Hair care

amly oil for home hair treatments

Exotic and unusual name "Phyllanthusembliki "is familiar not all, despite the fact that the oil of this tree is very popular today in Ayurvedic medicine. His pronounced medicinal properties make this product popular cosmetic product. Phyllanthus emblica - that is botanically known as Indian gooseberry, or amla, as he used to call everything. It is a unique natural source of ascorbic acid: vitamin C in this unique fruit more than in citrus. Because of this unusual fruit tree produce cosmetic oil, which is capable of excellent care for all types of hair, quickly and safely cope with the most serious diseases of the scalp. In beauty salons and treatment centers Trichology actively used amla hair, beauty which has discovered many beauties. The Indian gooseberry conquer the hearts of women?


  • 1 therapeutic effect on hair amly
  • 2 Tips when choosing a hair amly
  • 3 Masks for hair amloy

The therapeutic effect on hair amly

A large amount of ascorbic acidIndian gooseberry provides cosmetics antioxidant effect of it, which prolongs hair youth. In addition, there are many other vitamins and mineral substances less useful to actively feed the scalp and the strands themselves as a part of the exotic fruit. Wonderful action amly hair appears almost instantly confirmed and grateful responses of those who enjoy them. Hair Treatment by means of amly diverse and multifaceted:

  • off-season against hair loss and baldness total (trichologists amlu used to treat alopecia);
  • to strengthen the roots;
  • the emergence of new anti-gray hair;
  • early warning of gray;
  • to speed up slow or stop hair growth;
  • against split ends;
  • from fragility, thinning strands;
  • for moisturizing dry hair type;
  • for the normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • against greasy greasy hair type shine;
  • for the supply of roots;
  • for giving curls shine, silkiness, shine, extra volume;
  • dandruff;
  • for the treatment of abscesses and irritated scalp.

amly Oil for Hair - now medicalmeans that tones the scalp, treats it and weakened roots, leading to a lush flowering appearance curls. With regular use amly oil for hair in pure form or as part of domestic masks helps to achieve the necessary volume and a fantastic beauty to curl in record time. The effectiveness of such a wonderful means will depend on the quality of the product that you have purchased.

Tips when choosing a hair amly

Online you can find not only positive reviewshow amly oil acts on the hair. Most of the negative comments left by those who have been victims of unfair trade. In order not to fall for the bait scams, you need to know some of the nuances of the miraculous oil to purchase a natural product, and not counterfeit. From the quality of the purchased amly will depend on the result: your hair will shine or fade even more and begin to fall out in batches.

  • Where to buy?

Today, in the big cities you can find small,cozy boutiques that specialize exclusively on Indian goods - there you will surely find high-quality, natural oil amly. You can purchase a vehicle in the beauty shop or pharmacy. In an extreme case - on the Internet.

  • Butter or powder?

Amla comes in the form of cosmetic oilspowder. Equally effective and useful tool, both for hair: advantages and disadvantages there are in the one and the other. In many oil impurities, but it is much more convenient to use for the treatment of hair. Powder is 100% natural: it is - crushed Indian gooseberry in pure form. However, it must be able to be diluted with water in the right proportion, not to cause harm to your precious tresses.

  • How much is?

The price range in shops is quite impressive. If we take the average cost of the powder would cost approximately 200 rubles (Jar weighing 100g), butter - somewhere 300 rubles (200 ml tube).

  • What should be in the lineup?

Here are his own composition amly oil gets moreall complaints, as fastidious and capricious beauties want it to be 100% natural, without any additives and impurities. However, this is not possible, because in fact, amla hair - a tincture of Indian gooseberry in other vegetable oils. The concentrated product to produce economically impossible for the manufacture of 1 ml of the extract amly need to process more than 10 tons of its fruit. It is much easier to pour the berries other vegetable oils (by the way, no less useful for hair): palm, sesame, coconut. Therefore, they appear as a part of the tube miracle of Indian funds. Do not be afraid, it's a fake: it should be so natural oil amly hair.

  • Manufacturers

Today, especially popular among amly oil producers are two brands, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Baraka (Sri Lanka)

  • "+": Base - sesame oil, lack of mineral supplements can be used for sensitive scalp treatment;
  • "-": Only one kind of oil.

Dabur (India, United Arab Emirates)

  • "+": base - palm oil, many other ingredients for the treatment and recovery of hair, different varieties of oil with henna, lemon, jasmine, rosemary, almond, menthol to solve various problems;
  • "-": Mineral supplements, after which the hair may begin to fall heavily and split, frequent counterfeiting.

Do not buy the first available means of hair amly. Pre-study reviews of the producers,Check the product composition and shelf life. It saves you from mistakes when buying and will buy high-quality, truly natural product for a complete hair care. The procedure for applying amly oils at home is easy and pleasant, and recipes - a great variety.

Masks for hair amloy

Oil and hair amly powder can be used in pure form or as part of masks, by adding them in various additional ingredients to enhance the cosmetic effect.

  • Classic mask amly oil

amly oil slightly warmed in a water bath, rub into the roots, handle locks. Under warming to keep from 1 to 8 hours.

  • Classic mask amly powder

amly Powder Pour hot water (ratio 1: 1), thoroughly whisk until creamy. Duration - 20 min. to 1 hour.

  • Adding other cosmetics

Add 2 tablespoons amly (oil) in the standard (500 ml) tube of shampoo (can be balm-rinse).

  • Yolk mask for dry hair

2 tablespoons butter or already divorced amly powder mixed with two raw egg yolks.

  • Honey mask for the supply of roots

2 tablespoons amly mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey, heated in a container in a water bath.

  • Kefir Mask for hair growth

Kefir (2 tablespoons) butter amly (2 tablespoons) warm up on water bath in different containers. The mask will be useful to leave on the hair overnight.

  • Domestic oil amly

Peach, sesame or almond oil (100 ml) was mixed with the powder amly (1 teaspoon), whip, leave in a cool dark place for two weeks.

Do you dream to get rid of hair loss,cope with their fat, eliminate dandruff, heal split ends, grow a long braid to the belt? This is possible thanks to the oil amly, for whom nothing is impossible in terms of the treatment of head and weakened hair. Regular use of Indian gooseberry make locks shiny, thick, long, stimulates their growth, will prevent the early appearance of gray hair. Oil Amla - an effective drug, which can hardly find an analogue in the modern beauty industry.