solved not only all the usual mask: options for the use of burdock oil in traditional medicine - in abundance.

  • Masks

Masks with Burdock oil for hair is verydemand at home because of the simplicity of cooking and incredible efficiency. They can be held on the head sufficiently long time (up to 8 hours without additional components). Apply it is desirable to dry strands, keep under insulation (polyethylene cap and towel). For successful wash directly on the mask is applied to the oil shampoo is whipped into foam on a dry head and then rinsed off under the tap with running warm water. Masks with Burdock oil give the hair shine, volume and density.

  • Massage

Treatment of dandruff (seborrhea) Burdock oil canto carry out at home with the help of the usual masks, or massage. First, it is slightly warmed in a water bath (up to 30-35 ° C), then there are moistened fingertips, and do massage the scalp and roots. This procedure is recommended prodelyvat every other day for two weeks and then take a break for a couple more weeks. If the problem did not go away, or back again, it makes sense to repeat the treatment again.

  • Protection against staining

Everyone knows how bad it is sometimesHair coloring: the color may be unstable and locks after such a procedure are hard, unruly and seemed lifeless. All this can be avoided if to add funds for coloring a little burdock oil. Niacin in its composition will make sure that the resulting tone looked natural and beautiful, and all the other components will actively defend curls from drying and thinning.

  • Peeling

The peeling agent for the scalp includessuch aggressive, irritating ingredients, like soda, salt, coffee. To mitigate the effect, beauticians recommend to add in scrubs burdock oil. Peeling mask is applied to the hair dirty, slightly damp strands kept under warming for 20-40 minutes, wash off with shampoo. The frequency - no more than once a week, even with greasy hair.

  • Shampoo

If you ever try to do at homeconditions based shampoo burdock oil, you do not want to buy expensive means to wash your hair. He will satisfy even the most fastidious of beauties, as from the first launder any contamination, allows curls to stay longer shiny and clean.

Advantages of any of these agents - the simplicity and efficiency of cooking. You can see for yourself, if you try to implement a vending you a prescription.

Recipes funds with burdock

Recipes folk remedies with Burdock oil forhair a lot, a great choice. The main thing - to observe the dosage and do not overdo it. If you choose to be treated with the help of masks, exclude from the use of the remaining funds on the basis of this oil.

  • to shine Mask

One tablespoon burdock oil are thoroughly mixed, and wheat germ oil. Before applying to the hair to warm in a water bath-house.

  • Massage herbal remedy

Three tablespoons of warm burdock oil mixed with fresh broth celandine or tansy.

  • Massage with essential oils means

Three tablespoons of burdock oil add 5 drops of your favorite ether. Especially good for this purpose will rosemary, lavender, juniper, eucalyptus or tea tree.

  • For coloring

One packet of Iranian henna mixed with teaspoon coffee custard, beat until creamy. Add one vial of liquid retinol, warm a tablespoon of burdock oil and 3 drops lavender ether.

  • Peeling

50 ml of fresh yogurt mixed with two tablespoons of burdock oil, heated in a water bath, add a tablespoon of starch and a tablespoon of common salt or coffee grounds.

  • Shampoo

Two tablespoons of burdock oil mixed with two eggs.

Convince yourself that home applicationfolk remedies of burdock oil for hair effectively, reliably, efficiently, safely, and knows no boundaries. Perhaps, there is no problem that could not have done this unique cosmetic product.