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Bread hair mask: easy and affordable

More and more modern women preferuse natural products to care for their locks. One of the most urgent problems of today is their loss, when whole strands remain on the cushions, seats, chairs, bathroom. To prevent hair loss, reduce the amount of lost hair, reliably strengthen root follicles helps homemade mask for hair from bread. And he certainly has every kitchen. What to expect from this unusual tool?


  • 1 The effectiveness of grain for hair masks
  • 2 Hair Bread: guide
  • 3 Corn Recipes masks for hair

The effectiveness of grain masks for hair

It has long been bread to Hair is considered one of the besttonic, as it is composed of a large number of trace elements and vitamins. A particularly useful product is considered the rye, which is a real first aid kit for weakened, falling bunches of strands:

  • alimentary fiber improve the skin cells scalp metabolism, thereby normalizing the follicle root nutrition, as well as establishing blood circulation, has a positive effect on hair growth;
  • niacin acid (Vitamin B3, PP) eliminates microdamages,so the bread masks are widely used for the treatment of brittle, posechёnnyh strands; The same vitamin will give your hair turn gray prematurely; He also extends the shine and luster of colored curls;
  • pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) is used to treat dandruff;
  • retinol (Vitamin A) - participated in many of the processes occurring at the cellular level: interfering in them, it provides the hair roots with all the necessary materials;
  • thiamin (Vitamin B1) strengthens the root bulbs;
  • riboflavin (Vitamin B2) is doing curls strong, elastic, supple, strong;
  • copper niacin helps in the fight against early gray hair;
  • fluorine is essential for normal hair growth;
  • potassium issushёnnyh promotes hydration, brittle, damaged tresses.

Use can be slightly hardened black breadHair: providing meaningful impact on the scalp, the roots, the mask out of it provide excellent results. After the first strand will no longer fall in the number of procedures such as before, begin to grow, become stronger and more beautiful. The only question is, how to use these masks.

Hair Bread: guide

Bread hair mask will fully workonly if you stick to the experience gained over the years, and advice from professionals. In beauty salons nobody will offer a unique tool, but experts can advise this restorative remedy against hair loss and for their accelerated growth.

  1. For healthy hair is recommended to use all varieties of rye bread, including Borodino. But white bread may be useless.
  2. Soft product can form a large number of sticky clumps, getting stuck in the strands, so it is recommended to use slightly stale. Corky will need to be cut.
  3. To mask turned uniform consistency, all the ingredients you need to mix blender: then it will no lumps.
  4. Cooked means lubricate the first wrist (small portion). The absence of an allergic reaction will allow you to regularly apply a mask made of bread for the recovery of their hair.
  5. It is better to apply the funds to dirty the head, previously lightly sprinkled with water strands: the mask will fall evenly.
  6. Top-treated tresses insulated plastic wrap or a shower cap and towel.
  7. Difficulties with the stripper can be avoided, if you add in the mask of a small amount of cosmetic oils (burdock, olive oil or castor oil).
  8. Rinse with warm water is recommended, herbal decoction or lemon juice diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 5. The shampoo is not required but can be used if necessary.
  9. Lasts to tighten becausedried on the hair and then the bread will be difficult vychёsyvat, so keep those masks on their heads no more than half an hour. The frequency of procedures - once in 5 days (approximately). A full course of treatment - from 10 to 12 masks, depending on the state of the curl.

Homemade hair treatments black bread - ita guarantee that the locks will fall much less until the complete cessation of this process, will fully grow and grow new radiance, rich color and incredible volume, of which they were deprived of before. Home masks of black bread, a lot of hair, with a choice of no problems, the main thing - not to be mistaken with the recipe.

Corn Recipes masks for hair

Recipes home masks from hair loss very much, but it is always win-win, and the most popular are those, which is composed of black bread - a natural, familiar to all of the product.

  • Black bread + water = classic mask

It has long been believed that sit on bread and watervery good for your health: that's your hair, Put on a original diet. About 50 grams of black stale bread, soak 3 table. tablespoons of boiled water at room temperature. Once crumb swell, apply it to the roots.

  • Rye bread + yogurt = for density and volume

Any variety of rye bread in an amount of 50 gsoak in 50 ml of warm yogurt, wait for the swelling and rub into the scalp. If you use this mask regularly, your hair will not only thick and voluminous, but also a very nice start to shine.

  • Borodino bread + sugar + yeast = hair growth

50g Borodino bread soaked in 500 ml (twocups) warm water. Add 1 to the same table. spoonful of sugar, mix well until it dissolves. Then pour one teaspoon. spoon dry yeast powder and stir again. Leave the mixture for half an hour, and then applied. Hair after a mask will begin to grow like a weed.

  • Black bread + milk = soothing mask

50g black stale bread soaked in 200 mlwarm milk. Leave on for half an hour, rub into the roots. After a staff of bread and milk mask strands easily will shape any hairstyle, as are soft and obedient.

All these grain hair masks havefull therapeutic effect, stopping the process of hair loss and resuming growth strands. They allow you to forget about wigs and hairpieces and be proud of your own cascade of healthy, thick, beautiful, shiny curls.