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Best hair mask for bath: recipes

The bathhouse love to all: anti-aging effect of this procedure does not make long to wait. Hot steam and high temperatures stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, which makes this place a real beauty salon. If the right to use the heat that the body gets here, we can improve the condition of the most problematic and damaged tresses. If you do regular facials to hair for a bath, they will be much more effective than those that you have made in the ordinary home. Since this procedure is slightly different from what you used to do, sitting at home in front of the mirror, initially need to be familiar with some of its nuances, that means really lived up to its promise.


  • 1 The effect of the sauna mask
  • 2 Tips for use
  • 3 Recipes masks for bath

The effect of the sauna mask

Before you take the hair treatment bath,it would be nice to provide advance what to expect locks in the end of such procedures, to be, to strive for. There can be no doubt: the results after bath masks do not wait long, because under the influence of high temperatures all processes are much more intense than in normal conditions, and bath hair mask different instant results. Its effectiveness is not in doubt:

  • under the influence of hot steam and high temperatures and scales of the hair pores open, the maximum absorbing all the beneficial nutrients mask;
  • accelerated metabolic processes occurring at the cellular level by the action of the active components of the mask, because the heat is in this case a natural catalyst;
  • food and hair restoration is much more intense;
  • nutrients penetrate the scalp and hair structure to a sufficient depth to their actions efficiency is maximized;
  • subcutaneous microcirculation improves all - the roots are strengthened, and the hair stops falling out;
  • bath hair treatment removes dandruff and seborrhea of ​​all forms;
  • an intensive recovery of micro, including - of split ends;
  • improves circulation - tresses begin to grow much faster than before;
  • full, rich nutrition of the hair rootsensures their beautiful appearance: they bloom after such masks made in the bath - are thick and voluminous, acquire additional luster and shine, color saturation is different.

Cosmetic hair mask for a bath moremore efficient and more convenient than comparable products for the face and body. Recent quickly drain under the influence of heat. In the steam room with them, too, can not go, because the sweat secreted closes the pores and prevents the skin to absorb nutrients. With bathhouse hair mask everything easier: from a tight special hats she stechёt head, and in the steam room it is possible to sit quietly. If the effect is deceived your expectations, do not just blame the mask: you might have done something wrong. For the preparation and use of these unique cosmetic products have a recommendation, which is to adhere to in order to achieve the desired results.

Tips for use

From the usual domestic masks for hair bathdifferent is unusual conditions, which account for their use. Accordingly, it is better to know in advance the whole scheme of their preparation and use this process to be enjoyable and rule out all kinds of unexpected moments. Follow the instructions from the guru of hairdressing and trichologists - and then the mask for a bath hair will not disappoint you.

  1. Contraindications for bath masks. Unfortunately, the bath - a procedure which can not all enjoy. If aggravate your physical condition and more fragrant, very effective masks can significantly hurt not only the hair, but also directly to their health. It is impossible in the bath make a mask for those who have problems with pressure, skin diseases, circulatory and nervous systems.
  2. Composition is better to prepare in advance and bring it with youin a bath. Or cook it in the dressing room, if possible. However, some of the ingredients need to be warmed in a water bath: this applies honey, vegetable oils and cosmetics, yogurt and glycerol. And they do not even cool down before actually applying them on the head.
  3. Be extremely careful with the recipes in which there are eggs and oils. The former can curl up and then long to be washed off from the hair. Esters, there is little that will lose its beneficial properties at high temperatures, and can even cause dizziness its concentrated flavors. This is especially true of those who have problems with pressure.
  4. Air mask, unlike conventional, should bethick, so as not to leak the eye under the influence of hot steam. If the composition is too liquid, feel free to add to it the flour - wheat, rice, oat. It will save the situation.
  5. A mask can be applied in a bath before you go to the water procedures, dry and dirty head. And you can pre-rinse shampoo hair 1 time - it does not matter.
  6. Deposited the funds on the scalp, the strands themselves, and carefully processed ends.
  7. Be sure to make the insulation from a plastic bag and a special cap for the bath.
  8. With such a mask is not afraid to go to the steam room.
  9. Duration of bath masks - from 15 minutes to an hour. Everything will depend on how much you have come to take a steam bath.
  10. Such masks are usually washed off without any problems. If you want to increase the effectiveness of these funds? In this case, rinse the hair with water, which brewed broom (it absorbs the beneficial properties of the plant material of the broom - nettle, birch, oak). Even more original way to rinse hair in the bath - beer. It strengthens the roots, nourishes them and gives vitamins curls even more shine.
  11. Hair after such procedures are usually dried in a natural way, without a hair drier.

If you ignore these tips, bathhair mask will be not only as efficient as possible: they will become your most favorite cosmetic products for the care of precious locks. Especially that the compositions can be changed periodically, thus solving a variety of problems of the scalp and hair. The recipes for hair masks, bath shortage is observed.

Recipes masks for bath

What to consider when choosing this recipeunique cosmetic products as bath hair mask? Firstly, the type of its curl. Secondly, the problem that you are going to solve with its help. Third, individual tolerance and availability of ingredients in its composition. The recipe should contain detailed instructions on the means of functionality (dandruff, strengthening and so on. D.), Hair type and the exact dosage of all the products in its composition.

  • For shine

Mix 1 egg, 2 tablespoons castor oil, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of glycerin.

  • From hair loss

Mix 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons of burdock oil. If there is no burr, fit linseed or castor.

  • To strengthen the roots

The entire scalp yogurt treat.

  • For hair growth

Pour 1 tablespoon of mustard powder 3 tablespoons of tea leaves, add 1 egg yolk.

More efficient than conventional home remediesfast acting, transforms each curl, hair mask for a bath when used correctly create real miracles. The strands begin to live a normal life after such a rejuvenating and restoring procedures: become thicker and more volume, begin to grow faster, stop loss, dandruff disappears. Going again in a bath, be sure to bring your ingredients for the wonderful bathhouse mask for your hair - you will not regret.