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Apple mask for hair: application of new faces the usual fruit

Very often for hair care useapple cider vinegar, but the cosmetic properties of these apples are often unfairly aside. These fruits contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances for curls. Homemade apple hair masks have a wide range of applications. They treat dandruff and seborrhea, strengthen weakened root follicles take care of the appearance of strands (glossed, promote thickening, restore split ends). Given the availability of the fruit, easy making masks out of it a sin not to use this method of treatment of weakened and damaged hair.


  • 1 Cosmetic strength apple hair masks
  • 2 The procedure for the use of masks from apples
  • 3 Recipes masks for hair Apples

Cosmetic strength apple hair masks

Amazing in cosmetic force anything applesNo: this fruit contains large amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, flavonoids and many other useful substances for the scalp. Penetrating into the cells, they interfere with the proceeding processes there, which largely depends on external beauty and inner health curls. So hair apple - this is a real laboratory for the restoration of their youth and beauty:

  • A-vitamin retinol known anti-inflammatory and anti-seborrhoeic properties, moisturizes dry strands, ensure the normal activity of the sebaceous glands subcutaneous;
  • B9-vitamin, folic acid reflecting adverse external attack in the form of temperature changes, acid rain, a large amount of salt contained in sea water, vapor, frost, UV and many other factors;
  • C-vitamin, ascorbic acid - A full firmness and elasticitystrands as askorbinka promotes active development of collagen and elastin cells, it also increases the hair's resistance to various fungi and bacteria;
  • Vitamin K-. phylloquinone returns lackluster strands beautiful shine and bright, saturated color;
  • Fe, iron normalizes blood flow in the subcutaneous layers providing oxygen roots and other nutrients;
  • K, potassium known for its moisturizing properties, prevents the evaporation of moisture from the cells;
  • fruit acids (Citric, tartaric, succinic, malic itself,acetic, lactic) are the basis of apples, they are characterized by a complex effect on the hair: strengthens the roots, prevent hair loss and complete baldness and stimulates growth.

If you regularly do hair mask from applesYou can solve many problems with the scalp and damaged strands. This is a much safer way than the use of apple cider vinegar in the means of hair care products, which has dries properties and may even do more harm curls. The procedure for preparing and using hair masks apple is very simple and will not cause any significant difficulties.

The procedure for the use of masks from apples

Compliance with the recommendations for use of applemasks for healing and beauty of hair is necessary because too much fruit acids may cause allergies or too much sap locks. To avoid such trouble, stick to good advice from experts and those who have long discovered the health of your hair this wonderful fruit - an apple.

  1. Carefully choose apples for cosmeticHair care: can be any variety (red and yellow, summer and autumn, the sweet and sour), but as they should be ripe and juicy. The best option will be the apples from the garden plot, not the store shelf.
  2. Included in the mask eggs or milk products must also be natural.
  3. Apples are washed before use, wipe dry, peel and core with seeds removed.
  4. No tedious wait for an apple with the skin will darken: immediately knead it into a puree using a blender or grater.
  5. The resulting slurry malic mix with other components of the mask in a blender to avoid lumps.
  6. Cooked mask is desirable to precheck on the skin to direct application after it did not go to allergic reactions. To do this, 15 minutes later, she applied to the sensitive area of ​​the skin (a wrist, the inner elbow fold, place the ear). Washed off, and analyzes the results. The absence of itching, redness, rash - indications that the apple mask can be safely used for its intended purpose.
  7. To protect your scalp from burning fruit acids, it is recommended to apply a mask of apples on dirty hair. Before the procedure, the curls slightly moisten better: the mixture is uniformly distributed.
  8. Apple mask applied to the skin surface, but Do not rub it inAre distributed along the length of the strands are processed ends.
  9. Reactivity of fruit acidstemperature independent, so that the usual insulation cellophane and do not even need a towel. But as part of the apple masks often have cosmetic oils and honey, the effect of which will be effective from the heat.
  10. Duration is limited to half an hour (due to fruit acids). If the skin during the procedure of the head starts to itch and itch is unbearable, the mixture from the head should be washed off immediately and find other means to care for their hair.
  11. Apple mask is washed off easily: the use of shampoo is not necessary to rinse can be filtered or non-carbonated mineral water and herbal decoction.
  12. If apple mask needed for the treatment of seborrhea,alopecia, dandruff, visited the frequency of their use should be every two days for the restoration of oily hair, once every three days - for dry and normal locks. After solving the problem it is necessary to take a break of 1-2 months. If the purpose of the use of masks from apples - "repair" their appearance, once per week, enough rate - about 10 procedures.

Danger apple masks only fruitacids contained therein. To soften them, apples are rarely used in the composition of masks in a pure form. Typically, they are added a variety of additional ingredients that enhance various properties of the fruit to the hair.

Recipes masks for hair Apples

Classic apple hair mask is usefulespecially for oily strands. By adding the same to her other products, you can use it to solve other problems. Consider the composition of each mask, coordinate it with the type and condition of your locks and choose the best option for your situation.

  • Apple + honey = nourishing mask

One table. l. melted in a water bath of honey mixed with two desks. l. applesauce.

  • Apple + cheese + egg yolk + camphor = mask dandruff

Two table. l. apple sauce whisk with two tsp. l. cottage cheese, 1 egg yolk, 3-5 drops of camphor oil.

  • Apple + honey + + oatmeal mask for hair shine

Two table. l. apple sauce whisk with melted on a steam bath with honey (1 table. l.), add 1 table. l. oat flour, diluted to the desired consistency of milk or herbal infusion.

  • Apple + cream = refreshing mask

In equal proportions to shake up applesauce and cream.

  • Apple + potato flour + protein = Mask for oily hair

Two table. l. apple puree mixed with potato flour in the same amount, add protein.

  • Apple + olive oil = mask for dry hair

Two table. l. applesauce mixed with the same amount of natural extra virgin olive oil.

  • Apple + yogurt = firming mask against hair loss

Apple puree mixed in equal proportions with yogurt.

  • Apple + Milk = moisturizing mask

Five table. l. applesauce pour 500 mL (two cups) of milk in the form of heat and leave for a couple of hours. Drain the fruit does not soak into the milk, the remaining mass rub into the roots.

  • Apple + olive oil + egg + = smoothing cream mask

Two table. l. apple sauce mix with two tsp. l. heated in a water bath of olive oil, add the egg and two tsp. l. cream.

Moisturizing, refreshing, restorative,reducing, very helpful, pleasant on sensations, masks for hair Apples - a great natural remedy that gives nature for treating the weakened strands and scalp diseases.