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Best homemade mask for normal hair Power

According to statistics, only 15% of all womenlucky enough to have normal hair type. This means that they have cancer of the scalp work without any deviations and produce as much fat as necessary for the protection and moisturizing locks. These beauties are rarely faced with the problem of split ends and dry hair. It seems to be quite carefree existence, which does not require special care so problemlos curls. However, they are prone to hair loss, can stay in the growth and lose their luster. To avoid this, experts recommend make regular homemade mask for normal hair of the most common foods that you can always find at hand.


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Useful for normal hair products

Products in the kitchen can be a lot, however,not all are suitable for the preparation of cosmetic masks home for normal hair type. If properly combine the ingredients, not only can not improve, but also spoil the state of curls. Therefore, the question of selection of components for such funds should be approached very seriously. It is recommended to use masks for normal hair products, such as:

  • whole raw eggs - Excellent nutritional means is for normal hair type;
  • dairy average fat content (especially helpful yogurtThat charges curls strength and energy because it contains a large amount of amino acids);
  • honey It treats the scalp and nourishes the weakened roots;
  • mayonnaise It supports normal hair in good condition and protect them from external damage;
  • olive oil It prevents dry ends and supervises the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • herbal tea (eg, calendula It possesses antibacterial properties, sage It has on the scalp and anti-disinfectant action, chamomile It gives shine and softness, nettle It prevents hair loss, hop It has a firming and anti-static effect).

Breaking the acid and the water balance of the scalpmay under normal hair products, such as separate yolk and white taken too greasy or, conversely, low fat dairy products, citrus fruits, fatty cosmetic oils. If everything is correctly matched, the results did not take long to wait.

The effectiveness of masks

Do not doubt the effectiveness of masks for normal hair if you use them correctly and consistently. With their help, you can quickly and easily solve a variety of problems with the scalp:

  • stop hair loss of any intensity;
  • make them more obedient, to make fit into any hairstyle;
  • save from static electricity;
  • turn them into a smooth, smooth fabric;
  • to give them an extra shine and volume;
  • prevent various diseases of the scalp;
  • save from beriberi;
  • accelerate growth.

To solve a problem, you need onlyto choose the right recipe in the variety which is easy to get lost. If combs and pillows in the bathroom or on the seats you become detect too many strands falling out in clumps, look for tools that are well marked: the mask from falling for normal hair. Try different recipes, experiment and enjoy the result is always perfect.

Recipes masks for normal hair

If you selected Mask for normal hairhas a certain orientation (eliminates loss, accelerates growth, gives volume), it can be done before each washing hair, t. e., two times a week. If it is customary to feed a prophylactic roots will suffice once. Mask rubbed into the scalp and evenly distributed along the entire length curls. Thermal insulation in the form of a plastic bag will enhance the effectiveness of these home remedies, so do not forget about it. In the absence of aggressive components in masks during their action may last up to 30-60 minutes. In the presence of these spice (cinnamon, mustard, ginger), citrus time should be limited to 15-20 minutes. Washed off under running water or with the decoction of herbs.

  • Masks on grass against loss

Beat egg, add the two tablespoonsspoon yogurt home. Separately, prepare herbal broth. Grind the dried flowers of calendula and chamomile, sage leaves and nettles, hops cones. Mix the raw materials to 1 teaspoon, pour boiling water (two glasses). Put in a water steam bathhouse minutes at 20. Cool, strain, mix with egg-kefir mixture.

  • Egg mask for power

Beat egg, mix with cottage cheese (2 tablespoons), add sour cream (one tablespoon will do) to the desired consistency.

  • Yoghurt mask for dull hair

Drinking yogurt (3 tablespoons) without any additives mixed in a blender with pulp sweet apple or pear (with 3 tablespoons).

  • Mayonnaise mask for protection against external damage

Mix the mayonnaise (2 tablespoons), 2 raw eggs and olive natural oil (1 tablespoon).

  • Honey mask to strengthen

Whips 2 raw eggs, add 3 tablespoons of warmed-up for a couple of fresh honey, 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive (too warm) oil.

  • Vitamin mask from falling

Mix 1 teaspoon crushed flowerscalendula and chamomile, nettle leaves. Pour raw materials cup boiling water obtained leave in a thermos for an hour. Then strain, add 1 tablespoon of liquid and warm honey and a teaspoon of propolis.

  • Mask rinse aid

Ripe berries of sea-buckthorn puree to knead,to get 3 tablespoons, add 2 tablespoons of white cosmetic clay, dilute it all 2 tablespoons of room temperature milk.

Do not think that if you have a normal typehair, any problems you do not have to face. If there will be no proper, full care of them, they can easily be mixed, dry and even oily hair type. To prevent this, you need to use at home facials made from natural products and feeding them from the roots to the tips.