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Beer mask for hair, new faces familiar beverage

Beer is well known as a low-alcohol drinkwhich is obtained by alcoholic fermentation of wort using special beer yeast with hops. In many countries, it is extremely popular due to its aroma and taste. But while their husbands while away an evening with friends over a beer jar, wives use this drink in a very different capacity. For example, as a cosmetic for hair care. On this basis you can do at home effective rinsing by which locks are shiny like a professional after lamination. If you learn how to apply domestic beer hair mask, you can stop the loss of strands and to accelerate their growth up to 2-3 cm every month. Density, volume, power, brilliance - these are the bonuses that get almost nothing beauties regularly use beer for health and beauty of their tresses.


  • Action 1 beer on your hair
  • 2 Rules of beer masks
  • 3 Best Recipes

Action of beer on your hair

As usual all product accountsused in a completely new, even unusual as it raises some doubts: is going to work? With regard to beer for hair masks not only work, but also impress with their stunning results. And surprising here is not worth that many alcoholic drinks (vodka, brandy) are widely used by women to address problems with the scalp and tresses. Beer is doubly useful: alcohol several times smaller, but the mass of yeast and vitamins have a wonderful, complex effects at the cellular level:

  • hop - Natural source of phytoestrogens is very important female hormone, its hair benefit is that it promotes their growth;
  • yeast - An inexhaustible source of vitamins of group B: Thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B1), Folic (B9) and pantothenic (B5) acid, pyridoxine (B6), biotin (B7), nicotine (B3) - all of them very effectively treat scalp disorders (since different forms of seborrhea and ending with alopecia) and restore damaged tissue structure and (posechennymi heal and fragility);
  • alcohol inform all beer hair mask one veryan important feature: they are well cared for in bold type locks: it is alcohol in their composition limits the amount of subcutaneous fat produced by glands in the scalp;
  • amino acids launch processes in cells rejuvenation, accelerate the synthesis of collagen fibers, which depends on the strength and elasticity of the hair;
  • potassium consisting of beer hydrates masks, thereby softening the aggressive action of alcohol on the scalp and preventing the occurrence of chemical burns;
  • ascorbic acid restores barrier against negative externalities in the form of ultraviolet radiation and low temperatures;
  • organic acid necessary for normal metabolic processes.

Integrated, comprehensive solution to the problems mostdull and lifeless curls allows beer mask for hair growth, against their loss, for the treatment of seborrhea, as a regular means of hair care products to improve the appearance and condition of greasy strands. Indications for them a lot of recipes - even more, so it's important not to get lost in this diversity. A few tips from professionals will help to remove the masks of beer maximum benefit.

Terms of use of beer masks

Do not forget that the beer - after all,alcoholic drink and under the influence of masks from his skin alcohol head will penetrate into the blood, even in minimal quantities. This is especially true of those who firmly intends to apply these domestic procedures on a regular basis. If misused funds can and spoil the hair, and well-being deteriorate. In order to avoid undesirable consequences, it is better to stick to tips from the experts.

  1. Masks for hair may be prepared from a beer beverage, but will be at least as effective agents are mixed based on brewer's yeast.
  2. Masks of beer have a coloring effect, so choose a drink by the color of their hair. Dark beers - for brunettes, blonde - for blondes.
  3. After the mask is formulatedAccording to the recipe, be sure to apply a small amount of weight on the skin near the ear, to identify whether there are allergens in it. If itching, redness and burning will be missing, the tool will not bring harm.
  4. Beer mask for the best heated in a water bath or a low heat to 40-45 ° C. If the composition of the mask or eggs have essential oils - not more than 30 ° C.
  5. Previously head better wash and dry hair thoroughly.
  6. Processed roots and scalp, the strands themselves, and even tips.
  7. After applying the locks fixed or elastic clasp on top, on top of his head covered with a plastic bag (or just put on a shower cap), from warm towels made turban.
  8. Within half an hour, you can wash off with warm water (or broth of healing herbs - nettle and chamomile for brunettes to blondes), if necessary by the use of shampoo.
  9. Frequency of use - a couple of times a week.
  10. The total course of treatment - 15 procedures to (but not less than 10).

Rules seem elementary, but withoutobservance of beer hair masks very often cause annoyance and disappointment - no longer. But their assimilation - it is a guarantee that the regular use of beer masks hair will become not only shine, but will become strong, strong and healthy from the inside.

Best recipes

The easiest option home use in beeras a tonic for the hair - a rinse after shampooing. For the first procedure will demonstrate the extraordinary effectiveness of this tool. However, beer masks are more persistent and pronounced the results - so you should try them as well. Each mask has its purpose - so be guided by the problems that aims to solve one or another mask (they are usually specified in the recipes).

  • Nutritious

50 ml of beer whipped to a foam state (you can in a blender) with a raw egg.

  • Moisturizing

100 ml of beer with whipped raw egg yolk, 1 table. spoon of liquid, preferably fresh honey.

  • For greasy hair

500 ml of beer to fill 200g of rye, a little stale bread without the crust. Leave at room temperature for a couple of hours.

  • For shine

200 ml of beer with whipped 3 table. spoonfuls of mashed banana (blackened fruit is not used for this procedure), 1 table. spoon of liquid, preferably fresh honey and eggs.

  • For hair growth

10 grams of brewer's yeast diluted with 2 table. tablespoons of warm water. Add 1 tsp. spoon burdock and castor oils.

Many problems can be solved with the help of homeBeer masks for hair: they are an excellent activator for their growth, prophylactic against baldness and intense precipitation. Curls home after such procedures are smooth, shiny and incredibly beautiful.