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Fast Hair Mask

How often women do not have enough time for themselves,beloved children, family, work, friends - so flying day by day, and no time to do them. However, in this situation, the wisest beautiful women know little tricks to save time and look after themselves. We are talking about cosmetic products, which are prepared in a matter of minutes, not time-consuming, but its efficiency is an alternative to any store cosmetics. Such rapid hair mask: Ready in 5 minutes, the duration - 15 minutes, drying hair dryer - still 10. In just half an hour, you become irresistible owner of shiny, elegant cascade of thick, silky curls, who is ready to conquer the hearts of others.


  • 1 The effectiveness of rapid hair masks
  • 2 Terms of Use for extra Hair masks
  • 3 quick Recipes masks for hair

The effectiveness of rapid hair masks

The essence of the rapid hair masks can be expressed asa few words: for the least amount of time to get the maximum outer gloss. Yes, it is the outside: do not expect a 15-minute mask the working time to achieve any significant results, in-depth action on the structure of the scalp and strands. Components of such funds are immediately, but not deep, affecting only the surface layers. Therefore, the gloss after such masks will last only 5-6 hours, no longer. It is recommended to do before going out for some important event or social events where you need to shine in all its glory, and time for the hairdresser sorely lacking. Quickly make extra mask, you will save the your hair style, hair is after them:

  • sparkle and shine;
  • visually are voluminous and thick;
  • smoothed, resembling silk fabric;
  • soften;
  • easier to fit into the desired hairstyle;
  • split ends for a while soldered;
  • masked microdamages: fragility, visited the.

As a result, to quickly mask your hairThey represented a mop of unruly, split ends and brittle strands, and after a half-hour procedure, turned into mirror-smooth fabric beautifully laid curls. A wonderful transformation will be noticeable immediately. However, this magic is possible only in two cases: if the mask is suitable for your hair type and if it was competently prepared with knowledge of the case. Otherwise such dramatic results you can guarantee no one. Therefore, first carefully read the instructions for use of the miracle of home masks.

Terms of Use for extra Hair masks

As a basic rule when using suchmasks - to do everything quickly in order to save time on their application instruction is small, but every point is extremely important to her. Be sure to keep in mind every detail, so you do not complain about a failed result.

  1. The mask should include foods that you have at the moment at hand and that you do not have an allergy (it is best to check in advance, causing one or another part of the skin of the wrist).
  2. Do not bother with cosmetic oils(Burdock, castor, almond, jojoba, etc.) That prior to the application on the head you need to warm up: this will leave precious time. The only best option for quick masks - is olive oil, but note that it should be at room temperature, and not from the refrigerator.
  3. Blender and mixer speed up the process of making a mask.
  4. It makes no sense to apply quick mask on hair roots: components still do not have time to soak into them and put things in order at the cellular level. Do not waste this precious minutes. Distribute evenly cooked mixture just to the web strands, the appearance of which is necessary to transform.
  5. Warmly wrap his head with a plastic bag and a towel.
  6. Duration - 15 minutes.
  7. Usually quick mask is easily rinsed withoutshampoo, but if you suddenly got a compound that does not want to leave your hair, use a mild detergent. Excellent will be used as a rinse the lemon juice, water divorced: he will give the curls a fantastic shine.
  8. Since time is sorely lacking, dry hair will have a hairdryer, although it is illegal hold, and in constant development it is not worth taking.

After drying the hair, you can finallyenjoy the action on your hair quick mask. That it was not a surprise for you, preferably in advance to do the selection of extra recipes and try them on your hair in calm conditions, and not in a hurry. Like the result - will take retseptik note. No - you will find another, more effective in your case. Shortage of fast masks are not, so you can choose a variety of options, pre-tested each of them.

Recipes for quick hair masks

Fast hair mask can be made from theproducts that are always at hand: it is eggs, milk, olive oil, yogurt, mayonnaise, coffee, cream, brandy, even quite useful, if then kill him smell some essential oil when rinsing. Try, experiment and enjoy the consistently excellent results.

  • egg

Beat 1 raw egg with 1 table. spoon of olive oil, add 1 table. spoon of liquid, fresh honey.

  • yolk

Beat 1 raw egg yolk with the juice of 1 large lemon.

  • cognac

Beat 1 raw egg yolk with 1 table. spoon of cognac.

  • kefir

Fat yogurt evenly on hair.

  • coffee

Brew a strong organic coffee, cool slightly, add 1 raw egg yolk.

  • pub

Rinse hair light beer, do not squeeze, and after 15 minutes rinse with plain water with essential oils (to eliminate the smell of alcohol).

  • mayonnaise

Regular store whip mayonnaise with raw egg yolks to the desired consistency.

Here are recipes for quick hair masks youYou can apply in practice before going out on one of the social events to shine in all its glory. Resort to these recipes each time you want to be quickly and efficiently freshen up and rest assured of equal beauty then you will not.