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Clarifying Mask for hair: Nothing is impossible

All women, regardless of their hair color, thoughonce in a lifetime comes the idea to become a blonde, lighten up. But not all are resolved to such drastic measures, such as hydrogen peroxide or professional color cream. No matter how it was advertised means, as if the producers do not guarantee its 100% naturalness, everyone knows that in its composition have monoetalaminy, acetates, and some even found mercury, arsenic, lead.

There is something to think about, but the desire to be at leastsome time the blonde sometimes outweighs all the sound arguments of reason. If you really want, you can try to do it at home, without the help of drastic measures chemicals and dyes. Make lightening hair masks: they are able to change the original color curls 1-2 pitch, while eliminating the harmful effects on the painted strands.


  • 1 home hair lightening procedure
  • 2 Masks for clarification brunettes and brown-haired women
  • 3 Clarifying mask for light-brown hair

The procedure for home hair lightening

Women love me always: and 100 and 200, and 500 years ago. In the old days there was no production of lightening of hair, so beautiful yourself noticed any dyes can affect the hair, making them lighter by several shades. Over the years I accumulated a lot of folk remedies recipes quickly and effectively lightening the hair of any color. To achieve the desired result, a uniform coloring and beautiful color, you need to know some tricks that will help avoid disappointment in this delicate matter. Before you prepare your brightening masks for hair, carefully review the technique of their use in the home.

  1. A striking brunettes and brown-haired school it is not necessary to impose on large home lightinghopes. Work on their pigmentation may be only the most powerful tools in several passes. With the help of folk remedies they are unlikely to succeed to become a real blonde. Slightly brighten, buy a new hue to its original color - yes, you can, but no more.
  2. The same goes for owners of hard,unruly hair. They recommend that you spend a few procedures to mitigate the curls (to buy a special shampoo, make some masks corresponding to the destination), and then clarify them.
  3. If the hair falls heavily, broken, whipped, for a start it is recommended to do their treatment to such a pitiable condition has not worsened after clarifying masks even more.
  4. If you make a perm, clarifying mask can be made only after a week.
  5. To gray hair did not break through the strands of white thread, before you apply the mask, treat gray hair harmless, special cream for lightening.
  6. Ingredients whip with a blender.
  7. To advance to see the end result, firstTest the selected mask on some invisible, thin strands. It will show the difference with the original color and will make a final decision whether or not to be clarified with the help of this particular mask.
  8. All the compositions are applied to the pre-washed, clean, but slightly moistened strands.
  9. Roots is not processed.
  10. Brightening effect can be strengthened if to hide his head plastic wrap or a plastic bag and a towel.
  11. Time of action brightening masks for hair - at least one hour.
  12. Difficulties with rinsing should not be: lightening hair masks rarely contain cosmetic oils and other fatty consistency, so quickly and easily rinsed off under running warm tap water.
  13. Air Conditioning, inflicted at the end of the procedure, reduce the powerful effect of the coloring ingredients.
  14. The hair dryer is desirable not to use: let dry out the strands themselves.
  15. Experts do not recommend to visit after clarifying procedures pools with chlorinated water, which can give your curls renewed eerie greenish tint.
  16. Do not be carried away by such procedures: Brightening again only after the resulting tone has completely disappeared. For his long conservation can make a mask for blonde hair that maximize the effect of the procedure.

Recommendations only at first glance mayseem insignificant and not important. Any unaccounted moment can turn into a bad hair shade and deterioration of their health. So do not ignore these rules: Be sure to observe them in self-lightening hair with natural products. A wide selection of recipes allows you to choose a mask for any original color curls.

Masks for clarification brunettes and brown-haired women

Lighten dark hair at home iscomplicated: here you will need a course of masks. Only a series of regular treatments (every three days, for example) will help create a miracle and destroy eumelanin - the main ingredient of dark hair pigment. The most effective in this case considered to be a lemon, cinnamon and rhubarb.

  • Lemon Brightening Mask

Squeeze the juice of a lemon (peel content in itis welcome), dilute it with filtered water in equal proportions. Liberally moisten the hair to give a solution, leave for an hour, rinse with green tea or a decoction of chamomile. It would be nice after such a mask to dry strands in the sun.

  • Mask for hair lightening with cinnamon

Any hair conditioner (100 ml), mixed with cinnamon powder (table three. Boxes.), Liquid, fresh honey (two table. Lies.).

  • Clarifying Mask with a decoction of rhubarb

Freshly squeezed lemon juice (150 mL) was mixed with chamomile broth (500 ml). Separately, mix the rhubarb broth (250 ml) and vinegar (one table. Lies.). Add honey and brandy (50 ml).

If you regularly (every three days) to do such a mask for toning black and red hair, they become much lighter.

Clarifying mask for light-brown hair

Much more effective would be home lightingblond hair with the help of all of the same miraculous masks. Here it will be enough just one procedure to change the locks color immediately on 2-3 pitch. Assist in the most simple foods - onions and yogurt.

  • Kefir Brightening Mask

Mix yogurt (three desks. Lodges.) Cognac (two table. Lodges.), Egg yolk, lemon juice (two table. Boxes), balm herbal hair (one tsp. Of boxes.).

  • Onion mask for hair lightening

Mix lemon juice (two table. Lodges.), Vinegar (one teaspoon. Lodges.), Honey (two table. Lodges.), Onion juice (two table. Lodges.), Rosewood ether (4-5 drops).

Now you know, how to lighten your hair folk remediesWithout fear of harm to their own tresses. The result is sure to inspire you to something that is not yet time to resort to a wealth of natural riches of nature. Here the main thing to remember that for such procedures for the measure is necessary, and not to get involved. Weekly experiments with clarifying masks can damage the strands, if not stop in time. Delicate shade and easy lightning - here's what you can guarantee these homemade mask.