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Blue clay for hair: masks recipes


Cambrian clay, soapstone, keel - socalled the blue clay, which is different from the other colors of rocks for its rich mineral composition. This is an excellent cosmetic product that can be actively used in the home to care for problem strands. If you want to eliminate dandruff, make tresses shinier, get rid of beriberi, blue hair clay - the best solution to all these pressing issues. What is the secret of its magic action has long been found through various laboratory tests.


  • 1 Magic Power soapstone hair
  • 2 Tips and Tricks on the application of clay
  • Top 3 of the best recipes for hair masks

Magic Power soapstone hair

Value of blue clay for hair - in her richchemical composition. Since it belongs to the most ancient rocks, it is composed of the most diverse, smaller particles and porous than other varieties of clay. Over millions of years of soapstone has accumulated a lot of useful trace elements, each of which has its own needs for their hair health and beauty. The chemical composition of blue clay - clear evidence:

  • silicon often called "hair breadwinner": if the body is found in the lack of this element, the first herald curls about it - will fall out, lose color will be dull and lifeless;
  • manganese all known as a disinfecting agent, so the keel is widely used as a natural antiseptic and soothes irritated scalp, removes itching, dandruff becomes much less;
  • calcium in soapstone plays the role of micro-builder to restore the internal structure of the strands; the result - a reduction of split ends and broken hair;
  • magnesium It facilitates the work of the iron, as strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which under the influence of blue clay has to endure rather big load;
  • iron beneficial effect on blood circulation, which inturn, is responsible for all the necessary nutrition and oxygen roots; result - blue clay accelerates hair growth and reduces the intensity of their loss;
  • potassium is responsible for the level of moisture and water balance,which is often broken at the cellular level and leads to desiccation and dehydration of hair, so that the soapstone is as useful for dry hair type;
  • sodium Potassium helps in moisturizing and copes with pollution of various kinds of hair, cleans the pores from sebaceous plugs than improves cellular respiration;
  • phosphorus It gives elasticity strands, making them very resilient;
  • titanium creates a screening effect, curls providing protection against various harmful influences from outside.

No other cosmetic clay is no suchvariety of chemical elements as its variations in blue. Each substance in its own unique and special way affects the scalp and roots and tips of all of the whole structure of the hair. Use soapstone as efficiently as possible for health and beauty of their tresses, but it needs to know a few small, but very important secrets for homemade mask of blue clay.

Tricks on the application of clay

Each product for making household maskscharacterized by the features in the application, and blue clay - is no exception to this rule. Let's talk about where to get it and how to use to best advantage.

  1. only fresh product can be used for the preparation of cosmetic masks for the hair out of the blue clay.
  2. Acquire valuable substance is recommended exclusively in pharmacies to avoid fakes and expired goods.
  3. The ideal form of release - a powder that is easilydissolved in water. However, even if you got a solid piece of rock, to experience just not worth it: in the dry it quickly and easily crumbles and turns to the right, we powder.
  4. The most common issue when using soapstone for the hair: water temperature, which should be diluted powder blue clay? If you take the cold, the reaction will be very slow, and during this time the useful properties will gradually escape from the valuable product. High temperatures will cook a lot of elements, which also will turn useless for hair masks in the future. The best option - blue clay dilute warm, pleasant to the touch water.
  5. The sources indicated the different proportions in whichIt is diluted with water keel. This is due to the fact that the clay mined at different locations, so the consistency of powder it can be different. Someone acquire heavy and loose, and someone he would light and crumbly. Therefore, the water needs a different amount. It needs a diamond eyes: carefully pour the water into the powder and stir with a mixture of wonder. As soon as it becomes watery-viscous consistency, which will be useful to you for drawing down - mixing procedure is over.
  6. Blue clay is rarely causes allergic skin reactions, but it is better to protect yourself at 100% of the side effects. Get a mixture of slightly anoint his wrist. If in the next half an hour there will be no burning, no redness, you can safely apply the mask on the scalp.
  7. Soapstone is a universal remedy,which combines perfectly within face masks with other products (oils, herbs and so on.). So feel free to combine different ingredients and enjoy a well-deserved results.
  8. Blue clay is well perceive heat, so a certain group of components in the mask can be slightly heated in a water bath (it honey, cosmetics and oils, yogurt).
  9. Apply the mask with blue clay to the dirty hair: it is their perfectly cleanse from dirt and greasiness.
  10. Make insulation for greater effect. You will need cellophane and towel.
  11. Duration - about half an hour: do not tempt fate and keep the funds for longer, because the clay tends to dry up, then it is better not to allow.
  12. Blue clay is washed off from the hair without any problems, with the most ordinary, the usual shampoo your hair.
  13. Frequency of use: 1 time per week. application rate: 10 single-type masks. Break 1 month.

Simple, affordable, inexpensive, and the result will benoticeable almost immediately. After a mask with blue clay hair starts to shine, grow faster, split ends becomes not so much. Over time, with regular use of soapstone in the home away dandruff and stop loss of whole tufts of strands. It is worth a try and still buy a beautiful blue powder. For recipes will not be found: in their network - a huge amount.

TOP of the best recipes for hair masks

As already mentioned, the blue clay ascosmetic product is universal and combined with any product. This also dictated by a huge number of recipes. If you want excellent results - pay attention to the type of hair for which they are intended, and the problems that they promise to solve.

  • Classic Hair Mask softness

Dilute blue clay powder with warm water until the desired consistency, rub into the roots, do wrap strands over their entire length.

  • Mask for normal hair

The diluted water soapstone powder (2table spoon.) Add the melted butter, warm honey, lemon juice (any additional ingredients to take 1 teaspoon spoon.). Stir the yolk finally.

  • Mask for oily hair

The powder is diluted with water hernia (2 tablespoons.) Add a couple of crushed garlic cloves in pulp, lemon juice (no more than 2 teaspoons tsp.).

  • for dry hair mask

The powder is diluted with water of blue clay (2 table spoons). Add the avocado flesh, turned into a puree (1 table spoon.) Liquid honey (1 teaspoon tsp.), Yolk.

  • Mask against hair loss

The onion juice diluted with warm soapstone powder (2 table spoons.) Add a couple of crushed garlic cloves in slurry, liquid honey (2 table spoons.).

  • Mask for hair growth

The diluted with warm cabbage juice powder blue clay (2 table spoons.) Add the warm honey (1 spoon tables.), Peach juice (1 table spoon.), Egg.

Blue clay - excellent cosmeticfor weakened, damaged hair with a tangle of problems that it promises to unravel and resolve in the shortest time. Trust this ancient rocks that formed its own unique chemical composition of millions of years, to feed them your hair, making them beautiful and healthy.